RUMOR: Sony Pictures May Be Saving Knull, The God Of Symbiotes, For A Future Crossover Movie

RUMOR: Sony Pictures May Be Saving Knull, The God Of Symbiotes, For A Future Crossover Movie

The plot has thickened when it comes to Sony Pictures' possible plans for Knull, God of the Symbiotes, as it's now said the villain is being saved for an eventual crossover movie. Read on for details...

By JoshWilding - Jun 17, 2024 01:06 PM EST
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Over the weekend, we brought you the news that Venom: The Last Dance may have plans for Knull, God of the Symbiotes. Sony Pictures arguably hasn't done enough to build to his debut, though the Venom franchise and "logic" have never exactly gone hand-in-hand.

Today, we have a counter rumour from scooper @MyTimeToShineH. Apparently, Knull isn't in the Venom threequel and is instead the studio's "ultimate villain for the spinoff-verse so they're keeping him for a crossover event."

With Tom Hardy strongly hinting that his time as Eddie Brock is over, how likely this is remains to be seen. Not helping matters is the fact Morbius flopped after setting the stage for a team-up between the Living Vampire, The Vulture, and other villains in a widely ridiculed post-credits scene. 

Madame Web, meanwhile, was standalone and it's too soon to say what will become of Kraven the Hunter

Still, building to a crossover event with Sony's Spider-Verse "heroes" assembling to battle Knull is an intriguing prospect, albeit one we don't ever expect to become a reality without someone spearheading this Marvel Universe. 

As a reminder, Knull was introduced by writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman and first appeared in 2018's Venom #3. The villain is an ancient, malevolent deity and the creator of the symbiotes, including Venom and Carnage (he also has ties to Gorr the God Butcher). 

His origin dates back to the early universe before the existence of the Celestials. He dwelled in the void, a dark space before creation, and was disturbed by the emergence of light. In response, Knull created the first symbiote, a living darkness known as the All-Black Necrosword, which he used to slay a Celestial. This act of rebellion led to his exile, during which he crafted an army of symbiotes to spread his influence.

Knull's power is immense, capable of manipulating darkness and symbiotes at will. He views himself as a God of darkness and has a profound hatred for light and life, and very nearly conquered the Marvel Universe when he returned to Earth. 


In Venom: The Last Dance, Tom Hardy returns as Venom, one of Marvel’s greatest and most complex characters, for the final film in the trilogy. Eddie and Venom are on the run. Hunted by both of their worlds and with the net closing in, the duo are forced into a devastating decision that will bring the curtains down on Venom and Eddie's last dance.

The movie stars Tom Hardy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Juno Temple, Peggy Lu, Alanna Ubach, Stephen Graham, and Rhys Ifans. Kelly Marcel directs from a screenplay she wrote, based on a story by Hardy and Marcel. The film is produced by Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, Kelly Marcel, Tom Hardy and Hutch Parker.

Venom: The Last Dance will be released in theaters on October 25.

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LSHF - 6/17/2024, 1:18 PM
They've planned (and cancelled) a few times more Marvel movies than they've actually completed.
DocSpock - 6/17/2024, 1:25 PM

Their whole SonyVerse world is one giant pile of crap.

I hope Knull is saved for later in the MCU.
dragon316 - 6/17/2024, 3:37 PM
@DocSpock - not everything marvel makes is success gold and there characters
DocSpock - 6/17/2024, 3:52 PM
@dragon316 -

I know this very well. Several things they have done in the comics, most of the D+ shows, and the last 3 year's movies just make me sick.
GeekSmarts - 6/17/2024, 9:30 PM
@dragon316 - No not everything is. But even their most mediocre jumbled messes look like The Godfather next to most of the Sony crap.
Order66 - 6/17/2024, 1:30 PM
Knull belongs in the MCU. Not some shitty ass Spider Verse.
Origame - 6/17/2024, 1:37 PM
Josh saw umbrella academy for the first time and now thinks he's the rumor.
ModHaterSLADE - 6/17/2024, 1:38 PM
As comedic as Sony made Vemon I sure AF wouldn't trust them with Knull.
StSteven - 6/18/2024, 1:23 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - So imagine if the Keystone Cops got a symbiote and there you have it. He tries to attack Venom but steps on a rake and whaps himself in the forehead knocking him out. Hilarity ensues. Cue the Benny Hill music. Knull chases Venom around a kitchen table. Venom spills a glass of milk. Knull slips and falls. More hilarity ensues. Roll credits.

There ya go. Pretty much summed it up for ya.
ModHaterSLADE - 6/18/2024, 1:27 PM
@StSteven - Yup. This isn't the same Venom I see fighting Knull.
StSteven - 6/18/2024, 3:30 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - What? The idea of Venom slipping on a banana peel or Knull getting an anvil dropped on his head doesn't excite you? How about a piano? C'mon! I'm seriously starting to doubt that you're a real fan of the SPUNK (or whatever it's called) after all 😳.
HammerLegFoot - 6/17/2024, 1:41 PM
Daniel Day Lewis as Knull
JFerguson - 6/17/2024, 1:44 PM
[frick] no. Knollwood is an Avengers level threat. He needs to go up against THE SILVER SURFER

SONY should use Morlun instead
Origame - 6/17/2024, 1:50 PM
@JFerguson - I mean, morlun is also an avengers level threat. He took on a spiderman variant that remained captain universe ffs.
JFerguson - 6/17/2024, 2:36 PM
@Origame - hmm good point. I guess to clarify. Knull as an avengers villain would be more visually interesting to see other heroes get a symbiot3! Morlun is just like a really durable vampire
Origame - 6/17/2024, 2:41 PM
@JFerguson - yeah I get that. But also, let's face it. It's sonys game. Would they let marvel touch either?
bobevanz - 6/17/2024, 1:53 PM
So he won't be in this one and this is how they backtrack their initial rumor lmao
marvel72 - 6/17/2024, 1:55 PM
Venom, Morbius, Madame Web and Kraven Vs Knull.

Should be a great movie.
DravenCorvis - 6/17/2024, 2:17 PM
So, you (through MTTSH) are telling us to ignore that baseless speculation you posted the other day, and focus on this baseless speculation?

Your professional journalism never fails to amaze me, Joshy-Boy.
BlackStar25 - 6/17/2024, 2:42 PM
One day Sony will release The Death Of The Sonyverse lives....what happened. I'd like to see all 1,000,000 plans they had for this verse...Man...I can only imagine the stories.
MarvelZombie616 - 6/17/2024, 3:47 PM
Knull (null means zero in getman) is a total uninteresting character imo.
Ha1frican - 6/17/2024, 4:26 PM
It amazes me this universe hasn’t been cancelled yet
eagc1995 - 6/17/2024, 7:24 PM
@Ha1frican - I think its fate will hinge on the success or failure of Venom 3 and/or Kraven
Ha1frican - 6/17/2024, 10:28 PM
@eagc1995 - Kraven is going to bomb for sure, but Venom I think has a chance to make money. People are wise to the Sonyverse stuff but Venom has strong brand recognition so it could go either way
eagc1995 - 6/28/2024, 9:39 PM
@Ha1frican - Yeah Venom has the better chance over Kraven.
bkmeijer1 - 6/17/2024, 4:42 PM
Saving him as for villain for the inevitable live-action Spider-Verse movie is pretty cool honestly, but that also means the next Venom movie is another Symbiote vs Symbiote movie. And that's really tiring
StSteven - 6/17/2024, 9:52 PM
I mean, the marketing tie-ins speak for themselves: who wouldn't want "Knull-tella"? Or, hell, a bag of licensed "Knull-utz"?. I'll leave it up to guys to take it from there...

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