Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are changed by cosmic rays into the superheroes known as The Fantastic Four. Reed Richards, brilliant scientist, is transformed into the elastic Mr. Fantastic. His wife, Sue Storm, can now bend light and and produce force fields as The Invisible Woman. Sue's little brother Johnny Storm now has powers that match his fiery personality as The Human Torch. Pilot Benjamin Grimm, never much to look at, but now he is a monstrous Thing --completely covered by a rocky orange hide which makes him invunerable to harm and super-strong. Together, they become the Fantastic Four. A little known B-Movie by Roger Corman was produced in 1994 and went straight to video. Then, Fox made the best attempt at the big screen in 2005, with Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans, to be followed by a sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007. Now it looks like we're in for a reboot in 2013.
FANTASTIC FOUR: Bryce Dallas Howard Responds To Rumors She Will Play Susan Storm, The Invisible Woman
Jurassic World Dominion star Bryce Dallas Howard has responded to rumours she will play The Invisible Woman in Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but should we believe the actor and director?
FANTASTIC FOUR Writer Reveals Original Story Plans Including Annihilus And Galactus As Lead Villains
Fantastic Four writer Jeremy Slater (Moon Knight) has revealed some of the original plans for the 2015 reboot, including a meeting with Annihilus and Galactus in the Negative Zone. Read on for details...
FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Enlists MOON KNIGHT Producers Grant Curtis And Nick Pepin
Moon Knight head writers Jeremy Slater has revealed that two of the Disney+ show's producers, Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin, are also working on Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.
7 Ways Marvel Studios Can Bring The FANTASTIC FOUR And X-MEN Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Fantastic Four may have just lost its director, but the movie is still on the horizon, and we have some theories for how both Marvel's First Family and the X-Men can be brought into the MCU very soon...
We're ending the day on a disappointing note as it's been confirmed that Marvel's Fantastic Four reboot has lost Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts. Find comments from him and Kevin Feige here.
FANTASTIC FOUR: 4 Heroes We'd Love To See Join The Team In The MCU (And 4 Who Shouldn't)
There's a great deal of excitement surrounding the Fantastic Four franchise, but when Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben need a helping hand, there are some heroes we want to see in the team...and some we don't!
FANT4STIC Actor Jamie Bell On Potentially Returning As The Thing: I Don't Think Anybody Wants To See That
Jamie Bell played Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, in 2015's disastrous Fantastic Four movie, and while the British actor is looking forward to the MCU reboot, he has n interest in reprising the role!
FANTASTIC FOUR Writer Reveals What Went Wrong With 2015 Reboot; Shares Dream MCU Project After MOON KNIGHT
2015's Fantastic Four reboot was an unmitigated disaster, and writer Jeremy Slater has now shared his take on what went wrong. The Moon Knight scribe also names his dream MCU project for down the line...
FANTASTIC FOUR Actor Michael Chiklis On Planned MCU Reboot: Try To Make It [Dark], You Will Fail
Michael Chiklis, who played Ben Grimm/The Thing in 20th Century Fox's original Fantastic Four movies, commented on the upcoming reboot, advising Marvel Studios not to go down the "dark and brooding" route.
FANTASTIC FOUR Star Toby Kebbell Shares Regrets About Playing A Goofy Doctor Doom In 2015 Movie
Fantastic Four star Toby Kebbell has opened up on his experience working on the 2015 movie, explaining why he believes the issues with the reboot actually started at the top. He also shares some regrets...