AVENGERS: THE KANG DYNASTY Taps ANT-MAN 3 Writer Jeff Loveness To Pen Script

AVENGERS: THE KANG DYNASTY Taps ANT-MAN 3 Writer Jeff Loveness To Pen Script

We recently learned that Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton has been enlisted to helm Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Jeff Loveness is now on board to pen the script...

By MarkCassidy - Sep 14, 2022 05:09 PM EST
Source: Deadline

The next installment in Marvel Studios' block-busting superhero team-up franchise, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, has found a writer in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania scribe Jeff Loveness.

The project was officially announced at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton signing on to helm shortly after.

All we do know about the next Avengers film is that it will focus on Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror, who will have an important part to play over the next two phases of The MCU. Majors actually debuted as another "Variant" of the character, He Who Remains, in the season finale of Disney+'s Loki, and is expected to have a significant role in the third Ant-Man movie. So, it only makes sense that Loveness would be enlisted to continue the villain's story.

Loveness made his name as a writer on mega-popular animated series Rick & Morty, which seems to have become a training ground of sorts for the MCU, with She-Hulk's Jessica Gao and Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Michael Waldron previously snapped up by the studio.

Cretton recently signed an overall deal with Marvel Studios, and is also developing a live-action Wonder Man series that he will exec produce and possibly direct, as well as a Shang-Chi sequel.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is set to hit theaters on May 2, 2025, with Avengers: Secret Wars following on Nov. 7, 2025. No writer or director has been attached (that we know of) for the latter, but Black Panther: Wakanda Forever filmmaker Ryan Coogler is rumored to be in the running.

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MisterDoctor217 - 9/14/2022, 5:51 PM
😕😕😕 okay I guess

What’s wrong with bringing back the Infinity Wat and Endgame directors?
MisterDoctor217 - 9/14/2022, 5:51 PM
@MisterDoctor217 -

I mean writers
HagridsHole1 - 9/14/2022, 6:04 PM
@MisterDoctor217 -

Maybe they don’t actually want to do it, for a start. There could be a host of reasons.
QuietStorm - 9/14/2022, 5:53 PM
Repian - 9/14/2022, 5:55 PM
And the screenwriter of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? He could explore the motivations and mind of a timeless man. "The Mandarin" was great and worthy.
bkmeijer1 - 9/14/2022, 6:07 PM
@Repian - maybe working on Wonder Man, Shang-Chi 2 and/or the Shang-Chi spin-off show?

Gotta agree though, The Mandarin was great. Everything from motivations to dynamics with the world and characters around him.
StSteven - 9/14/2022, 7:25 PM
@bkmeijer1 - For me, being married to a Chinese woman and having her parents pretty involved in our lives (although thankfully living in their own place (don't tell them I said that but when they lived with us for 7 months after they immigrated over it was... not pleasant - but I digress)), Shang-Chi hit a lot of the right notes as far as the writing, characters, family dynamic, etc. goes (at least based on my wife's feedback). All the mythical creatures that they had and especially the relationships and such was very well done, so I'm very interested to see what else this creative team can come up with.

I believe that it's been suggested before, but to reiterate: I would totally love a D+ show in the vein of "Kung Fu" with Shang-Chi having embraced his role and given up his job as a car attendant (probably Katy as well) and sort of wandering Asia/Europe helping to deal with problems/bad guys in a more serialized fashion until he gets the call for the next Avengers team up. I mean, Feige just said that the Avengers are no more in the MCU (for the time being), so it would make sense that Shang-Chi would go that route. Plus the wandering martial arts artist trope is one that Marvel hasn't explored yet, and Marvel seems pretty intent on exploring every genre of entertainment known to man at this point, so why not?
bkmeijer1 - 9/15/2022, 4:45 AM
@StSteven - one of the first movie's qualities were definitely the interactions.

As for that plot, I kinda hope that's what Shang-Chi 2 will be instead. I think the show will be about his sister, although I guess you could also have the same premise but with her instead.
StSteven - 9/15/2022, 5:08 PM
@bkmeijer1 - Okay, I see you point about S-C2 and that would be a good way to go. I mean, logically, after you get the 10 rings do you just put them in a drawer and then go back to parking cars? I wouldn't.

Now on to your other point, and it gave me some food for thought: what about if now that his sister is in control of the 10 Rings, we see a show about that? Like about the rival clans trying to gain power and she has to try to maintain what she inherited from their father while trying to acquire more territory under the name of the 10 Rings. Almost like a GoT meets The Godfather. We already saw some of that in S-C1 with how Wenwu dealt with the rival gangs, so we know that they are still out there. Dude, I would watch the hell out of that, especially binging it on a Sunday afternoon with a case of beer and a HUGE plate of nachos. Bring it on!
bkmeijer1 - 9/15/2022, 5:30 PM
@StSteven - those rival gangs probably come with a plethora of problems that the new Ten Rings leader has to deal with, so it would be fun to see Xialing pay every one of them a visit (and preferably beat 'em all up).
StSteven - 9/15/2022, 8:08 PM
@bkmeijer1 - While it was nice to see the MCU delve into the old skull Chinese opera stuff (calls vs. clans, etc.) they could really blow it out in a D+ series (and that might be just what they are planning). AS I mentioned in a different post, Marvel is (I thin anyway) at a point where they can branch out into pretty much any cinematic territory that they want and they know that at least most of us are going to watch it because they've established the quality of the brand. Sure, it might not always measure up to some people's standards, but let's catch our breaths for a minute and do a reality check: if the trailers are an accurate portrayal of what "Werewolf by Night" will be like, then they are actually doing a B&W old skool horror movie in the same vein as the old Universal monster movies. I mean, who does that? I'm not trying to heap tons of praise on MS here and sound like a shill, but I'm just saying that if they're Coll with going full old skool were-wolf on us, I don't thin that they'd have a problem going old skool "Asian-rival-gangs-fighting-for-control-with-lots-of-kung-fu" either, so anything's possible.
StSteven - 9/15/2022, 8:09 PM
@StSteven - Jesus spell-check really killed me on that last post 👹
bkmeijer1 - 9/16/2022, 3:55 AM
@StSteven - that would definitely be the direction I wanna see this going in as well. Marvel Studios is releasing so much, they can do so much and still keep making enough that can be enjoyed by the more mainstream audience.
StSteven - 9/18/2022, 12:50 AM
@bkmeijer1 - Right. To reference another point that I made in another post: it does seem that Marvel Studios is building what you can consider a "cinematic comic book store". And by that I mean that they are getting to the point that they will have so many different genres of shows/movies that it will literally be like walking into a digital comic shop (via D+/theaters). So for me, as a kid I was collecting the X-books, Spidey (of course), Punisher, and GR mainly. I never really got into the cosmic or supernatural stuff, but I always enjoyed when they crossed over into my titles. And I don't think I ever bought a single Avengers title.But, hey, that was my preference at the time.

So when the MCU came about, it was like a comic shop that only sold Avengers titles. But REALLY GOOD Avengers titles. So we were all on-board. But now MS is diversifying to the point that if the cosmic side is your thing, they got you covered. You want horror? (Ahem) WWbN. And on and on.So I say all that to say that if you say "I want Marvell's version of "Kung-Fu"", I'm pretty sure they're going to say "No problem. It's on it's way". Again, I don't mean to give them too much credit, but they've been pretty solid (as far as I'm concerned anyway) so far, so I'm optimistic as to what they're going to do in the future.
bkmeijer1 - 9/18/2022, 5:39 AM
@StSteven - that is a great comparison. Didn't think about it that way.

Just like the comics, it is becoming a full-time job to keep with everything. And that isn't feasible anymore, so we do indeed have to start giving preference to what we really do wanna see.

Not everything is for everyone anymore, and that is fine.
bkmeijer1 - 9/14/2022, 6:05 PM
I was kinda expecting Markus & McFeely to be tapped as writers, but I guess Marvel already has enough faith in Loveness too.

Loveness hasn't proven himself yet to the audience unlike Markus & McFeely, but I guess him already having writing Kang might work in his favour.
thewanderer - 9/14/2022, 6:16 PM
@bkmeijer1 - I’d love to see Markus and McFeely back at some point but I also imagine they are in demand these days.
bkmeijer1 - 9/14/2022, 6:28 PM
@thewanderer - yeah, I think they're pretty much writing everything the Russos do already.

Who I also thought of as potential writers are McKenna & Sommers. They're less in demand, and they sure proved with No Way Home they can tell a big, multiverse story that still has strong character arcs.
mountainman - 9/14/2022, 6:07 PM
Since Ant Man 3 will be our first big exploration of Kang this makes sense. I’m holding out hope this is better than the first 2 Ant Man movies.
bkmeijer1 - 9/14/2022, 6:09 PM
@mountainman - honestly, it's gonna be hard for Quantumania to top the first two for me. I really like them for their small-scale adventures and particular sense of humour, and right now I have a feeling Quantumania is going in a different direction (i.e. another Avengers-level threat).
ShimmyShimmyYA - 9/14/2022, 6:15 PM
@bkmeijer1 - it’s definitely looking like the true prelude to the real multiverse saga
mountainman - 9/14/2022, 6:15 PM
@bkmeijer1 - I liked the first one, and thought the second was good too. I just never seem to go back to them. All the characters are very likable and it is a different type of MCU movie. The second one just fell a bit flat for me. I’m hoping 3 isn’t too big, but Kang should be the best villain in the series. I felt that Yellowjacket and Ghost were both fairly weak and the movies were carried by the heroes.
bkmeijer1 - 9/14/2022, 6:25 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA @mountainman - I'm definitely looking forward to it because of Kang, although I wouldn't have minded it if it had a smaller villain and wasn't a Kang Dynasty prelude.

In Quantumania's defense, maybe it's as much of a Kang Dynasty prelude as the first Guardians of the Galaxy was an Infinity War-prelude. And I loved that one too.
mountainman - 9/14/2022, 6:30 PM
@bkmeijer1 - I’m thinking it’ll still be fairly smaller scale vs an avengers movie. No non-Ant Man characters are expected to show up. I bet we see Cassie as Stature in this and maybe Hank and/or Janet suit up. Even a large ant family can’t take down too big of a threat. Maybe they take down another Kang variant and the one in Dynasty is more of the Conquerer.
bkmeijer1 - 9/14/2022, 6:35 PM
@mountainman - that's kinda what I'm expecting as well, that it's not THE Kang the Conquerer we're getting in Quantumania. Or atleast not as the main villain.

I wouldn't be surprised if MODOK is the big bad in this movie, and the Kang we see is actually Immortus just hanging out in the Quantum Realm our insect-themed superheroes meet along the way.
mountainman - 9/14/2022, 6:54 PM
@bkmeijer1 - Makes sense. Kang will likely be the puppet master rather than the main villain. Even if he doesn’t look 100% comic accurate with the face covering, having MODOK in a hollywood movie is wild.
TheWalkingCuban - 9/14/2022, 7:41 PM
@bkmeijer1 - A lot of people don’t like part two for whatever reason, but I think if they watched it again they would realize it’s really good. I hate to say this, Recent movies might actually make it look even better. I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of it or anything, but an unfortunate byproduct nonetheless. I want to say that a big part of it is because yes Ant-man is humorous but it’s like an actor versus a standup comic, Paul Rudd is not a standup but he is a natural comedian. Benedict Cumberbatch to me is not, And Chris Hemsworth is but he isn’t. Paul Rudd simply is. And the writing is not just not bad, it’s good, the only thing I didn’t like was Luis trying to be responsible but with the same personality, something didn’t click
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