How Fox can make the most of Fantastic Four

With Fantastic Four's negative reaction Fox needs to find a way to make Fantastic Four an investment even if it means getting rid of them.

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By Mike1100 - Aug 06, 2015 09:08 AM EST
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First off let me start by saying....... I TOLD YOU SO! 

Now with that out of the way Fant4stic has received overwhelmingly horrible reviews and the chances that Fox will have a "good enough" opening weekend are starting to fade. Believe it or not however I actually hope Fox doesn't walk away from this empty handed! Despite horrible reviews and horrible chances to make a profit off this thing, Fox still has some leverage left to use against Marvel which they should use for........ SOMETHING! Now of course don't get me wrong I know Marvel isn't stupid and they clearly have the upper hand here but let's be honest with ourselves Marvel would rather have their first family back sooner than later and that is Fox's "leverage". What I am suggesting Fox should do is request a trade...... Yes you read that right. I hope Fox trades away Fantastic Four to Marvel! Marvel has so many characters I doubt we'll be able to see them all in the near-future but who could Fox get in return? Marvel sure as heck won't trade away somebody as important as say Thor or Captain America so who would not only be beneficial to Fox but also be better utilized outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)?
Enter Blade!


Now I know what you are probably thinking "Do you honestly expect Fox to give up everything Fantastic Four just for Blade?" And the answer is a resounding "YES!" Because the only alternative Fox has is to simply hand F4 over to Marvel on a Silver Platter. Now you could make the argument that Fox could simply reboot F4 AGIAN but now even in the eyes of the average movie-goer Fantastic Four's stock has plummeted. You expect non-comic fans to give F4 a FOUTH chance? Cause I don't.

Blade is a character that personally I can't imagine seeing in the MCU. You mean to tell me Vampires are all over the place in a world already filled with aliens, Inhumans & demons (Marvel plans on making Dr. Strange and I'm hoping to see a Ghost Rider reboot down the road as well) sorry but now we're talking over crowded as heck! Fox actually has a lot to gain from this kind of trade. Blade is a very flexible character in terms of what you could do with him. If Fox wanted to they could keep him separate in his own little world and have excellent vampire movies for years to come or...... They could do what I hope to see.
Enter X-Men

Imagine this: Wolverine, Cyclops and gang in the middle of hunting down what they believe to be a mutant killing innocent people in the middle of the woods only to discover that this mutant isn't a mutant at all...... But a vampire! Blade strikes from out of nowhere and informs the X-Men that they have no idea what they have got themselves mixed up in. Fox could very well have an entire movie be about a war between mutants and vampires with scared civilians caught in the middle. Imagine finally seeing Wolverine in a Rated-R movie possibly teaming up with/fighting against Blade! The possibilities are seemingly endless!
This trade would be beneficial to all involved

The best thing about this scenario is that everybody wins! Fox still gets an opportunity to create a shared universe with two popular comic-book franchises, Marvel would finally get a chance to use characters such as Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Galactus & Annihilus and we would occasionally get to see a good vampire flick involving a character that wouldn't be normally be utilized in one studio by another.
I want to know what the CBM community thinks. Is this just one fans fantasy gone haywire or could I actually be on to something here? Leave your thoughts down below. 
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homodrome - 8/6/2015, 10:34 AM
Fox is working on an X-Men show. They don't really have all the rights needed to do the show without negotiating with Marvel. To get the X-Men TV show, they'll scrap the Fantastic Four franchise and give it back to Marvel.
kong - 8/6/2015, 11:23 AM
Or they'll keep the F4 rights....why does everyone think they'll give up the rights. We don't know how much money this will make. And we don't know the plans FOX have for their universe anyway. There could be references to them sprinkled throughout the already filmed X-Men: Apocalypse, and Bryan Singer has said they have plans for it.

Besides, if Marvel gets them that's ANOTHER reboot, and that's not guaranteed to be good. Plus, that would alter all of their plans and not only push back movies like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans, or get shelved til 2020 at the earliest. By that point, the MCU could've already crashed and burned and we might not get your precious F4 movie for 20 years instead of five.

I still want to know why everyone thinks this is going back to Marvel and why FOX would give over the F4, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Kang the Conqueror, Annihilus, and so much more to Marvel for a TV show. That'd be an INCREDIBLY dumb strategic and financial decision. Especially since FOX and Marvel Studios are, and always have been, on bad terms with each other. Marvel won't sell X-Men and F4 toys and have screwed both properties over comic wise. FOX didn't let go of the X-Men after Last Stand or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Sony gave Spider-Man JOINT rights because they were going Bankrupt and were desperate. 20th Century Fox made the most money out of ANY other studios last year if I'm not mistaken.

I hate when idiotic fanboy passion gets in the way with reasoning and when fanboys pretend to know something about anything.
Forthas - 8/6/2015, 12:08 PM
You are thinking way TOO small. Here is the deal that they should make. In exchange for the X-men Franchises and Fantastic Four, Disney should give up both the Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron franchises. I am not sure how Fox could pass up that deal with Pirates being a consistent money maker and more than fair compensation for X-men and add to that that Tron has the potential to be a bigger money maker with the right direction.
Mike1100 - 8/6/2015, 12:17 PM

Hmm..... Interesting although instead of Pirates of the Caribbean I think Disney should give up Indiana Jones.
Forthas - 8/6/2015, 12:51 PM
@ Mike1100

I believe that the Indiana Jones franchise is owned by Paramount. Plus even if it were owned by Disney, with Chris Pratt taking on the next iteration of the role, it could be a huge franchise that whoever owns it may want to hang on to.
gamecreatorjj - 8/6/2015, 1:00 PM
at this point the only way to save it F4 at Fox, is to keep the cast, but reset continuity. Make a sequel that looks completely different, never mention the first one, and get a director who can give Fox what they are looking for without having to be micro managed by them. Edgar Wright or Matthew Vaughn could save this sinking ship.
Mike1100 - 8/6/2015, 4:02 PM

I still think Blade is a character that Marvel really just doesn't need. Give Blade to Fox who would at the very least give us half-way decent vampire movies. I personally wouldn't see it but Blade was a somewhat popular franchise and could be again.
TheSuperguy - 8/6/2015, 8:54 PM
If Marvel doesn't get the Fantastic Four rights back, I hope they at least get back Silver Surfer.
TheOverlord - 8/7/2015, 4:35 PM
Fox wants that TV series pretty badly. The X-Men are comics' premier franchise and they're ripe for further development. The FF are only useful to Fox as a bargaining chip. Marvel, on the other hand, has the broader canvas that would make the FF work cinematically. This is a deal waiting you happen...
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