THUNDERBOLTS Movie Adds THE BEAR Breakout Ayo Edebiri In A Secret Role
With production slated to begin later this year, Marvel Studios is starting to fill out its Thunderbolts cast and the latest addition is The Bear and Dickinson actress Ayo Edebiri in a top secret role.
THUNDERBOLTS: Rumored Details On Sentry's Role And The Movie's Real Villain - Possible Spoilers
Some more (rumored) details on the role the Sentry will play in Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts movie here, along with the character who'll reportedly be pulling the powerful villain's strings...
THUNDERBOLTS: It Appears Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost WILL Be Part Of The Movie After All
Earlier this week, rumours started swirling that Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost had been cut from Thunderbolts. However, we now have a conflicting report, and you can find all the latest details right here...
THUNDERBOLTS Rumor Points To Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost Being Dropped From The Movie
We don't have much to go on here, but a new rumor doing the rounds online is claiming that Hannah John Kamen's Ghost will no longer be a part of the Thunderbolts line-up...
THUNDERBOLTS To Begin Shooting This June; Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wants To Fight As Val
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays the villainous(?) Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the MCU, has confirmed that Thunderbolts is scheduled to begin shooting this summer...
STRANGER THINGS Star Eyed For Songbird Role In THUNDERBOLTS; Full Team Roster Possibly Revealed
Many fans have been left disappointed by the Thunderbolts roster, but a new rumor claims to shed some light on the team's full roster, including Songbird! Find out who's being eyed for the role here...
THE SENTRY: Marvel Studios Rumored To Be Developing A Solo Project Following THUNDERBOLTS
We recently learned that The Sentry is likely to be Thunderbolts' big bad, and a new report claims that the movie will be followed by a solo project for the unhinged superhero. More details after the jump.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER Star Harrison Ford Explains Why He Joined MCU But Stays Schtum On Red Hulk
Star Wars and Indiana Jones icon Harrison Ford will take over the role of General "Thunderbolt" Ross in 2024's Captain America: New World Order, and he's now explained his decision to join the MCU...
CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER And THUNDERBOLTS Rumored Story Details Tease Big Plans For The Sentry
Some rumoured story details for Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts have been revealed, and The Sentry looks set to be a major player in the MCU moving forward. Check it out!
Disney/Marvel Studios 2023 Movie Preview - QUANTUMANIA, GOTG Vol.3, THE MARVELS, INDIANA JONES 5, & More!
This week, we're bringing you 2023 Movie Previews for every major studio, and we're kickstarting things with Walt Disney Studios, who have some huge films on the way from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm!

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