LOGAN Director James Mangold Didn't Struggle With The Decision To Kill Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Logan left us all in tears by killing off Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, but filmmaker James Mangold admits that the decision to end the hero's story wasn't one that posed too much of a problem to him!

Three years on, and we're still reeling from Wolverine's death in 2017's Logan. It was hard-hitting, emotional scene that punched a hole straight through all our hearts, but one filmmaker James Mangold has no regrets over. In fact, he found it easy to bring the iconic X-Man's story to an end on screen. 

Talking to ComicBook.com, the director explained that while Hugh Jackman had become synonymous with Wolverine, they both agreed that a 17 year stint as the character was more than long enough.

"It was really Hugh [Jackman] and I at first. It seemed logical, that if it were going to be his last film, that he's either going to ride off onto the horizon or die, that you need to have some kind of curtain on his story," he explained. "You either have the Shane ending where he rides off on the mountain to parts unknown, which had largely been the way his character was resolved in every preceding movie, or you'd kill him."

Mangold added that it was important to give fans closure, especially, "If you were dealing with the legacy of Hugh's many performances and many films, and trying to set this apart in some definitive way."

He admitted to having some reservations due to concerns about backlash from comic book fans, but Fox loved the idea, and Mangold rightly believed at the time that Wolverine's death would give the people who have followed his story for 17 years a reason to watch Logan as they would be witnessing," the end of a legend."

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