FANTASTIC FOUR: Kevin Feige Shares His Thoughts On When We Could Get Casting News For Marvel's First Family

We're all anxious to learn who will play Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny in Fantastic Four, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has now shared his thoughts on when we might finally hear some casting news.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt remain fan-favourite choices to play Reed Richards and Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot, but there's still no official word on who will be cast as Marvel's First Family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, it sounds like that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight during the Black Widow premiere last night, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admitted that he's not expecting to share any news about the movie for the time being. 

"I don't think it's soon," he admitted. "You know, this is our first red carpet event in two years, we'll see what happens with upcoming gatherings and fan events where we can release more news. I hope [it's] sometime in the near future."

Marvel Studios won't be present for Comic-Con this year, so that's off the table, and we don't know if another Disney Investor Day is planned. That featured a lot of big reveals last year, and could become the norm for how the studio shares its biggest reveals (it's probably a great deal cheaper than booking a slot in Hall H, too). 

Jon Watts is directing Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios, and it's not expected to start production for a while yet, especially as the filmmaker is busy putting the finishing touches to Spider-Man: No Way Home. No plot details for this reboot have been revealed, so we don't know whether the plan is for us to get a classic version of the team or a group of teenagers à la the Ultimate Universe.

Hopefully, we'll have more to share with you about Fantastic Four soon! 

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Fantastic Four villains we want to see in the MCU!

10. Mole Man

You might be wondering why we're kicking off this list with one of the Fantastic Four's "lamest" villains, but there's actually more to Harvey Rupert Elder than meets the eye. After being rejected by "surface-dwellers" for his hideous appearance, he went underground and discovered a hidden subterranean world where he found and started to rule over the monstrous Moloids. 

A classic villain who appeared in the very first issue of Fantastic Four, pitting the team against Mole Man makes perfect sense, and it would be awesome to see the heroes battle massive creatures who rise up from beneath the Earth. There's no denying that this is a character with a lot of potential and a modern reinvention could be exactly what this franchise needs. 

Honestly, going back to basics by pitting the team against a classic baddie feels right for this reboot.

9. Annihilus

Annihilus is one of the Marvel Universe's most deadly villains and controls the inhabitants of the Negative Zone with his powerful Cosmic Control Rod. After the Fantastic Four travelled to his home, they became instant enemies and have clashed numerous times over the years (Annihilus was also responsible for the Human Torch's apparent death during one of their battles). 

The previous Fantastic Four movies really didn't take advantage of the Negative Zone, and seeing as we've already been introduced to the Quantum Realm, it wouldn't be overly difficult to tie the two locations together. Throw in the fact that that Annihilus later takes control of the universe threatening Annihilation Wave, and this movie could set the stage for future stories too.

He'd make a pretty effective big bad for the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that's for sure.

8. The Frightful Four

One compelling idea could be to pit the titular team of heroes against a team of villains.

Many bad guys have been part of the Frightful Four over the years and Jon Watts could take his pick when it comes to who he includes. The Wizard should be the leader, though, as he's been a constant throughout the team's history and his intelligence very nearly matches Reed Richards.

Trapster is also a must, while the likes of Thundra and Titania are definitely ready for their respective big screen debuts. Marvel could even reinvent some of the Fantastic Four's more obscure bad guys (Dragon Man, for example) for this group, and while four antagonists might seem like a little much for a first outing, this group is definitely one that should be utilised in the MCU one day. 

7. Doctor Doom

This is a tricky one. After all, Doctor Doom has had a prominent role in all three Fantastic Four movies, and Marvel Studios might be reluctant to head back down that route despite how popular the villain is and how much potential a comic accurate version has on screen.

If Victor Von Doom does return here, however, he absolutely should not gain his "powers" at the same time as the team because that's a lazy storytelling device we've seen far too many times now.

Instead, he should have that shared history with Reed Richards when they were in college and become the ruler of Latveria in the interim. His powers need to be rooted in magic (there's precedent for that now we've met characters like Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch), and while Doom must be introduced in this franchise, he absolutely has the potential to be a foe to the whole MCU.

6. Galactus

Remember when Galactus was a cloud? Good times, eh? Well, Marvel Studios now has the chance to make that right, and just like Doctor Doom and Annihilus, this is a character who can first make his presence felt in Fantastic Four before returning down the line to pose a greater threat to the entire MCU (so, yeah, that's three potential big bads all coming from this one franchise). 

Thinking about it, an adaptation of Galactus' first appearance in the Fantastic Four comic books would be pretty much perfect, and we know that Kevin Feige is a big fan of both him the Silver Surfer as he offered Fox the chance to keep Daredevil in exchange for those two once upon a time.

If nothing else, don't be surprised if the Surfer shows up in a post-credits scene to set the stage for a future Galactus appearance because this is a villain with unlimited potential.

5. Molecule Man

He may have served as an ally to Marvel's First Family in recent years, but Molecule Man started off as a villain and he's someone who has nearly ended the team on more than one occasion. His power levels are off the charts and he has the ability to control all matter and energy, something which would tie in nicely to Marvel's potential plans to adapt the newer version of Secret Wars

Initially, it's easy to imagine fans being disappointed about Molecule Man taking centre stage in Fantastic Four, but similar to how Marvel Studios has reinvented a whole host of B and C list villains over the years, there's no reason why they couldn't take this unhinged powerhouse and make him an A-Lister. There are plenty of great comic book arcs to turn to for inspiration, as well. 

Just like Yellowjacket in Ant-Man, this could be an unexpected, yet intriguing, choice of villain here.

4. Super-Skrull

The Skrulls first appeared in the MCU in Captain Marvel, but there was no sign of the Super-Skrull. That's because Fox previously held the rights to that character, but with the merger long complete, there's no reason why the monstrous alien can't unleash the full extent of his powers - most of which are based on the Fantastic Four's abilities - on the team in this reboot. 

Now, he's probably not interesting enough to be much more than a secondary villain, but if the Kree/Skrull War is coming to the MCU (or whatever we see in Secret Invasion), then laying the groundwork for that here by introducing some new, villainous "Super" Skrulls would be a lot of fun.

Of all the bad guys listed here, the Super-Skrull probably isn't a priority for Marvel Studios, but it would be nice to see him get the spotlight, especially as a foe to Marvel's First Family.

3. Blastaar

Annihilus is definitely a villain Marvel Studios should consider using in Fantastic Four, but if they want to take a slow-burn approach to exploring the Negative Zone, then kicking things off with Blastaar might be a smart move. One of Annihilus' many enemies, Blastaar has spent a long time competing for control of this dimension and that's led to a lot of clashes with the heroic team.

After we've spent so much time with a great alien bad guy like Thanos, Marvel Studios would have to do a lot to ensure that Blastaar doesn't come across as just another generic CGI villain, and that c ouldmean making some changes while bringing him from page to screen. With that in mind, it might actually be smarter to use him as a secondary baddie. 

Regardless, there's still a lot of purposes he could fill in that role, even just as someone for The Thing to fight!

2. Namor The Sub-Mariner

There have been rumblings that Namor is going to make his presence felt in a Phase 4, but regardless of whether that's true or not, he would make for a great lead villain in this movie. He's jumped between his hero and villain status many times over the years and has often attacked the surface world (his affections for Sue Storm also led to him kidnapping her at one point). 

Even if Marvel Studios decides not to go down the love triangle route, seeing the Fantastic Four enter the Marvel Universe's version of Atlantis would be really special. If they want to do something fresh and different with the franchise, it's hard to imagine a better way of achieving that than using this iconic comic book character as the lead villain in this planned reboot. 

From there, he could get his own solo outing or even join the X-Men given his history as a mutant. 

1. Hyperstorm

Here's where things get a little weird. Avengers: Endgame introduced the idea of time-travel, so why not make use of the future son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers? While neither of those mutants will make their presence felt in the MCU for a while, this insanely powerful character arriving in the present day from his post-apocalyptic future has a great deal of potential.

After all, it would allow Marvel Studios to tie the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises together, while also teasing what's to become of Earth if the Sentinels' mission to wipe out mutants is allowed to play out. There's no denying that Hyperstorm's introduction would be tough to pull off, but providing it's handled carefully, this choice of villain could have some major ramifications. 

We're sure the Multiverse could even factor into how this crazy storyline plays out on screen. 

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