Everything We Learned About MARVEL'S AVENGERS And ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 From The Marvel Games SDCC Panel

Last night, Marvel Games held a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con and we've now rounded up all the biggest details and reveals about Marvel's Avengers, Ultimate Alliance 3, Iron Man VR, and more...

Comic-Con kicked off in style last night with a Marvel Games panel in Hall H which saw that division of Marvel Entertainment put the spotlight on a number of upcoming video game releases, including Marvel's Avengers, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and Iron Man VR among others.

As well as new details on playable characters, we also have intel on gameplay, collector's editions, costume redesigns, and when we can expect to see more footage from them all.

There are a lot of great reveals here, and you definitely need to check them out!

To do so (and to check out a detailed recap of the Marvel's Avengers gameplay footage shown to those in Hall H), simply click on the "View List" button below in order to check out the full article!


Ms. Marvel

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The first twenty minutes or so of the game was shown to those in attendance and not much of that has changed since those clips were shown at E3. However, it was revealed in Hall H that the prologue features narration from a young, Middle Eastern girl looking for her Ammi and Abu. 

She falls down and ends up inhaling some blue gas which is, of course, almost certainly the Terrigen Mists. This sounds a lot like Kamala Khan's origin story and it seems as if Ms. Marvel could end up playing a key role in this game, possibly even as an unexpected, playable character.

Yes, Captain America Is Dead

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Fans couldn't quite believe it when the first trailer revealed that Captain America dies in the game's prologue and assumed that it must be misdirection in some way. While that is still possible, the footage shown last night confirms that he is believed dead after that Helicarrier explodes and this loss is what's led to Earth's Mightiest Heroes disassembling after the five-year time-jump.

One of the biggest draws when it came to this game was getting to play as Captain America, so here's hoping he somehow returns as it could end up being a pretty underwhelming adventure if not.

There's Going To Be A Collector's Edition

Comic book fans didn't respond well to the redesigned Captain America costume in the game's first trailer, and it now makes sense why the developers said that they wouldn't make any changes to that moving forward. The special edition of Marvel's Avengers will come bundled with Cap in his fugly costume, and, well, it's hard to imagine many people out there rushing to pick this up next year.

The Footage Will Be Released Online Soon


Only snippets of gameplay footage were shown at E3, but an entire 20 minutes was screened last night and while we already know how the prologue plays out from the trailer, it sounds like the game will be a lot of fun to play as we jump from hero to hero. Everyone seems to agree that the graphics have improved massively and that's evident from the above shot of Black Widow.

As for when we'll get to see this gameplay, it will reportedly be released online a week after Gamescom and that takes place from August 20th - 24th so expect to see it in early September. 

Alternate Costumes

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Not a fan of the redesigned costumes for The Avengers? Well, we have some good news for you. There will be plenty of alternate options to be unlocked and some that were shown to those in attendance include Iron Man's "Original Sin" armour, Black Widow's classic comic book costume, a Viking Thor, Planet Hulk/Mr. Fixit Hulk, War Machine, and some original signs.

That's said to be just the tip of the iceberg and should make a lot of gamers out there very happy.


More Playable Characters


Ultimate Alliance 3 is right around the corner and it was confirmed during the panel that Loki is going to be a playable character. Elsa Bloodstone's name was also mentioned in passing, while the game reportedly has around 30 playable heroes and villains upon release. It was also said that some upcoming free DLC will add Cyclops and Colossus to proceedings which should be good fun. 

With any luck, we'll have a full list of characters in the game at some point in the next few weeks.

Future DLC Packs


There will, of course, be some DLC for the game and that's reportedly coming in three chapters. Specifics weren't revealed but each of them are going to include a number of fan-favourite characters.

There's an X-Men pack coming with even more mutants, a Fantastic Four pack with those characters, and Marvel Knights which will feature the likes of Moon Knight, Punisher, Morbius, and Blade.


How The Project Came Together


VR games haven't been quite the hit some initially expected but Iron Man VR looks like it should be a lot of fun. Apparently, Camouflage Games struggled to convince Marvel to let them move forward with the project and much of that had to do with ensuring it feels like Iron Man.

Iron Man VR is actually playable at Comic-Con and according to those who have tried it out, the demo consists of players stepping into Tony Stark's repulsor boots and battling some drones.

Iron Man's Armour


Apparently, Tony Stark's 1970's set adventures like "Demon in a Bottle" inspired the game, hence why the hero is decked out in a modernised version of that armour designed by Adi Granov. 

As you can see, it looks really cool and had Marvel Studios chosen to stick a little closer to the comic books with their movies, you could easily picture this working in a live-action setting too.

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