If Comic Books Got Emmys of Their Own

If Comic Books Got Emmys of Their Own If Comic Books Got Emmys of Their Own

There's enough comicbook TV these days, that they probably could have had their own Awards show! But who should be picked?

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By RobGrizzly - Sep 18, 2016 05:09 PM EST
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Been enjoying the Emmys on ABC this Sunday. Got to wondering what kind of a show it would look like if the awards were exclusive to comic book fare.  So I rolled up my sleeves and took to putting together a ballot of my own! 5 nominees across 10 categories, mainly coinciding with the Academy's major awards (sans the division between comedy and drama). Nominees are eligible from the fall of last year, though to the end of May this year- in other words, a full TV season. Walk with me, talk with me, and take a trip down this fancast for The Comic Book Emmys!

The Punisher pretty much made Daredevil Season 2, so his nomination is almost automatic. The drug-dealing Blaine on iZombie has been like the second coming of Buffy's Spike. The doctor side of Firestorm lends Legends of Tomorrow some much needed class. The opposite of class would be Cassidy, the walking, talking epitome of debauchery. The man who would become the Martian Manhunter is one of DC's best small-screen castings.

The always reliable Agent May got a pretty good subplot this season on AoS. Tough choice between Karen Page and Elektra on Daredevil, but Page got the better material, and really sold how traumatic all the violence was. Trish Walker was an absolute rock for Jessica Jones, and I hope she gets that hero transformation. Emily was great, but on Preacher I really couldn't wait for Tulip's swagger, every time she showed up. Carol has become a fan favorite on The Walking Dead, and as usual, she got the most buzzed about scenes.

The best-looking shows have the best art design. Agent Carter's period feel has always set it apart from its peers. Dark Matter is one of SyFy's better-looking shows, and so is Gotham, whose world continues to be its best aspect. Preacher was up to the task of transporting us to a supernatural Texas, and The Walking Dead has always had one of the best budgets on TV.

Constantine was canceled before it had a chace to be nominated, but John himself will still be recognized in one of Arrow's most fun crossovers. Nobody had to worry about a lack of Kingpin in Daredevil S2; His stint in the slammer was a great subplot that showed he still had all the power. Gotham's answer to a proto-Joker, proved to be an adrenaline shot to the show's sophomore season. Tricia Helfer's former werewolf joined Playstation's Powers as great FBI agent. Comic fave Jesus stole every scene as soon as he arrived on The Walking Dead.

Outstanding Animated Series

Can't forget about the kiddies! Well Marvel and DC still have some cartoon offerings for those that want to expand from the movies like in GotG or Avengers (who's 3rd season sees Ultron return). Spiderman dealt with a new Sinister Six, and CW launched their "Seed" programming and cross-promoted thier ani-morphing Vixen.

The turn of Agent Ward on SHIELD is was one of that show's most brilliant moves. Damien Darhk basically carried Arrow through season 4. The Flash dealt with someone faster and scarier in Zoom. B.D. Wong's Hugo Strange could be one of Batman's best live-action foes. Putting The Purple Man's powers in a real-word context, might have made Kilgrave the most powerful and horrifying villain I've ever seen.

Frank Castle is given more depth than fans could have imagined now that he's on TV, and The Flash continues to find genius ways to open up the Arrowverse. In a hero/villain relationship unlike anything else out there, the mind games reach a fever pitch in one special episode of JJ. In a stroke of irony, Supergirl showed its best potential when Kara let go of her inhibitions and went to the dark side. The Walking Dead has been working on its meditative character-building for a few years, and Morgan gets a doozy of exposition to account for his 6-season absence.

Cox took a Matt Murdock that was being pulled in every direction and made him work. Gustin continues to impress as Barry Allen, with his empathy and heart. Tim Ellis is probably the surprise of the season, making Lucifer better than it has any right to be. Dominic Cooper proved he had the grit to play Jesse Custer after all. And the always consistent Andrew Lincoln continues to make us feel the desperation of an apocalyptic world.

Peggy Carter was always the strongest, most interesting Marvel female to me. Her show will be missed. Skye has become Daisy and an Inhuman, and Bennet has grown so much since she started. You can't help but want to hang out with the quippy Liv all the time, she's so watchable in iZombie. I knew Ritter could play a bitch, but she surprised me with her layers and nuance to a damaged Jessca Jones.  Melissa Benoist is an absolute delight as Supergirl, and its hard to take your eyes off her.

Outstanding Comic Book Series

If I were doing this last year, Daredevil would be the returning champ. It's also tied with The Walking Dead for the most nominations. The Flash improved just about all of its character work in its 2nd year, and brought in even more fun rogues.  It started slow, but Jessica Jones delivered as more mature and grounded storytelling from Netflix, as well as an empowering female story. Preacher just barely made the deadline, but the ambitious AMC series is challengeling a lot of ideas. Six seasons strong and the veteran Walking Dead, still manages to bring the blood and drama in great ways.
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JonTargaryen94 - 9/19/2016, 6:37 AM
Anything Daredevil related takes my vote. Apart from Jerome, he win that category hands down.
Kvothe - 9/19/2016, 10:00 AM
this really should be a thing
RobGrizzly - 9/19/2016, 10:24 AM
Thanks, all! Working on those voting links! Polls work separately, but not in the embedded article?? ARG!!
RobGrizzly - 9/19/2016, 8:41 PM
@Stingzz - thnx! I'm calling in the big guns
Peel - 9/19/2016, 1:22 PM
Polls aren't working for me, I vote and then get sent to your user page but the page is blank, dunno what to do lol so I'll just comment my votes:

Best Supporting Actor in a comic series: Jon Bernthal (Daredevil)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comic series: Melissa McBride (The Walking Dead)

Outstanding Production Design for a comic series: The Walking Dead

Outstanding Guest Star in a comic series: John Constantine (Arrow)

Oustanding Animated comic series: Vixen (Arrowverse)

Outstanding Villain in a comic series: Agent Ward/HIVE (Agents of SHIELD)

Best Writing for a single comicbook episode: Here's Not Here (The Walking Dead)

Best Actor in a comic series: Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) - No Contest

Outstanding Actress in a comic series: Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter)

Outstanding comic series: The Walking Dead

But Game of Thrones beats all of them...
TheDayman - 9/19/2016, 5:05 PM
Best Supporting Actor: Jon Berthnal

Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Taylor

Best Production Design: The Walking Dead

Best Guest Star: Wilson Fisk

Best Animated Series: Vixen

Best Villain: Kilgrave

Best Writing: AKA WWJD?

Best Actor: Charlie Cox

Best Actress: Krysten Ritter

Best Series: Jessica Jones
Kyos - 9/20/2016, 1:33 AM

This is pretty cool, I like it! One little correction though: the guy playing Lucifer is Tom Ellis.
RobGrizzly - 9/20/2016, 7:51 AM
@Kyos - Edited. (At least I can still do that!) Thanks!
ossie85 - 9/22/2016, 4:30 PM
Great article!

Supporting actor - Jon Bernthal

Supporting actress - Elizabeth Henstridge (Simmons standed on Maveth)

Production - Agent Carter

Guest Star - Vincent D'Onofrio

Animated - Don't know

Best villain - Kilgrave

Best actor - Grant Gustin

Best actress - Krysten Ritter

Outstanding series - Jessica Jones

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