The Incredible Hulk 2

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THE INCREDIBLE HULK Fan-Made Poster Brings Rulk Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe
While it remains unlikely that The Hulk is going to get another solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this incredible fan-made poster brings the Jade Giant - and "Rulk" - to the big screen...
AVENGERS: ENDGAME Star Mark Ruffalo Would Like To See A HULK VS. WOLVERINE Movie In The MCU
During a recent convention appearance, Avengers: Endgame star Mark Ruffalo revealed that he would be interested in starring in a movie pitting his Jade Giant against the MCU's new Wolverine. Check it out!
A interesting interview has just emerged, featuring Marvel's very own Green Goliath: Mark Ruffalo. In it he discusses The Hulk's future in the MCU - and where we may (or may not) see him next. Obviously he talks about the ending of Age Of Ultron, so be wary of SPOILERS!
Apart of a bigger LA Times interview, Kenneth Branagh talks about Thor, and Anthony Hopkins's rumored set trouble.
HitFix got the chance to sit down with Edward Norton to discuss his upcoming film, and of course you know who came up. Check it Out
Leterrier would love the chance to revisit the Hulk, he just needs to be asked.
Tim Roth reveals his 3 picture deal as The Abomination...
In an interview with MTV, a beaming Tim Blake Nelson, who played the all too helpful Dr. Samuel Sterns, a.k.a. the Leader, said he's on board with Hurd's plan for him to play his part in the next one.
Super producer Gale Anne Hurd says "she has every intention on making a follow-up and that Edward Norton is signed on."

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