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Inglorious Basterds - Movie to Comic Book?

Actually, it's just to comic strip for now. Depending on the reception, I think it's very plausible we'll be seeing an actual comic book in the very near future!!!

More of that HUGE Iron Man 2 Green Screen

You guys have asked for it... now you got it! More "Green Screen" from the set of the EPIC flick, otherwise known as Iron Man 2. And it's video in lieu of pictures this time.

Dark Horse's "Fear Agent" May Be Coming To A Theater Near You.

I don't know much about this book; but it sounds pretty cool, unique and refreshing to me. I think I'm gonna have to run out and pick up a copy... or two. Here's what Risky Biz Blog had to say about a possible Fear Agent movie:

Natalie Portman Cast in Thor Movie - PLUS the Official Synopsis

Yes, it's official folks, Natalie Portman is Jane Foster in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming Thor. We also have the first synopsis for the film!

Warner Bros. and DC Comics Win Superman Case.

News around the web is Warner Brothers and DC Comics have won a ruling in the suit filed by the heirs of "Superman" co-creator Jerome Siegel.

Green Lantern Screen Test - Tom Kalmaku

Kenneth Moraleda of the Australian comedy/drama "Lucky Miles" does a screen test for the role of Hal Jordan's side kick Tom Kalmaku. In the first draft of The Green Lantern script, which was leaked last year, the character served as comic relief. In this screen test footage Moraleda gives us two takes of Tom Kalmaku, one serious, the other comedic. The video was submitted to Green Lantern's casting director Pam Dixon.

Clifton Collins Jr. Debunks Involvement in Thor

Bad news for those of us looking forward to seeing Clifton Collins Jr. take part in Kenneth Branagh's Thor.

K-20: The Fiend With 20 Faces

Sounds, and looks, like V meets Daredevil meets... OoOoh, I don't know... The Musketeer? ...But with a gun!

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