WHAT IF...? Season 2 Details Revealed Along With Gruesome MARVEL ZOMBIES Intel (Which Will Be Rated TV-MA!)

WHAT IF...? Season 2 Details Revealed Along With Gruesome MARVEL ZOMBIES Intel (Which Will Be Rated TV-MA!) WHAT IF...? Season 2 Details Revealed Along With Gruesome MARVEL ZOMBIES Intel (Which Will Be Rated TV-MA!)

Marvel Studios shared plenty of new details about What If...? and Marvel Zombies at Comic-Con, including the fact the latter series will have the equivalent of an R-Rating! Read on for further details...

By JoshWilding - Jul 22, 2022 04:07 PM EST
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Marvel Studios didn't release trailers for What If...? season 2 and Marvel Zombies during their Hall H panel at Comic-Con earlier today, but we have plenty of new intel to share with you.

We'll start with What If...? and the news it will begin streaming early next year. As expected, season 3 is already in development, and we now know that the next batch of episodes will include Captain Carter battling the HYDRA Stomper (The Winter Soldier in her reality), Odin squaring off with The Mandarin, and a story revolving around Thor: Ragnarok villain Hela.

Oh, and we're sure you'll be pleased to learn that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Captain Carter was not the Variant from this animated series!

As for Marvel Zombies, that's going to be set in the same world as the What If...? episode and rated TV-MA. That's the equivalent of an R-Rating, so expect the show to pull out all the stops and deliver some seriously gruesome and intense undead action. In terms of characters, there are lots of new additions, including many recently introduced Phase 4 heroes. 

The Scarlet Witch, half of Captain America, Hawkeye, Abomination, Ghost, Captain Marvel, and Okoye will be among the show's zombies, with Ms. Marvel, Jimmy Woo, Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, Red Guardian, Shang-Chi, Katy, and Death Dealer among those fighting back against them.

Ikaris will also be one of the Marvel Zombies, though we're not sure how that works when he's technically an android! However, it sounds like that will lead to him not being entirely undead...

Check out a first look at What If...? season 2 and Marvel Zombies below:

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X-MEN '97 To Get A New Head Writer; WHAT IF...? Season 3 Billed as "The Culmination Of A Trilogy"

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grif - 7/22/2022, 4:19 PM
tv ma! wow. no thanks
SonOfAGif - 7/22/2022, 5:34 PM
@grif - I don't even think sleep pleases you teddy bear.
DrReedRichards - 7/22/2022, 4:21 PM
Wasn't it announced that there would also be a 1602 episode in the new What If season? That news alone had me more excited than anything; I love that book!

Fogs - 7/22/2022, 4:23 PM
Never cared for zombie stuff.

Plus What if was pretty meh already imo.

thewanderer - 7/22/2022, 4:28 PM
@Fogs - I don't mind it, especially if they keep it out of live action MCU (Zombie Strange was the worst part of MoM for me).

Fogs - 7/22/2022, 4:40 PM
@thewanderer - Yeah, I know people love to see undead coming out of their graves and all, it's just not my thing for some reason.
Roodi - 7/22/2022, 4:23 PM

No reason why Daredevil and Blade can't get that rating now.
Origame - 7/22/2022, 5:01 PM
@Roodi - after moon knight kept cutting out the violence after feige claimed it was the most violent mcu property, I'm still expecting massive compromises.
McMurdo - 7/23/2022, 1:53 PM
@Roodi - you're dreaming if you expect anything outside DP3 being R. Feige likes his money too much and he's already said outside of DP3 they have zero plans for rated R content. This season of What If won't be rated R. It will have zombie blood and neck biting and that's why it's TVMA. Nothing more nothing less. Shang Chi is gonna start throwing the word kuntt around at all his foes I can't assure you
Fares - 7/22/2022, 4:24 PM
I hope they improve the animation a little for the second season.
mpk1988 - 7/23/2022, 12:22 AM
@Fares - I thought the animation was great!!!
Fares - 7/23/2022, 7:24 AM
@mpk1988 - Glad that you liked it better, but to me, I personally thought it was just good enough. Not as basic as something like Invincible, but nothing to write home about. Both Amazon and Disney can do so so much better with the money they've got.
mpk1988 - 7/25/2022, 12:45 AM
@Fares - All right. Fair enough man..
dracula - 7/22/2022, 4:25 PM
Hopefully this batch is plotted out and paced better

Most of the first season could have used more time

Wonder if they will finish that Thanos Armor Gamora story
Itwasme - 7/22/2022, 5:31 PM
@dracula - that was in large part due to.covid correct? They even had to cut an episode just to make time-lines work.
dracula - 7/22/2022, 5:46 PM
@Itwasme - i know they had to cut an episode but did they have to cut material from the episodes they did finish?

Do think they could have been a few minutes longer but pretty sure they were all standard animated show length
Itwasme - 7/22/2022, 6:42 PM
@dracula - I imagine if it got to the point where they had to cut an entire episode there was very likely big impact on the rest of the series.
dracula - 7/22/2022, 4:26 PM
What If The First Avenger Never Came To Be?
GhostDog - 7/22/2022, 4:27 PM
The Parents Council getting ready to issue a statement condemning Marvel Zombies
StSteven - 7/22/2022, 5:24 PM
@GhostDog - I think I can hear them sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches as we speak. If they're going to condemn MZ no one had better tell them about DP and Logan. I mean, at least with a title like "Marvel Zombies" parents should know what they're getting into. But I've seen all those cute little Funko Pops for DP and Logan and it's easy to see how parents could be duped into thinking that those were kids movies because they are on D+ :/

Seriously, for the (presumably soon to be) Karens on the Parents Council I have a hot take: if you don't want your kids to watch adult material on D+ then don't let them frickin' watch it! It has parental controls now and even if they manage to get around that you could, I dunno, actually pay attention to what your kids are watching. I understand that some parents' idea of parenting is handing their kid an iPad and sending to their room for the rest of the evening so that Mom and Dad can watch what they want without even checking in on the kid until it's bed time to make sure that they brushed their teeth. But if that's how you handle your kids, then don't get pissed off at the content providers if your kid manages to watch stuff that you don't want them to. That's like getting upset with a porn site because you catch your teenager watching it. You know it's out there, so find a way to block it. Likewise, you know that D+ is starting to show adult content (or at least you should by now) so if you don't want your kids to watch, you can create a separate profile for your kids to use and restrict what it shows. BAM! Problem solved. I have 3 and 6 year old girls and I'm going to do exactly that, then I don't have to worry about it (not that they have any interest in icky zombies or anything else scary at this point). And if you don't then you have no one to blame but yourself.
GhostDog - 7/22/2022, 7:23 PM
@StSteven - I definitely read today that they sent a letter to Disney+ regarding Logan and Deadpool debuting lol

It’s like they don’t know you can create a separate account with a kids lock
StSteven - 7/22/2022, 7:52 PM
@GhostDog - In the time since I posted that last post I went ahead and did exactly that and set the content rating. And tested it. And it works just fine. Problem averted. And perhaps I missed it, but I don't recall Walt Disney Corp. every stating verbally or in writing that they will never show adult content on D+ and that EVERYTHING they produce will ALWAYS be appropriate for all ages until the end of time. They're a smart enough company to not exclude those of us who like adult content along with not-so-adult content. Why would they exclude that segment of their audience? I mean, they seem alcohol at Disney World (Galaxy's Edge) now for God's sake. So for those who are whining that "But but but Disney has always been and should always be PG or ("Martha cover the kids' eyes") PG-13, I just have to quote Dr. Dennis Leary and say "Shut the f**k up!".
StSteven - 7/22/2022, 8:03 PM
@GhostDog - And furthermore, FWIW, I was a big Disney fan when I was a little kid and all they basically had was Mickey and Friends and then the fairy tales. Then when I got older I considered that stuff to be "kids' stuff" and got out of it. I enjoyed the early Pixas movies for hat they were, but still considered that to be "kid's stuff" (and this is coming from a guy who has an entire spare bedroom full of Transformers). But then when Disney started do more "adult" stuff like Pirates and then acquired LucasFilms and Marvel they pulled me back in. So now we have D+ just as much for my little kids as it is for me (maybe even mores for me when you add up the hours I've spent watching just the Marvel and SW stuff alone). But if they had just stuck to Mickey and princesses I might still have D+ for the kids but I doubt that I would much interest. So there you go.
ModHaterSLADE - 7/22/2022, 4:27 PM
Glad to hear it. Captain Carter from S1 was a highlight for me.
Doomsday8888 - 7/22/2022, 4:30 PM
Best man is here.
KWilly - 7/22/2022, 4:31 PM
Really surprised by the TV-MA rating. But also not feeling the need for a whole show about Marvel Zombies, when we got a What If episode on that already?
Superheromoviefan - 7/22/2022, 4:31 PM
is this disney slowly make r rated marvel stuff?
IcePyke - 7/22/2022, 4:34 PM

MyCoolYoung - 7/22/2022, 4:35 PM
Ikaris and Scarlett witch on the same team? Washed relatively easy
SonOfAGif - 7/22/2022, 5:37 PM
@MyCoolYoung - We still don't know what happened to Thor in this reality. But yeah the Zombies have Wanda (Who isn't the Scarlet Witch yet), Captain Marvel, Abomination, and Ikaris. The Zombies are OP.
MyCoolYoung - 7/22/2022, 5:40 PM
@SonOfAGif - damn how the hell did i skip over captain marvel? Shit can thor save them? The cure is the only way
SonOfAGif - 7/22/2022, 5:48 PM
@MyCoolYoung - So if Mjolnir keeps Thor healthy from foreign diseases perhaps he is immune to the Zombie plague. But at the same time it came from the Quantum Realm so it may be a cosmic virus. But either way if Mjolnir protects him perhaps he and Asgard are Midgard's only chance. And Thor could definitely massacre Ikaris and the other human level threats. Ghost may or may not be a problem for him. Abomination and Captain Marvel would give him the business but I know he can hold his own. And Shang Chi has the ten rings. We can't sleep on him. Deathdealer is nasty at hand to hand combat so Hawkeye and the other human Avenger zombies are going to have trouble with him. And with Ms. Marvel they have a shot at quick escapes.
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