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Tomb Raider vs. Video Game Movies: A Comprehensive Guide

A 3-Part examination of why games-to-film suck, what the new reboot has to do to be successful, and a "different" kind of Top 10...

Homecoming Heartbreak: What happened with Spider-Man?

Rapturous praise for yet another Marvel film? I guess I'll be that guy, but I saw a much more flawed movie than everybody else. Hear me out for a sec...

Story and Bosses: Pitching the Remake of Metal Gear

On its anniversary, what can the original Metal Gear for the MSX learn from both modern games, and later games in the same franchise?

10 Years Later: Spiderman 3- The Movie That Changed Our Lives

For the anniversary of one our the most hated ever 'threequels', I've decided that a re-visit was in order to see if it holds up better or worse.

If Comic Books Got Emmys of Their Own

There's enough comicbook TV these days, that they probably could have had their own Awards show! But who should be picked?

The Superhero Oscars! 2015

Decide the end of Summer Awards

POLL: Which Quicksilver was Better?

Did the Avengers' version beat X-Men's?

The Comic Book Movie Villain Tournament: Final Round

The Championship is here! It all comes down to this...

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