The World's First Large-Scale DRAGON BALL Theme Park Will Be Located In Saudi Arabia

The World's First Large-Scale DRAGON BALL Theme Park Will Be Located In Saudi Arabia The World's First Large-Scale DRAGON BALL Theme Park Will Be Located In Saudi Arabia

With plans for an ambitious amusement park, there will soon be a great location to honor the legendary creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, as the world continues to grieve his loss.

By MarkJulian - Mar 26, 2024 12:03 AM EST
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With grandiose aspirations, the first Dragon Ball theme park in the world sounds like it will soon give Disney World and Universal Studios a run for its money.

Over 500,000 square meters (5.4 million square feet) and more than 30 rides and attractions are planned for the Dragon Ball theme park, which is marketed as an experience that will honor Son Goku and the other main characters that makeup Akira Toriyama's epic shonen manga.

Official advertisement for the World's Only Dragon Ball Theme Park
byu/Capitano-Solos-All inDragonballsuper

The official press release for the ambitious theme park reads:

The Saudi Arabia-based Qiddiya Investment Company has announced that it will be constructing the World’s only ever Dragon Ball theme park as part of its "Qiddiya" giga project!

The Dragon Ball theme park will boast a whopping size of over 500,000 square meters and feature seven different areas that recreate various iconic locales from the original series, such as Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus's Planet. At the park, visitors will be able to join an adventure with Goku and pals as they enjoy the world of Dragon Ball, from the very beginning of the anime all the way up through Dragon Ball Super!

This theme park will feature five state-of-the-art rides as part of a lineup of 30+ attractions! And if that wasn't already exciting enough, construction of a 70 meter-high Shenron is also planned, with this landmark containing a large-scale roller coaster inside!

In addition, there will also be fully stocked hotels and restaurants available at the park to enable fans to immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball for an entire day of fun.

“It has been a true source of pride for our company to serve as a lead creative consultant for the Dragon Ball Theme Park,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond. “Qiddiya Investment Company, Toei Animation and our team hold a shared vision to reimagine the world of entertainment and delight consumers in new, innovative ways. This theme park will do just that.”

Several fans expressed their utter dissatisfaction of Toei's choice to locate the park in Saudi Arabia, a country with a long history of abuse, mistreatment of women, and denial of rights to LGBTQ+ people. A large contingent of North American DBZ enthusiasts have voiced disappointment that the park won't be located in Japan.

Qiddiya is one of Saudi Arabia's billion-dollar megaprojects, quickly constructed artificial cities, that will be crucial to the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to establish the aspirational nation as a thriving economy, and a vibrant society.

Qiddiya aims to develop play-based destinations, activities, and projects that will improve the quality of life for both locals and visitors. The first project in Qiddiya will be Qiddiya City, a destination for amusement, sports, and culture that will be open to Saudi citizens, locals, and visitors alike. Qiddiya City will be entirely devoted to play.

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama recently passed away on March 01. The news was kept private until March 08, after his family had a private funeral ceremony.

In recent days, manga creators and fans around the world have come together to commiserate over Toriyama's untimely passing.

Cartoon Network's Toonami Recently Paid Tribute To The Late DRAGON BALL Z Mangaka Akira Toriyama

Cartoon Network's Toonami Recently Paid Tribute To The Late DRAGON BALL Z Mangaka Akira Toriyama

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RubyRhod - 3/26/2024, 12:35 AM
Are gay people and the LGBTQ community for around the world allowed to enter the Park?
Killuminatic - 3/26/2024, 12:49 AM
@WillyMuadDib - Pretty sure they don’t check for people’s gay card.
jst5 - 3/26/2024, 1:08 AM
@WillyMuadDib - How about Jewish,Christian,and any non muslim female....let's not pretend Saudi Arabia is just anti one community.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 1:59 AM
@jst5 - Last year alone they had 100 million tourists from around the world, with the number expected to be even higher this year. They're not anti-anyone, they've become very open to the rest of the world over the past half decade.
Killuminatic - 3/26/2024, 2:58 AM
@jst5 - The only thing they should be anti is idiots like you.
jst5 - 3/26/2024, 3:02 AM
@Th3Batman - They've tried to change over the last 10 years in the public eye but take it from someone who's done two military tours in the area in the early to mid 2000's and had numerous military buds who have dealt with the Saudi's in the last 10 years if you're not sunni muslim you're treated vastly different.
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 4:37 AM
@Th3Batman - You just ate that up didn’t you? Yes they claim 100 million tourists but that’s with the counting 77 million domestic tourists. And of the international tourists only 20% travelled for leisure purposes.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 5:29 AM
@WillyMuadDib - The rainbow group can't go around bothering children like they do in US blue states. They also can't take that stupid flag out in public. It also won't be a good idea to walk around naked in public. Basically all the indecent shit they do in the US should be left there.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 5:31 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - The country just started opening up to the rest of the world 5 or so years ago. It's not going to be a mega tourist destination overnight. Things are progressing in the right direction though.
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 5:50 AM
@Th3Batman - They have a looooooooong way to go.

“Women and girls remain subject to discrimination in law and in practice. The male guardianship system was enshrined into law in 2022, and means that women must have a male legal guardian - and they cannot choose who this is.”

“In 2022, Saudi Arabian authorities arbitrarily detained Ethiopian men, women and children for up to 18 months in inhumane conditions and tortured and otherwise ill-treated them before forcibly returning them to Ethiopia. They were held in overcrowded cells with inadequate access to food, water, sanitation and healthcare in two detention centres prior to their deportation. At least 12 men died.”

“Over half a million people in the city of Jeddah have been forcibly evicted and their homes demolished, to make way for luxury hotels and buildings.
A compensation scheme, announced after the demolitions, excludes foreign nationals, who make up nearly half of those impacted.”

“Protests and demonstrations are illegal. Those who defy the ban face arrest, prosecution and imprisonment on charges such as ‘inciting people against the authorities’.”
JustAWaffle - 3/26/2024, 5:52 AM
@jst5 - I did a 6mo tour in Riyadh in the mid 2000s, and I 100% agree. They still have chop chop square and the religion police rolling around, but tourists are treated differently.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 6:02 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - Please stop getting your facts from biased Western media sites.

"“Women and girls remain subject to discrimination in law and in practice."

Women have far, far more rights than they did at any point in the country's history. There is absolutely no discrimination against them now form a legal standpoint.

"In 2022, Saudi Arabian authorities arbitrarily detained Ethiopian men, women and children for up to 18 months"

They illegally crossed the Saudi boarder after being warned not to. Unlike the US, Saudi Arabia takes its security very seriously, and these people were a security threat.

"Over half a million people in the city of Jeddah have been forcibly evicted and their homes demolished"

The vast majority, if not all of these people were illegal immigrants selling drugs and forming organized crime gangs in the city. The few natives who were among them were vastly compensated for what their property was worth.

"Protests and demonstrations are illegal."

So ? not everything that's legal in the US has to be legal in every single country around the world. Have you seen the state of Arab countries that had protests in them during the Arab Spring ?
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 6:04 AM
@JustAWaffle -
@jst5 -

Things are vastly different now compared to how they were in the mid-2000s. For one thing, the religious police were abolished back in 2016. Please update your facts before spreading false information.
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 6:15 AM
@Th3Batman - Ha ha ha. Don’t trust western media and human rights organizations. Put your trust in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with their lack of freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to protest. How much of the billions they are spending on their image campaign are you getting? It doesn’t seem like zero.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 6:19 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - Westerns have freedom of speech and freedom of the press ? Can people and the media criticize Israel and Jews ?
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 6:22 AM
@Th3Batman - Yeah, like all the time lately. What have you been watching?
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 6:30 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - I've been watching people lose their jobs and get cancelled into oblivion over speaking up against those modern day Nazis.
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 6:38 AM
@Th3Batman - I have not seen much of that considering how much criticism of Israel we have seen but regardless none of those people who might have been fired were locked up. So yay freedom of speech and freedom of the press lives on. At least here.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 6:42 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - So what you're saying is that even if you lose everything, you still have freedom of speech as long as you're not put in jail ? Somehow I don't think that's what the founding father had in minds when they wrote the constitution.
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 6:46 AM
@Th3Batman - Well then somehow you’re wrong.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 6:52 AM
@TheUnworthyThor - How am I wrong ? Having freedom of speech means being able to say what you want without worrying about consequences related to that speech. There are other consequences Westerners are facing for speaking beyond just going to jail. If my speech will result in me losing my source of income and potentially not gaining future employment, then I don't have freedom of speech. Say what you want about Saudi Arabia, but their speech laws are very clear, they're not up for interpretation like they are in the West.
TheUnworthyThor - 3/26/2024, 7:03 AM
@Th3Batman - It is clear. For 250 years it has meant that the government can’t stop your speech, can’t imprison you for your speech and can’t kill you for your speech. The first amendment says nothing about freedom from consequences. Having freedom of speech does not mean nor has never meant having freedom from consequences of that speech because that would logically mean limiting other people rights.

I mean dang think about it. If I worked for a company and I said something so heinous that most costumers refused to shop at the company anymore and the company was going under you think that the government should require that company under penalty of law to continue to employ me? What madness. The opposite of freedom.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 7:17 AM
@TheUnworthyThor -

Everything you're saying here just proves my point, that Westerners don't have the freedom of speech they claim to have. I have no issue with this, as every country in the world has limitations on speech. The problem I have is the hypocrisy of Westerns attacking other countries for these limitations when they themselves are limited on what they can say. What Westerners can and can't say may differ from what Arabs can and can't say, but the end result is the same, neither has 100% freedom of speech.
RubyRhod - 3/26/2024, 12:19 PM
@Killuminatic - The last world cup 2024 was celebrated in Qatar, and the people and fans showing the LGBTQ colors on their shirts and small flags, they weren't allowed to enter the stadiums even if they had tickets for the game
RubyRhod - 3/26/2024, 12:21 PM
@jst5 - Agreed, those people in that part of the world are very close minded
RubyRhod - 3/26/2024, 12:30 PM
@Th3Batman - I honestly don't see nothing wrong if they want to show their colors flag on their shirts, like they tried at the Qatar world cup 2024, but the Security at the Stadiums didn't allowed
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 12:49 PM
@WillyMuadDib - I honestly don't see anything wrong with countries expecting visitors to respect their culture and beliefs, yet that seems to be too much to ask from the rainbow groups who insist and forcing their way of life down everyone's throats.
JustAWaffle - 3/26/2024, 1:34 PM
@Th3Batman - Whoa my man. No need to get snippy. I said that from the perspective of the mid 2000s. I’m not being malicious here. I can’t be anyway. Waffles are friendly by nature. But we do have feelings.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 2:26 PM
@JustAWaffle - I should've worded that better, sorry.
JustAWaffle - 3/26/2024, 2:45 PM
@Th3Batman - Thank you. It’s water under the bridge User Comment Image
jst5 - 3/26/2024, 3:51 PM
@Th3Batman - Bud...I have three close friends still stationed over there right now...there is zero I need to "update facts on" if you're not sunni muslim your treated vastly different over there.
jst5 - 3/26/2024, 4:03 PM
@JustAWaffle - - Yep...if someone hasn't spent time over there and by time I mean months/years they would have zero idea how it really is over there.But we got someone believing media reports...ignorance is bliss.If you're not sunni you're looked down on and treated vastly different...Saudi Arabia's legal system is sharia law.

Salman Al Saud is the one pushing for a modernized Saudi Arabia...we'll see how long that last.He has a goal of SA to be the #1 world leader by the time he's in his 60's
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 4:18 PM
@jst5 -

"if someone hasn't spent time over there and by time I mean months/years they would have zero idea how it really is over there."

I have spent years over there just recently, and I can tell you for a fact things are vastly better than what the media and your friends claims them to be.

"Salman Al Saud is the one pushing for a modernized Saudi Arabia."

You can't even get the name of the crown prince right, yet somehow claim to know what you're talking about.
jst5 - 3/26/2024, 4:36 PM
@Th3Batman - Sure seem to really want to paint Saudi Arabia in a positive light like REALLY pushing for it.

Oh damn what will I ever do...I forgot to put then Bin in there.
Th3Batman - 3/26/2024, 5:00 PM
@jst5 - "you seem to really want to paint Saudi Arabia in a positive light like REALLY pushing for it."

I'm just correcting misinformation, nothing more. It would help if you Americans would stop pretending like every non-Western country in the world is hell on earth. It's never a good idea to throw stones at people's houses when yours is made of glass.
Killuminatic - 3/28/2024, 8:02 PM
@WillyMuadDib - That’s their rules. When you go to a different country you, respect their laws and customs.
KaptainKhaos - 3/26/2024, 12:53 AM
It's kinda fun knowing there's these Saudi Billionaires out there playing Fortnite and watching Dragon Ball Z

Now if they could only create something that can actually benefit the world

Example: invest in new and innovative wildfire fighting technology.
TheOtherOn - 3/26/2024, 2:17 AM
@KaptainKhaos - "invest in new and innovative wildfire fighting technology."

How about you google how much they have invested in US alone? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pointing out at their treatment of other cultures is (rightfully) one thing but trying to act edgy and posting "smart gotcha!" comments without knowing anything is on another level... 🙄
JustAWaffle - 3/26/2024, 5:55 AM
@KaptainKhaos - I’d like to see more investment in fusion technology. If they could get to the point of building large scale reactors we could see a complete change of energy dependence. And electric vehicles might even be a sustainable option (til then I’m not convinced the grid can uphold it).
KaptainKhaos - 3/26/2024, 10:02 AM
@TheOtherOn - I'm genuinely not trying to be edgy or pulling a "gotcha"

Wildfires are a threat to everyone regardless of wealth and nothing is being done to actively combat them on a large scale
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