The Superhero Oscars! 2015

The Superhero Oscars! 2015 The Superhero Oscars! 2015

Decide the end of Summer Awards

Editorial Opinion
By RobGrizzly - Aug 29, 2015 08:08 PM EST
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Summer's over, and the dust has settled. Welcome back to the Comic Book Movie Awards! This year will be all-new, because for the first time, I'm not picking the winners, and I open the categories up for your votes!

I like to do these every year as a sort of way to summarize my thoughts on what the genre offered. The Academy format is a great way to cover all the aspects of a movie that matter most to me (I should really think about adding Best Original Score), and I get to offer my sort of mini-verdicts on what I thought of these films. I don’t write too many CBM reviews, so ‘Superhero Oscars’ is kind of my version of that, all collected in one editorial.

This should be an interesting year in particular because 3 of the 4 major comic book movies were for the most part, pretty strong. I have a clear favorite though, and another reason I'm letting viewers decide this year is because if I had my way, Kingsman: Secret Service would ostensibly sweep the show, and that wouldn't make for a very interesting read, lol. So I nervously place my Superhero Oscars in your hands, dear readers. Go easy on me!

The Following Fake Awards Presentation Contains Major Spoilers. Reader Discretion is Advised.

  1. Best Villain
The comic book villains of 2015 are a refreshing batch of new faces and characters. Marvel in particular, doubles down and you can see the effort they are making to try to make them more memorable. Does it work?

Part Bond villain, part Lex Luthor, Samuel L. Jackson had one of his most enjoyable roles in a long time, playing the wealthy philanthropist who nearly sent the world into mass hysteria. Paired with the deadly Gazelle, Valentine’s plan to save only the world’s most influential figures before purging the planet was deliciously dark. Ultron as a concept was inspired. He gave The Avengers more than they bargained for, and finally managed to kill a a superhero in the Marvel Universe. Ultron also had some comedy to him, but perhaps a little too much, to feel as threatening as he should have.  Darren Cross falls into the same boring formula as most of Marvel’s businessman-turned mad baddies. But In a way, Cross is the one who really sells Ant-Man. It was a joy watching him turn his enemies into goo. But does goo trump exploding heads? Victor Von Doom shows more power than perhaps we’ve seen in a F4 movie, and was seemingly unstoppable. Unfortunately, he was completely mishandled, his powers made no sense, and may go down as one of the worst in CBM history.

  1. Best Costume
Didn’t see too many of these at the conventions, which means I’m not sure how these outfits will fare for the kids come Halloween, but as comic book movies rise in prominence, costumes are becoming more and more important.

Trank opted for functional threads for the F4, that would play into controlling their powers. But F4’s costumes end up looking neither like anything we know and love, or like anything memorable or interesting. Captain America gets another costume overhaul in AoU, and Iron Man even gets the “Hulkbuster Armor.” Avengers is the typical stuff, but I would have liked more creativity for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver... and Hulkbuster is CGI anyway. There are few things cooler than looking GQ and knowing that your 3-piece suit is also bullet proof! Even I bought a new suit as soon as I left Kingsman, it was so inspiring. Ant-Man’s costume reveal was the first major headline to come from the movie, and it looked great onscreen. The suit went a long way to legitimizing the character, and letting the audience know this silly hero can work.

  1. Best Actress
I have a bone to pick with this category because imo, this wasn’t the strongest year for actresses in CBMs. I say that because while all of them are strong and smart, there is also something about the way they are all written that feels very much like ‘female overcompensation’ because they can basically do everything, and have no flaws, and maybe its just me, but writing women in this way is beginning to become uninteresting.