Superman 3

Superman 3

Synopsis: Greedy millionaire businessman Ross Webster discovers the hidden talents of Gus Gorman, a bumbling computer genius and blackmails him into utilizing his talents, in ways that will give Webster economic control of the coffee market--among other industries. When the man of steel interferes, he is secretly given synthetic Kryptonite, which fails to kill him and instead turns him in an evil incarnation of himself that the "good" side has to battle. Once the "bad" Supes is dispatched, he still needs to bring down Gus' super-computer in order to stop Webster's evil plans.

Release Date: 1983
Director: Richard Lester
Cast: Christopher Reeve - Superman/Clark Kent, - Richard Pryor - Gus Gorman, - Jackie Cooper - Perry White, - Marc McClure - Jimmy Olsen, - Annette O'Toole - Lana Lang, - Annie Ross - Vera Webster, - Pamela Stephenson - Lorelei Ambrosia, - Robert Vaughn - Ross Webster, - Margot Kidder - Lois Lane, - Gavan O'Herlihy - Brad O'Herlihy

To Love Dawg S#$%: A JimmieRustler Exclusive
DC is making flowers grow with that manure(BvS). But yet some fans insist its the best thing since Christ. So in this article we're going to take a deep look into to the fanboy psyche. Maybe then we can find an understanding to the banner question: "To Love Dawg S$%&" How?
Ex-X-man James Marsden, who's mutant character, "Cyclops," was fried in X3, and who coincidentally played Lois Lane's non-super boyfriend in Superman Returns, tells us why the movie didn't fly with the fans.
Our friends over at have snagged an awesome audio interview with Brendan Fraser where they probed his thoughts about the J.J. Abrams' Superman script, and learned how close he got to the part...
If the buzz translates into truth, Smallville star Tom Wellington may just be heading to the big screen to portray the role that made him famous on TV.
Variety updated us about the latest news concerning a Superman sequel. The bottom line, Warner Bros is still unsure about doing one.
See what Mark Waid, Grant Morrison and Brad Meltzer think should be done with the man of steel to set it all straight. First, pretend Superman Returns never happened...
CBM broke the story that Warner Bros was interested to see how The Incredible Hulk did because they were considering a redo of Superman, well now comes this news...
Is Hulk's success a factor in the next Superman movie? Warner Bros may be waiting to see if The Incredible Hulk reboot works before they decide what to do with the next Superman movie.
Superman Returns star Brandon Routh told SCI FI Wire that he expects to be working on the next film installment, Superman: Man of Steel, with director Bryan Singer beginning early next year. "Of course, that's my timeline, not anyone else's," Routh said in an interview on May 2.
If you went to "I am Legend" over the weekend, you may have noticed a scene in Times Square where there was an enormous logo that was made for the "Batman vs. Superman" movie--when it was still in the works at Warner Bros...

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