CAPTAIN MARVEL Star Jude Law Reveals He Was Eyed To Play SUPERMAN: I Just Thought, 'No, You Can't Do This'

CAPTAIN MARVEL Star Jude Law Reveals He Was Eyed To Play SUPERMAN: "I Just Thought, 'No, You Can't Do This'"

Matt Bomer Believes Being Outed As Gay Cost Him SUPERMAN Role
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Matt Bomer Believes Being Outed As Gay Cost Him SUPERMAN Role

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NakedAvenger - 1/27/2023, 9:48 AM
TheVandalore - 1/27/2023, 10:40 AM
It was an amusing reply. Good on him for not going scorched earth on the clap back.

James isn't dull. He knew there would be nerd rage, and then aftershocks of lunatic nerd rage. He knows the game, and how irresponsible tweets can effect his career...yikes 🤣

He knows he can be playful but that the biggest clap back will be actually pulling off a successful DC film division in the coming few years.
TheWinkler - 1/27/2023, 9:48 AM
#CavillIsOut #BetterThingsAhead #RecastAllOfDC
TheWinkler - 1/27/2023, 9:51 AM
I truly hoped Cavill would have had a chance to shine, but DC fumbled that chance with 10 years of focusing on the wrong properties and wrong directors.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/27/2023, 9:51 AM
@TheWinkler - #InGunnWeTrust
AmazingFILMporg - 1/27/2023, 10:31 AM
@TheWinkler -

Better things ahead is up for debate. Gunn has yet to announce anything except for canceling projects and firing actors while remaining silent on a groomer that should've been fired yesteryear 💁

He better reboot everything because if he keeps part of the DCEU while firing Cavill it's gonna be doomed from the start🥲
UniqNo - 1/27/2023, 10:33 AM
@TheWinkler - Yeah, I feel for Cavill, but understand the need to move on. Seems a bit unfair he gets shafted but others seem to remain though.

I just hope we get a crisis or Kingdom Come movie in about 10 years and Cavill is open to returning.

The Rock did bring him back, but it was literally a short lives cameo. I bet he wishes it was another headless cameo now.

He took it with grace though.
SpiderBrad - 1/27/2023, 10:55 AM
@TheWinkler - Agreed. Would have been nice to see him suit up again- but that time has passed. Let's move forward.
duncboy - 1/27/2023, 11:01 AM
@TheWinkler - Except from what's out there, it looks like Gunn is only recasting the Justice League, and even then it sounds like Gal, Ezra and Momoa are still sticking around. The Gunnverse is going to be like mixing milk and orange juice.
Termin8r - 1/27/2023, 12:13 PM
@AmazingFILMporg - The Ezra point is a good one, but i feel like all of DC and WB are beholden to the Flash movie. Their entire reboot most likely hinges on that movie coming out. Regardless of Gunn, we were gonna get that movie one way or another.

Better things ahead is up for debate, but not really. The man made the Suicide Squad, which was great. He's made hits. Whatever he has in store can't be worse than the crap Snyder hucked at our faces.
Termin8r - 1/27/2023, 12:14 PM
@UniqNo - He's a nice guy, but i don't think he's talented at all. he gets parts on looks and charm alone, and charm isn't talent. His Superman never landed, and he's quite literally never headlined a box office success.

His stardom is almost solely based on internet love.
UniqNo - 1/27/2023, 12:53 PM
@Termin8r - I think there's enough weight to that opinion, but also enough weight to the opposite side..

I agree his Superman wasn't fully rounded but I blame that more on poor writing and not being the focus in his own sequels. He hardly got a proper follow up.

I feel we were about to have that but was taken away. Now we'll never know I guess. He even acknowledged as much saying the superman we got in BVS wasn't how he would have chosen to go. Oh well. He was quite good in MI6 and Man from Uncle. I look forward to see what he does different in Argyle.
Kozmik - 1/27/2023, 3:08 PM
@Termin8r - I disagree. Cavill is hardly Laurence Oliver, but he's not a terrible actor either. His Superman never landed, good pun there, not because of Cavill, but because of Zach Snyder.
Termin8r - 1/27/2023, 4:10 PM
@UniqNo - I definitely agree that he was let down by poor material and direction. No doubt about that. I think the same for Affleck as Batman. However, I think Affleck is a capable if not excellent actor, who if given better material, could do way better work in his role than Cavill in his. I look at Cavill's performances in most other movies, and he just seems flat and wooden to me, but charming. I mostly think of MI Fallout. He worked for me in that movie, until the twist. Just could not by him as a mastermind.
Termin8r - 1/27/2023, 4:11 PM
@Kozmik - i don't think he's terrible, just pretty wooden and flat. The way i think about it is, "would he get good parts if he wasn't so handsome?" and i usually come to the conclusion that he would not. Snyder is definitely more at fault here, but Cavill's only real success as a star is the Witcher, a Netflix series. He just can't carry a movie to success.
Arthorious - 1/27/2023, 8:53 PM
@duncboy - wait there gonna keep Ezra? After all of his antics?
Arthorious - 1/27/2023, 9:45 PM
@Termin8r - I kind of felt that Cavill was wooden in MI too. He sometimes tried hard. But I do think he’s an awesome person off camera
dagenspear - 1/28/2023, 2:04 PM
@TheWinkler - In what way has there been established to be better things ahead?
dagenspear - 1/28/2023, 2:06 PM
@Termin8r - You said he had charm above. How can he have charm but also be wooden and flat? To me, those are contradictory terms.

Unless I'm misunderstanding thing context.
Termin8r - 2/1/2023, 3:58 PM
@Arthorious - he could be an awesome person off camera, and it seems like it. but being a good guy doesn't mean you're a good actor. The dude is incredibly handsome and charming and those two things are the only reasons he has a career.
Termin8r - 2/1/2023, 3:59 PM
@dagenspear - they're not contradictory whatsoever. There are a lot of bad actors who can't act, but are likable and charming. Armie Hammer, Channing Tatum, Any B list action star from the 80s or 90s. You can be charming and likeable without being able to act. It's why pretty people get movie parts all the time.
dagenspear - 2/1/2023, 5:29 PM
@Termin8r - Bad acting, yes I think can be seperate from charm, but I regard wooden and flat as an opposite of charm.
Kozmik - 2/4/2023, 8:22 PM
@Termin8r - I agree. If Henry Cavill weren't as handsome as he is he likely woudn't be as successful as his is. That being said, you can say the same about many of the actors working today.

And I wouldn't go so far as saying he can't carry a movie to success, if only because how many movies has he been the lead in beyond Man of Steel (which was a success)?

That's the only one I can recall.
Termin8r - 2/23/2023, 12:31 PM
@Kozmik - Immortals and Man From Uncle. you're right, there hasn't been that many. but he just can't pull it off.
Kozmik - 2/27/2023, 12:39 PM
@Termin8r - That's a hard one. 'Immortals' was a Tarsem film so we're talking about (awesome) style over little substance and more of an ensemble film. As far as 'Man From Uncle' goes, I don't quite tend to see Guy Ritchie films in theaters.

Which is odd because I don't hate them when I see them, I just don't do so in theaters.
GhostDog - 1/27/2023, 9:48 AM
FilmGuy7878 - 1/27/2023, 9:49 AM
Mr. Gunn, you are a god lol.

Never ceases to amaze me how pathetic these Snyder cultists are.
DarthOmega - 1/27/2023, 9:52 AM
@FilmGuy7878 - The people who hate Snyder are equally cultists. None of you know the man personally, but even an article that doesn't even mention his name gets a response like this. He made some movies you don't like. Calm down.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/27/2023, 9:55 AM
@DarthOmega - I personally like Snyder as a director, he's made some great films. It's just the people who blindly follow him like he's the second coming of Christ who annoy me as well as the people who blindly despise him.

Snyder had some ups and downs in his run at DC but he's out now and I only wish the best for him.
GarthRanzz - 1/27/2023, 10:00 AM
@FilmGuy7878 - I only like his DC stuff. And not Watchmen. Its funny how opposed I was to him on Superman after messing with the Watchmen ending. Then he delivered the best superhero film of all time in my opinion. Dont really care for his zombie stuff or other movies. I cant forgive Gunn for what he did to Drax, Groot and Star Lord but I would never attack a cat LOL.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/27/2023, 10:04 AM
@GarthRanzz - Or in Rorschach's case, slaughtering two German Shepards with a clever.
SATW42 - 1/27/2023, 10:17 AM
@DarthOmega - I dislike him because he openly encouraged the worst of his fans and the worst of their behavior. He showed it was more about him than the work.
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