HARRY POTTER TV Series Expected To Feature A Far More Diverse Cast Than Original Movies

HARRY POTTER TV Series Expected To Feature A Far More Diverse Cast Than Original Movies

The Harry Potter movies featured an incredible cast of young and older actors, but a new report suggests Warner Bros. is looking to put the spotlight on a larger number of diverse performers in the reboot.

By JoshWilding - Apr 16, 2023 06:04 AM EST
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Source: The Hot Mic (via SFFGazette.com)

Earlier this week, HBO Max was rebranded as "Max," and Warner Bros. wasted no time in announcing that Harry Potter is being rebooted as a TV series. The streamer has a decade-long plan for the Wizarding World franchise, and new actors will take over these iconic roles for what's been described as an "authentic" retelling of J.K. Rowling's novels.

The movies remain beloved, of course, but it's been 22 years since The Philosopher's Stone/The Sorcerer's Stone was released in theaters and 12 years since The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 wrapped up the story.

With that in mind, we can't deny that now feels like the right time for a reboot, especially after the Fantastic Beasts movies struggled to attract the same huge audience as the main Harry Potter series. 

While child actors will obviously be cast as Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, it won't be an easy task for those expected to step into the shoes of the iconic performers who brought the likes of Severus Snape and Hagrid to life on the big screen.

Regardless, a new rumour suggests we can expect the franchise to be a lot more diverse when it returns. 

Talking on The Hot Mic podcast (via SFFGazette.com), Jeff Sneider revealed that Warner Bros. is prioritising diversity with this adaptation, and adds that there's a "concerted effort" to cast "more people of color" in the show. Behind the scenes, the expectation is that there will also be an increased number of writers who are also POC. 

Finally, Sneider would point out there's a strong chance a Black actress will play Hermione, no great surprise when that's often been the case on stage for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway and the West End. 

If it does happen, we just hope Warner Bros. has plans in place to protect that child from the inevitable racist abuse that will sadly be thrown at them in certain corners of the internet. 

This new Harry Potter series doesn't currently have anything close to resembling a premiere date, but it is officially in the works.

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ObserverIO - 4/16/2023, 6:34 AM
Ron Weasley = black.
tmp3 - 4/16/2023, 6:40 AM
@ObserverIO - hermione will almost certainly be black
bkmeijer1 - 4/16/2023, 6:47 AM
@tmp3 - I think making Hermione black, asian or indian would all be pretty obvious. Kinda hope they go a surprising route and make her latina or something
Vision85 - 4/16/2023, 6:54 AM
@bkmeijer1 - there arent Latinas in the Uk
vectorsigma - 4/16/2023, 7:00 AM
@ObserverIO -Harry Potter - chimapnzee
Drace24 - 4/16/2023, 7:20 AM
@bkmeijer1 - Personally I hope we finally get to see the Quidditch World Championship or maybe flashbacks to the Marauder's time. I wasn't even thinking of the real important question: What labels are they going to reduce these characters to?
Vigor - 4/16/2023, 7:21 AM
@Vision85 - see I've never been to the UK. Is that true though? Guess it would make sense geographically. But I would think a 2nd gen or students studying abroad would introduce more variety to UK
marvel72 - 4/16/2023, 6:34 AM
Wasn't the movies, diverse enough?

Blergh - 4/16/2023, 8:00 AM
@marvel72 - ummm...depends. Is 4/15 enough?

marvel72 - 4/16/2023, 8:05 AM
@Blergh - Well the percentage of different races in countries, it's probably right.

Give or take.
Blergh - 4/16/2023, 8:16 AM
@marvel72 - I'd wager there'd be more english people with Indian heritage.
I think what's more relevant is that all major HP characters were casted white (obviously a sign of its time).

I'd suppose Hermione's going to be black to show how 'liberal' JK is only to not have a single trans person...maybe Voldemort's going to be portrayed as one
Drace24 - 4/16/2023, 8:22 AM
@Blergh - 4/15 would be about a third. Which checks out. Also that picture is like 1 percent of all the characters in the books.

Are we really at a point where people analyze single movie frames with a calculator, a copy of the last demographic census and skin tone palette?

Drace24 - 4/16/2023, 8:27 AM
@Blergh - Can you even imagine that maybe not everyone is obsessed with collecting virtue points like you are? This is the studios idea because Hollywood has concluded that this is good for marketing. Not exactly a new thing. Rowling just doesn't mind. Nor did she mind the trans character in Hogwarts Legacy. Or any trans people. Her criticisms are targeted against toxic pseudo-activists who attack women in the name of trans rights, exactly like the ones currently attacking her or anyone enjoying Hogwarts Legacy. Or this show I'm guessing.

Can't wait to see you guys run against a wall once again.
SimplyAz - 4/16/2023, 9:19 AM
@Blergh -

If you double that to 8/30 it's pretty accurate for my class in Secondary School in England in the 1990's
Origame - 4/16/2023, 9:35 AM
@Blergh - well, in the United Kingdom, it's about 80% white and 20% other various races. So 2 POC characters for every 8 white characters matches the demographic of the area.

Can't wait to hear how that's not good enough, because it's never good enough for you guys.
Blergh - 4/16/2023, 9:43 AM
@Origame - love how this all diverges into personal insults.
I never said it's not enough for ME but that's not what counts when we can get personal. Ay?
Origame - 4/16/2023, 9:51 AM
@Blergh - under what circumstance is that an insult?

You were the one raising the question if this english school being 4/15 was enough, and I answered it. Given the context of the original comment, you clearly don't view this as diverse enough even though it matches the demographics of the United Kingdom.

But also, if not you, who are you speaking for? Are you seriously gonna claim to speak for racial groups you don't belong to?
Blergh - 4/16/2023, 10:13 AM
@Origame - what racial group do I belong to?
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