Superman's Legacy: Celebrating A Hero For The Ages On His Birthday

Superman's Legacy: Celebrating A Hero For The Ages On His Birthday

SUPERMAN LIVES - 10 Things To Know About Tim Burton And Nic Cage's Wacky Take On The Man Of Steel
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SUPERMAN LIVES - 10 Things To Know About Tim Burton And Nic Cage's Wacky Take On The Man Of Steel

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Origame - 11/7/2023, 7:23 AM
I like how everyone else is getting into character but Tyler is just so happy to be there.
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 7:24 AM
There's ones of 5 of them. The due who played superboy is there too.

Don't think we'll see Cavill on those for a while, still, career isn't there quite yet.

JonAwesome - 11/7/2023, 7:25 AM
@UniqNo - you gotta wear underwear with tights!
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 7:31 AM
@JonAwesome - I just noticed....this shot is giving the wrong kind of vibes after that underwear comment!

If you know, you know.
marvel72 - 11/7/2023, 7:32 AM
@UniqNo - She's gonna get wrecked.
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 7:37 AM
@marvel72 - Pretty sure it's a he, but i don't discriminate.
braunermegda - 11/7/2023, 8:11 AM
@UniqNo - they look way happier in this than with the child and I bet they were all laughing about... well, you know... it's pretty clear
cyclopstb - 11/7/2023, 9:16 AM
@UniqNo - Gerard Christopher(Superboy)
CerealKiller1 - 11/7/2023, 7:34 AM
“If you're a Superman fan, something tells us that what you're about to see would be nothing short of a dream come true”

It cracks me up how everything Josh and his symbiote write about is always the be all and end all of any given subject
KingLeonidas - 11/7/2023, 7:42 AM
This is a depressing picture in a way - it is basically a picture of has-beens.
Forthas - 11/7/2023, 7:52 AM
"The only person missing is Henry Cavill"

That is not true there is also Nicholas Cage...and in a meta way Ben Affleck.
FlopWatchers5 - 11/7/2023, 7:54 AM
and none of them made a hit haha lmao 🤣
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 8:03 AM
@BiggieMac4Sauce - in what sense?

Smallville ran for 10 seasons (too long imo) but not many Tv shows based on sci fi fiction can say that. Superman Returns probably made just enough to say slight profit i beleive and Superman and Lois Has survived alot longer than expected given all the shit that went on with WB and CW. I'd say a few there have been successful.

The amount of working actors that don't have celebrity status that would call those hits would suprise you.
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 8:05 AM
@BiggieMac4Sauce - Actually i take it back on Superman returns, i thought it made around 450, i was off by about 60, haha.
FlopWatchers5 - 11/7/2023, 8:06 AM
@UniqNo - it’s a reason Brandon didn’t get a second movie and it’s not because it “barely made” a profit.

im only bringing that up because people constantly push this narrative that SM is like the God of cb characters and like super popular like Jesus when his box office and tv track record says other wise.

so i genuinely wanted to know how do people logically come to that conclusion?
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 8:12 AM
@BiggieMac4Sauce - Oh, so you're talking outside the role?

Well I beleive Superman has always been that kind of character where an unknown steps into the role but then it's hard for the general audience to buy into them as someone else after. which i think is why it's been so hard.

He just needs good writing.. I think if Gunn has good stuff for Corenswet, showing enough range, than he'll prob be the most successful of the bunch.

Cavill i'd say has been the most successful so far, but most of his characters have also been 1 note. I look forward to see if he mixes it up with Argylle.

For what it's worth though, i personally feel thar Hoechlin has been the best to play him. Mainly because we've seen him in that mentor and father role more compared to the rest.

WarMonkey - 11/7/2023, 8:14 AM
@UniqNo - Also Lois and Clark was a huge hit back in the day. Teri Hatcher became a household name cause of it.
UniqNo - 11/7/2023, 8:17 AM
@WarMonkey - That's true. I think part of the reason for Smallville being so popular though was because of the time it came was was all those broody teenager shows were a thing (Dawsons Creek, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, etc) connectivity through technology was on the climb so it was easier for it to be in conversation etc and got that young fan base who grew with the character... I remember all the "Freak of the week" discussions on the boards...was a great time to be a youth! Lois and Clark i also have fond memories of. but a different time.
PartyKiller - 11/7/2023, 8:01 AM
Routh has aged best of the group. 44 and he could still play a young Clark.
theFUZZ008 - 11/7/2023, 8:43 AM
Welling. Still the GOAT.
emeraldtaurus - 11/7/2023, 9:07 AM
Brandon Routh my favourite from that line up...very underrated Superman.
cyclopstb - 11/7/2023, 9:20 AM
There were 5 actors who played the Last Son of Krypton. The other one is Gerard Christopher (Superboy season 2-4). He replaced season 1 John Haymes Newton
slickrickdesigns - 11/7/2023, 9:31 AM
Brandon Routh is so underrated. Dude was an excellent Superman in a bad Superman film. I grew up with Reeves as my Superman and Routh is about the closest thing to Reeves we’ve seen.
valmic - 11/7/2023, 12:39 PM
@slickrickdesigns - It wasn't bad it was just mediocre action wise. It got good reviews when it came out.
VincentValjean - 11/7/2023, 1:43 PM
@slickrickdesigns - You mean Reeve. As Christopher Reeve! Reeves was George Reeves!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/7/2023, 10:47 AM
Three Supermen and The Blur
Timerider - 11/7/2023, 11:32 AM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - The Red Blue Blur
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