The sequel to 2012's box office phenomenon is here. What did I think? Hit the jump for my spoiler free review of Avengers: Age of Ultron to find out!
May 02, 2015 06:05 PM
The show has been getting all sorts of acclaim from critics and fans alike, but I've just recently had the chance to binge watch all 13 episodes of Marvel and Netflix Daredevil. So how is it? Hit the jump to check out my thoughts on season 1!
Apr 27, 2015 11:04 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Greg Weisman, Discusses GARGOYLES, YOUNG JUSTICE And More!
I had the chance to ask Greg Weisman a few questions. Best known for his work on Gargoyles and Young Justice. Hit the jump to see his thoughts on that, books, his favorite superhero and more
Mar 04, 2015 01:03 PM
The Hobbit Trilogy has finally come to a close. So, how does this stand up against the two previous films? Hit the jump to check out my review of, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies .
Dec 20, 2014 03:12 PM
Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) will lend his musical talents to the final Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies. Hit the jump to check out more info..
Oct 24, 2014 06:10 PM
Easily my most anticipated film of 2016, I'm going to state 5 reasons as to why I'm looking forward to the Man of Steel follow up, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hit the jump and check it out...
Oct 14, 2014 04:10 PM
The Scarlet Speedster finally made his debut in the CW's The Flash première, and now I'm going to share my thoughts. So, how was the first episode of The Flash?, hit the jump to find out..
Oct 07, 2014 07:10 PM
We have our first look at the Angry Birds film, based on the popular mobile game from Rovio Entertainment, along with the unveiling of an impressive cast. Check it out after the jump..
Oct 01, 2014 10:10 AM
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