THE LAST OF US: First Trailer For Upcoming HBO Series Promises A Faithfully Bleak Adaptation

THE LAST OF US: First Trailer For Upcoming HBO Series Promises A Faithfully Bleak Adaptation THE LAST OF US: First Trailer For Upcoming HBO Series Promises A Faithfully Bleak Adaptation

If you've played the games, you'll know that The Last of Us is not exactly a laugh a minute, and the first trailer for HBO's upcoming series definitely promises a faithfully bleak adaptation...

By MarkCassidy - Sep 26, 2022 02:09 PM EST
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When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light.

To mark #TLOUDay, HBO (via has shared an unnerving first trailer for its upcoming adaptation of Naughty Dog's acclaimed survival horror video game, The Last of Us , and there's not much light to be found here!

Set to Hank Williams’ “Alone and Forsaken,” the footage spotlights main characters Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they struggle to survive in a city ravaged by a virus which turns people into murderous, zombie-like creatures. We also catch glimpses of supporting players Tommy (Gabriel Luna), Tess (Anna Torv), Marlene (Merle Dandridge) Bill (Nick Offerman) and Nico Parker as Joel's daughter Sarah.

It's a very promising first look, and gamers should appreciate an intense tease of a scene featuring Ellie and Joel being as quiet as possible in order to avoid attracting the attention of a dreaded Clicker!

The Last of Us is set 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed and centers on the relationship between Joel, a smuggler in this new world, and Ellie, a teenager who may be key to a cure for a deadly pandemic. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle the 14-year-old girl out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey as they traverse the U.S. and depend on each other for survival.

Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and the game's creator Neil Druckmann are writing and executive producing the show. The first season will adapt the events of the original game, but is also expected to include elements of the sequel. Druckmann recently confirmed that the series will take some liberties with the story.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes and will air sometime next year, though no official premiere date has been announced.

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BORDERLANDS: Check Out The Action-Packed First Clip From Eli Roth's Video Game Adaptation

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Solarkalel85 - 9/26/2022, 2:36 PM
Looks class
ModHaterSLADE - 9/26/2022, 2:38 PM
Pascal is a good enough actor that I'm looking forward to his take on the character.
Fares - 9/26/2022, 2:41 PM
Still waiting fo the PC release to play the first one. I don't want to watch the series first.
WakandaTech - 9/26/2022, 2:46 PM
another Walking Dead just as Walking Dead is about to end
UniqNo - 9/26/2022, 2:53 PM
@WakandaTech - That show should have ended a few seasons ago. Will still check out the last episodes though.

LiteraryJoe - 9/26/2022, 3:42 PM
@UniqNo @wakandatech - Don't forget the

Maggie/Negan spin-off

Daryl/Carol spinoff

Fear The Walking Dead

Tales of the Walking Dead (which I actually recommend)

Rick and Michonne six-episode series that is replacing the planned films

Lol, AMC is Walking Dead.
UniqNo - 9/26/2022, 4:25 PM
@LiteraryJoe - Fear was a nice surprise by the time they switched it up in season 4, but the rest were/are meh.. you forgot world beyond lol. First few eps sucked so I didn't bother.

I'll check out the Rick and Michone one though.
UniqNo - 9/26/2022, 2:51 PM
It doesn't look too bad. But it reminds me of the adaption for Y the Last Man. That series wasn't too good at first but grew on me. Was dissapointed it didn't get picked up for a s2.

I suspect this will get more viewers due to the games remake and stature. But it looks expensive too. Hopefully it's good. Pascal always brings it.

Biggittyb76 - 9/26/2022, 2:53 PM
As a HUGE fan of the games, I was very interested in this but also cautiously optimistic bc I’ve seen other video game adaptations deviate from what made the games they adapted so special. This trailer alleviates all fears and elevates my excitement to a level I never thought possible. Moral of the story here should be that you hire the person who created the IP to be show runner, writer, creative director etc. That’s also why Sandman, Game of Thrones and anything Dave Filoni touches are so good.
UniqNo - 9/26/2022, 2:55 PM
@Biggittyb76 - I've never played the games, but I did all the uncharted ones from Naughty dog. Those games were class! So I can imagine this was also quite good, but I just can't do anything with horror elements. Lol. I did watch some of the cutscenes for part 2, so I'll be interested if the series goes on for a While if they'll follow through with Joe's story line there.
GhostDog - 9/26/2022, 2:53 PM
That clicker tho
cadunovaes01 - 9/26/2022, 3:12 PM
Oberyn Martell and Lyana Mormont in a road trip surrounded by zombies? I’m in
CorndogBurglar - 9/26/2022, 3:24 PM
This looks surprisingly faithful!
LongMayHeReign - 9/26/2022, 5:57 PM
@CorndogBurglar - Pretty sure that's due to Druckmann being heavily involved.
theprophet - 9/26/2022, 3:34 PM
Everything looks good but ellie...what a miscast....Pascal looks just like Joel wtf happen with Ellie??
Spidey91 - 9/26/2022, 3:37 PM
@theprophet - maybe they chose her because she act. Dunno, seems kind of important in a drama 🤷‍♂️
theprophet - 9/26/2022, 3:44 PM
@Spidey91 - I'm 100% sure there is several actresses that would fit ellie better and still can act
ComicBookPsycho - 9/26/2022, 3:59 PM
@theprophet - Not a lot of theme, that are like 16/17
theprophet - 9/26/2022, 4:07 PM
@ComicBookPsycho - Bella Ramsey is 19 don't have to be same exact age...millie Bobby brown would of been a better choice.
LongMayHeReign - 9/26/2022, 6:03 PM
@theprophet -

"millie Bobby brown would of been a better choice."

CorndogBurglar - 9/26/2022, 7:16 PM
@theprophet - Miller Bobby Brown is too old looking. Ellie was 14 in the first game,nand looked it. If you're complaining about the way this actress looks then I'm not sure how you're okay with passong off an adult actress who looks in her 20's (even though she's 18) to play a 14 year old.
theprophet - 9/26/2022, 7:56 PM
@CorndogBurglar - I was naming her as an example...there were other actresses
MarvelousMarty - 9/26/2022, 3:37 PM
Looks good. Just hope they have a finish preplanned. Don't need so many seasons that people start hating it. 2 top notch seasons, max.
DrThomasWayne - 9/26/2022, 3:38 PM
Looks seriously amazing
Demigods - 9/26/2022, 3:44 PM
Are we finally going to get a good and faithful video game adaptation?!?!?

FusionWarrior - 9/26/2022, 3:56 PM
It's literally the game brought to life right down to the familiar imagery!
bkmeijer1 - 9/26/2022, 5:59 PM
@FusionWarrior - that kinda worries me though. Many adaptations are just made up of "hey look, remember this from the game!?" moments, and don't focus on tying it together coherently.

With Mazin and Druckmann on board though, I'm already a lot less worried. Hope they can find a unique angle to this story.
CorndogBurglar - 9/26/2022, 7:17 PM
@bkmeijer1 - Welcome to Raccoon City comes to mind lol

Although I actually liked that movie and thought it was the best RE film yet.
bkmeijer1 - 9/27/2022, 4:34 AM
@CorndogBurglar - that's definitely a prime example of doing familiar moments and weaving it together with the bare minimum of a plot.

I liked it too, but I did want more of it. Last of Us deserves more though
mountainman - 9/26/2022, 4:11 PM
I only played the first one - but its one of the best games of all time in my opinion.

Pedro Pascal as Joel - YES!

Sassy girl that was overhyped from a few episodes of Game of Thrones - we will see.
DTor91 - 9/26/2022, 4:22 PM
This and Red Dead are my top two favorite video game franchises.

Everything about this adaptation has been hitting all the right notes. Getting the people behind Chernobyl was the best choice they can make, and it looks like they’re about to knock it out again. This just might break the live-action game adaptation curse.
BigDriggs - 9/26/2022, 4:25 PM
Looks great. Hope it's as amazing as the game was.
TheHumanSpider2 - 9/26/2022, 5:33 PM
Still not sold on Ellie, the rest looks PERFECT

TheSuperMex - 9/26/2022, 5:46 PM
I don’t want it to be 1:1 to the games. I would like to see some flashbacks between Joel and his brother during the first years of the outbreak.
bkmeijer1 - 9/26/2022, 6:01 PM
@TheSuperMex - I don't want a 1:1 either. I can play the game if I want to experience this great story.

I would like to see more extensive pre-outbreak too. Kinda hope the prologue isn't 10 minutes, but a whole episode.
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