My approach to Guardians of the Galaxy 2

This isn't an outline or a script. Just my approach/ideas for the film.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is the most successful franchise starter since 2002's Spider-Man. The film is a fun ride filled with heart, spectacle, emotion and humor. Personally, it's become quickly overrated but is undeniably one of Marvel's better efforts. This being said, the sequel is undeniably going to set up for Avengers 3. Here I will present my approach/ideas for the sequel. I haven't cracked the full story for the film so, it's going to come across messy and disjointed. But, I wanted to share these with you guys and get your thoughts on them. So here...we....go.

  • Thanos: Thanos is going to be a big part of the cinematic universe as if it he isn't already. But, I expect more than just a couple speaking scenes in Guardians 2. My idea for Thanos is this: Thanos is in full force searching for the stones. We're shown flashbacks of his upbringing and how he came to be as well as his love for death whom we will see in the film and why he loves her. By the end of the film, he will have gained the Aether, Power stone and Time stone. More on that later.
  • Peter Quill/Star Lord: Peter is once again trying to avoid Yondu and the Ravengers as he is in search of his father. He and the rest of his team encounter Adam Warlock who escaped his cocoon during the events of the first film from The Collector's Collection. Warlock warns them of Thanos' grand plan after Warlock had an encounter with The Mad Titan himself. Warlock joins the Guardians as he knows of Magus but not of Korvac and plans to stop him. Peter finds out that his father is really Korvac (more on this later) and is offered to join Korvac as he'll ensure Peter's survival as well as finally getting to know him. This conflicts Peter and he makes Rocket the leader if something were to happen. Eventually, he declines Korvac's offer. The group is on the brink of death when Peter decides to use the Time stone (more on this later) goes back in time and searches for Korvac in order to stop him but not erase himself from existence.
  • Adam Warlock: He is a key and main character in the film. As stated, he escaped from his cocoon on Knowhere during the last film. He heads back to Knowhere in search of the Guardians, it is then that he encounters the Collector. The Collector attempts to steal the Soul stone from him when Warlock is told of the other five stones. Before he was incased in his cocoon, Warlock had an encounter with Thanos. During Warlock's time on Knowhere, Magus goes to our current timeline so he can ensure his existence. Korvac goes back with him but with different intentions as he plans to send the sun into super nova. Magus teams up with the Guardians as they attempt to stop Korvac and eventually Magus. Magus is defeated when Warlock goes to Thanos for help. After Magus' defeat, Thanos knocks out Warlock and takes the Time stone for himself after having gone to Knowhere for the Aether and Xandar for the Power stone. The film ends with Warlock officially being a member of the Guardians as he tells the Guardians about the Gauntlet and they set out to stop Thanos from getting the rest of the stones.
  • Yondu: Yondu hunts down Peter in attempt to stop him from learning the truth about his father as a way to protect him. Yondu eventually sacrifices himself for Peter and reminds Peter that he's been more of a father to him than Korvac ever has.
  • Rocket: Rocket's arc consits of trying to accept the duty of leadership if something were to happen to Peter. He is forced at one point to be a leader when the team needs one the most and Peter is at odds with himself.
  • Drax: His arc consists of the fact that he may never be able to avenge his wife and daughter. Drax must accept that he may die. Over the course of the film, he slowly does willingly as he will be able to finally join his wife and daughter once more.
  • The Collector: The Collector forsees Korvac and his plan. When he encounters Adam Warlock and attempts to steal the Soul stone, The Collector tells him of the stones, the gauntlet and the threat that Korvac is bringing. 
  • Korvac: Korvac is sent back in time by, The Grandmaster to battle the Guardians of the Galaxy and Adam Warlock. Korvac is revealed to be Peter Quill's father as years ago, he came to Earth and had a relationship with a woman would become his mother. He is seen as a traitor for betraying Earth when he goes back to space when the Brotherhood of Badoon captures him and makes him a cyborg and spends the next millinea working for them. This is when the Grandmaster sends him back in time. Pissed, Korvac plans to set the sun into supernova destroying all life. He is then killed by Peter.
  • Magus: Magus uses the time stone to go back in time to ensure his existence. He guides Warlock through a series of actions that will result in Magus. He is eventually defeated by Warlock and Thanos, losing the Time stone in the process.
  • Gamora: Gamora searches for her sister, Nebula and tries to convince her to do good and join the Guardians. When this fails, Gamora must come to terms with the fact she's going to have to kill the only being that was like a Sister to her. Gamora eventually does kill Nebula and this results in Thanos taking Nebulas body.
Well folks, that's it! I used each character do describe what my ideas/approach for Guardians 2 is. Like? Dislike? Tell me what you would keep and or change and give us your own ideas in the comments below.
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