Velma characters that will appear in velma show on hbo max

Velma characters that will appear in velma show on hbo max

Exploring the fantastic, brilliant, original remade characters of velma, truly beautiful stuff, such wow, such wow indeed. Have I hit character limit yet?

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By Deadass - Jan 11, 2023 01:01 PM EST
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Let's talk about Velma. Velma is a show coming to hbo max, about Vellma from the scrubby doo gang. It is made by Hbo max and the dumb girl from the office. And is modern take on the origins of the scooby gang. You know why does nobody do like retired scooby doo gang? Like uh......velma's a teacher, Fred makes traps, Shaggy an adventurer, Daphne owns a company and Scooby himself is you know immortal or some shit. Anyway, contiueing on. This show is showing the origins of the scrubby doo gang.

It is a modern take, on the scooby doo gang. So naturally they all have to be unlikable sex crazed degenerate douchebags and not the lovable dorks from the originals. Truly amazing choice. Well I cut to the juicy insides. This show fights sterotypes, and is super politically awake, and you know, really twizzles my special political parts. So sterotype breaking, let's look at these sterotype breaking characters. That go against gender norms and social class, and don't potray things at face value

Shaggy is a black drug dealer

Oh sorry, my bad, I should start with the main women herself instead.


No she doesent look as good as that

Basically, Velma is an indian. She is an indian, and a nerd. So you know.....big change. Basically the show is about her, and her story, and how different her is cause you know. It wants to represent velma differently than normal as a kind funny dorky lesbian nerd, to an annoying stupid, bitchy lesbian nerd. You know big change. Personally I never felt Velma was badly represented or you know, a sterotype. But you know.

Basically its about her, like challenging the high school aswell, and being super bitchy at it aswell. Apart from that she is basically exactly the same. Which is odd considering every other character is different, and has major flaws. I suppose for Velma to be better every single other character needs to be a degenerate. Also I dont quite remember anyone treating velma differently or her being a sterotype. Nearly everyone respects her. But hey. You do, you.

Fred is a jock and has a small wee wee

This show apparently.....uh doesent like Fred. Fred has always been a lovable goofball straight man, with a passion for vans, and wearing ascots. I always admired how he broke norms as a sexy chad HUNK, hanging out with a bunch of dorks, and a talking dog. No matter how bad the situation Fred had a smile on his face, to face any horror, and always ready to crack open a trap to fight. A great man.

In this show Fred is a pathetic jockey beta male, douchbag, who the show goes to great lengths to tell us how awful he is, and small his penis is. He has no character breaking stuff, and is just rich wanka, jock sterotype that nobody likes. Clearly breaking the mold here. You know dumbing him down to his worst form. Apparently he has a dark secret, knowing this show, that means he's gay, or his cock is tiny, so breaking the mold for great storytelling.

Daphne is a cool mean girl

Ah Daphne. I always liked Daphne. She hanged out with dorks, rather than with the cheerleaders. She could kick ass when needed, and was always nice to Velma, and the gang. Here she is a mean girl as described by the show. She is asian, sells drugs, and a bit of a bitch, and also has a dark family secret. Now I never saw Daphne as a bit of a bitch, but I guess I just wasn't seeing past the sterotypes. You know Daphne, the slightly bi, kind loving kickass lady. These days of such storytelling aint good anymore, and we need to look deeper for more complex storytelling, and this show is genre breaking such tropes.

Clearly she needed to be a whore

Shaggy Rogers

Now I know what you're thinking.......Shaggy is incharge of newspapers of the high school now. Stupid. But its incredibly intelligant genre breaking. Almost as smart as making him black and a beta male and liking drugs. You know Shaggy, the lovable over eater who laughs knowing he can never get fat. An icon. A legend. This version of shaggy breaks all the norms and sterotypes of shaggy. When you see shaggy you see a slightly doozy hippie man who smokes some blunt.

So they turned stoner hippie guy into a black guy. The most generic black guy ever. I don't mean to get into politicals, but personally I think a black guy doing drugs and being a stoner is a bit more sterotypical. But this show is not racist. Shaggy in this show smokes blunt on a countinous basis, and is a beta male by his own admission. Not the uber legendery shaggy who [frick]s more than even Fred.

Oh this version of Shaggy [frick]ing sucks. He doesent even look like Shaggy. Its just some random black dude. HE DOESENT EVEN SOUND LIKE SHAGGY. THERE WAS NO ATTEMPT WHATOSEVER HERE.


Now we have the main man himself. Scooby doo. Who is not in the show, but surely they will have him. What amazing act of sterotype breaking storytelling will he get. Maybe he's an old drugged up homeless man, or a an actual dog, that mauls shaggy. Maybe he will be a chinese gay indian man called Scoob'dew the unwise. Or maybe he will eat shit or some shit. Who can say. Who can understand the ideas of such a genius show. Cant wait

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OriginalGusto1 - 1/11/2023, 7:55 PM
This is the greatest article not written and owned by Nate...ever.
OriginalGusto1 - 1/11/2023, 7:56 PM
Nate's the best...if that wasn't clear.
bobevanz - 1/11/2023, 7:56 PM
OriginalGusto1 - 1/11/2023, 8:01 PM
Also, I would like to buy Velma an affordable used mid size sedan.
OriginalGusto1 - 1/11/2023, 8:03 PM
Hell Yes it comes in orange!
CorndogBurglar - 1/12/2023, 12:26 AM
This made me laugh lol. But don't be surprised if it gets taken down. Lmao
MahN166A - 1/12/2023, 8:42 AM

This man used a picture of Low Tier God for Shaggy.
MaxPaint - 1/12/2023, 10:01 AM
This is prime old school User articles are what this site should highlight instead of tabloid news and absurd lists from Wilding.

ScaryTerry - 1/13/2023, 2:31 PM
“Maybe he will be a chinese gay indian man called Scoob'dew the unwise. Or maybe he will eat shit or some shit. “


Buddy, this was difficult to read. Need’s refinement, but that sentence slayed me.😂
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