THE BRIDE!: Jake Gyllenhaal Joins Christian Bale & Jessie Buckley In Maggie Gyllenhaal's Adaptation

THE BRIDE!: Jake Gyllenhaal Joins Christian Bale & Jessie Buckley In Maggie Gyllenhaal's Adaptation

We got a first look at Maggie Gyllenhaal's upcoming adaptation of The Bride of Frankenstein earlier this year, and the project has now added a new cast member in the form of baby bro, Jake...

By MarkCassidy - Jun 06, 2024 03:06 PM EST
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Maggie Gyllenhaal has added another cast member to her upcoming take on The Bride of Frankenstein, and it's someone she knows very well.

In a new piece on the Spider-Man: Far From Home and Roadhouse star, THR reports that Jake Gyllenhaal has joined the cast of The Bride!, but don't reveal any details on his character.

Gyllenhaal (Maggie) recently took to Instagram to share the first ever production stills from the film, giving us a glimpse of Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, Thor: Love and Thunder) as Frankenstein's Monster, and Jessie Buckley (Men, Wicked Little Letters) as the misunderstood creature's titular Bride.

We first heard about this project back in 2022 when it was being developed for Netflix, but a follow-up report indicated that the film had been shelved shortly after the Hollywood strikes got underway, and was being shopped elsewhere. More recently, we'd learn that Warner Bros. had acquired The Bride!, which is now set for a theatrical release on October 3rd, 2025.

Gyllenhaal is set to direct after garnering acclaim for her debut feature, The Lost Daughter. Penélope Cruz (Vanilla Sky, Zoolander 2), Peter Saragaard (Green Lantern, The Batman) Annette Bening (American Beauty, Nyad) and Julianne Hough (Footloose, Dirty Grandpa) are also part of the cast, but no details on their roles have been disclosed.

This take on the story "sees a lonely Frankenstein travel to 1930s Chicago to seek the aide of a Dr. Euphronius in creating a companion for himself. The two reinvigorate a murdered young woman, and the Bride is born. She is beyond what either of them intended, igniting a combustible romance, the attention of the police, and a wild and radical social movement."

Check out the images below.



It doesn't sound like this is going to be a direct remake of the 1935 classic, but even if they stick to the basic premise, we'd say the story will undergo a few changes for a modern audience.

The original was helmed by James Whale, and was a direct sequel to 1931's Frankenstein. The plot focused on Henry Frankenstein's (Colin Clive) mentor Doctor Septimus Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger), who convinces Henry to assist him in creating a Bride for the Monster (Boris Karloff). Henry is wary of giving life to another potentially murderous creature, but is blackmailed and threatened by Dr. Pretorius and the monster, leading to the creation of the titular character (portrayed by Elsa Lanchester, who also appeared in the film as Mary Shelley).

"After recovering from injuries sustained in the mob attack upon himself and his creation, Dr. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) falls under the control of his former mentor, Dr. Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger), who insists the now-chastened doctor resume his experiments in creating new life. Meanwhile, the Monster (Boris Karloff) remains on the run from those who wish to destroy him without understanding that his intentions are generally good despite his lack of socialization and self-control."

Are you looking forward to The Bride!? Drop us a comment down below.

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HashTagSwagg - 6/6/2024, 3:32 PM
I'm more interested in Guillermo del Toro's Frankenstein.
marvel72 - 6/6/2024, 7:09 PM
@HashTagSwagg -

Del Toro take is taking inspiration from...

DocSpock - 6/6/2024, 3:34 PM

Looks like old Frank went to Zack Snyder's ghetto Joker tattoo shop.
IAmAHoot - 6/6/2024, 3:40 PM
He spoke on Conan O'Brien's podcast about doing anything for his sister, because he just can't help it when she asks. Can't help but chuckle with that coming to mind.
TheVisionary25 - 6/6/2024, 4:27 PM
@IAmAHoot - I love that podcast

Honestly my favorite episodes are the ones sans guests and it’s just him ,Sona and Matt goofing around
IAmAHoot - 6/6/2024, 4:58 PM
@TheVisionary25 - It's so darn funny! Even the radio show segments he does with Jordan Schlansky are hysterial. (I've not heard the radio show but see these on YouTube.)

TheVisionary25 - 6/6/2024, 5:00 PM
@IAmAHoot - same!!

His banter with Schalnaky is the best

I also hope Dr Arroyo becomes a recurring character

Izaizaiza - 6/6/2024, 3:54 PM
I don't think there has ever been an attempt to make the monster look the way he is described in the novel. If I remember correctly (It's been a few decades) The monster is described as physically beautiful, almost an Adonis... Until he is animated and starts moving, and then there's just something unnatural and wrong about him. I understand that that's a lot harder to put on film, but it would be cool someone could pull it off
MisterDoctor217 - 6/6/2024, 3:57 PM
I wonder how this will compare to Del Toro’s Frankenstein.

Also isn’t it weird that similar movies happen to come out around the same time ?

Happened with Pinocchio too.
Happens a lot in Hollywood.

Do studios like plan this out ? Over the years it’s gotten more than just coincidental 🤔
Izaizaiza - 6/6/2024, 4:05 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - I think, and I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think if a company has been sitting on a script or a project for a while, and see that someone else is about to do a similar project, they will rush theirs so is not to seem like they're copying. Hence, we get a lot of similar shows at the same time
MisterDoctor217 - 6/6/2024, 4:07 PM
@Izaizaiza -

That makes sense 🤔 if true. I think I did read something like that once.

But I mean who’d want to compete with Guillermo del Toro lol

He blew Disneys Pinocchio out of the water.

Seems he’s about to do it again
Izaizaiza - 6/6/2024, 4:18 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Agreed! Can't wait to see his version
MasterMix - 6/6/2024, 5:20 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - There's a whole article on Wikipedia dedicated to Twin films. The list of examples is enormous.
Apophis71 - 6/6/2024, 5:44 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - It often happens, companies do a lot of research to predict what is likely to be in vogue which causes some of it but oft is reflective of what is going on in RL, or at least what was when first considering which ideas to greenlight pitches and scripts for.

Considering getting a film to the screen can be a five year process from initial pitch it is no use looking at what is popular today for what gets released tomorrow but what is popular today may be out of favour in five years (more likely than not will be as faster responding shows will flood the market before wearing of the novelty/causing fatigue).

If there is an increased fear of tech and medical related topics we are more likely to get Frankenstein and both are of concern what with the growth of AI and issues related to the pandemic.
RolandD - 6/6/2024, 6:17 PM
@Izaizaiza @MisterDoctor217 - Right now I’m drawing a blank but there were two movies about asteroids about to strike the Earth that came out about the same time. One with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in it.
MisterDoctor217 - 6/6/2024, 8:39 PM
@MasterMix -

Oh I had no idea ! I’m going to look it up 🤔
MisterDoctor217 - 6/6/2024, 8:42 PM
@Apophis71 -

Oh I get what you mean , that’s true , they have to stay up to date with the times.

But I really don’t corralate A.I. with Frankenstein 🤔 and I doubt Guillermo del Toro’s goes that route , I think he just really likes the tragedy of the monster and will do something in the vein of his previous films.

But I get what you mean, it’s really interesting.
I can see they did that with Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning, that game out at the same time A.I. was starting to get traction in the media , but no one paid attention sadly lol
MisterDoctor217 - 6/6/2024, 8:43 PM
@RolandD -

I think it’s Armageddon and The Core , no?

Crazy it’s been happening for decades I didn’t even recall that.
Apophis71 - 6/6/2024, 9:03 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Part the reason for the creation of Frankensteins Monster is oft considered tied to the notion of advances in technology replacing jobs at the time of writing etc cos if you can create a humane body from parts and animate the corpse to do hard manual labour as simpleton slaves...

...the industrial revolution was roughly between 1760 and 1840, the book was first published slap bang in the middle of that hence why that parallel oft drawn even if not consciously intended by the author, and added to with the early film adaption with all the machinery and electricity...

...why the whole puters taking away jobs is correlated, even if the morality of science in a more medical context is more obvious and even if wasn't REALY a theme of the book (and a bunch of the intended themes oft missing in adaptions) and more something added to it with adaptions over the years and what most think of when it comes to the creation is far different to what he was in the book.
RolandD - 6/6/2024, 9:37 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Definitely Armageddon which hit bigger than the other one. It could be The Core.
RolandD - 6/6/2024, 9:41 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Deep Impact but I had to google Armageddon to find the name of the other one.
MisterDoctor217 - 6/7/2024, 2:56 AM
@RolandD -

Yes !! Deep Impact ! My bad lol The Core was about drilling the earth

And yeah Armageddon was definitely bigger, weirdly it is Michael Bay’s only disaster movie 🤔
MisterDoctor217 - 6/7/2024, 3:03 AM
@Apophis71 -

Oh dude I had no idea about the themes of the book, to be honest I’ve never read it, but it’s pretty cool that such an old story can be relevant today.

Maybe Maggie’s movie will touch upon those themes 🤔
TheVisionary25 - 6/6/2024, 4:26 PM
Always love me some Jake , this cast is stacked with talent so that’s sweet!!.

Interested to see if it’s a big role or cameo , I could see him as Dr Pretorius but i feel like that might be Peter Sarsgaard already.

Anyway , I’m kinda intrigued by the premise even if I’m not a big fan of the looks for this version of Frankenstein’s Monster & The Bride so we’ll see…

I know Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut got alot of critical acclaim , might check it out to see how she is.

PaKent - 6/6/2024, 4:32 PM
Nepotism at its finest
RolandD - 6/6/2024, 6:19 PM
@PaKent - I don’t think he needs this as a career boost but you do you.
zeon00 - 6/6/2024, 7:28 PM
@PaKent - nothing wrong with that
Forthas - 6/6/2024, 4:42 PM
I thought they finished filming this film a while ago.

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