BATGIRL Star Leslie Grace Shares New Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Shelved Movie

BATGIRL Star Leslie Grace Shares New Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Shelved Movie BATGIRL Star Leslie Grace Shares New Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Shelved Movie

Batgirl star Leslie Grace has taken to social media to share some new behind-the-scenes footage from the now cancelled DC Comics movie. See Barbara Gordon in action after the jump...

By MarkCassidy - Sep 25, 2022 07:09 PM EST
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Leslie Grace has taken to social media to share some new behind-the-scenes footage from the now cancelled Batgirl movie.

The video is only just over 20 second long, but it does give us a brief glimpse of Grace as Barbara Gordon trading blows with a foe (possibly Brendan Fraser's Firefly). The rest of the footage is mostly comprised of the actress training for her role and shots from the makeup chair.

Warner Bros. Discovery's decision to shelve the HBO Max film when it was already so deep into post-production came as a massive surprise to everyone, and is still being discussed weeks after the news broke. The studio received quite a bit of backlash for the move, but the chances of David Zaslav giving in to fan-demand and releasing Batgirl are very slim.

So, these type of videos from Grace and the rest of the cast may be our only chance to catch a glimpse of something from the movie.

It's a shame Grace may not get the chance to suit-up as Gotham's other Caped Crusader again, although a recent report indicated that Warner Bros. Pictures Group chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy had reached out to the In The Heights star and are "entertaining the possibility of having her continue to play Batgirl in a future DC film.”

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Mugens - 9/25/2022, 7:26 PM
I guess this is as close is we'll liable to ever get to seeing this film. Stupid move by the new studio heads, but it is what it is, I guess.
Urubrodi - 9/25/2022, 7:30 PM
Here's hope WB comes up with an actual plan rather than the old throw stuff at the wall approach.
ObserverIO - 9/26/2022, 4:27 AM
@Urubrodi - Joker 2.
Constantine (2004) 2.

No dice. Same "plan" as before.
Urubrodi - 9/26/2022, 5:24 AM
@ObserverIO - I don't mind them doing some standalone movies every now and then but as far as their interconnected universe is concerned they should think of some overall "saga".
ObserverIO - 9/26/2022, 6:09 AM
@Urubrodi - I see no light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed.

Hopefully Mr. Z can find a Feige. If not maybe Universal or Paramount will step in and fix things. Although their recent track records with shared universes is not good. Paramount could have had a Hasbro universe by now (and even announced intentions of doing one years ago) and Universal keep effing up their Monsters universes (they had three false starts and then failed to capitalise on the success of The Invisible Man).

Yet there is always hope.
GhostDog - 9/25/2022, 7:32 PM
Leak it
AmazingFILMporg - 9/25/2022, 7:43 PM
When black Adam bombs it will be back to the drawing board for DC😬
dracula - 9/25/2022, 7:59 PM
@AmazingFILMporg - good I guess, most do want a fresh start building off the batman
AmazingFILMporg - 9/25/2022, 9:30 PM
@dracula -

I don't.

Leave Batman alone🤝🥲
CorndogBurglar - 9/26/2022, 6:13 AM
@dracula - I don't think "most" want a fresh start building off The Batman. I think most people do want a fresh start. But The Batman was a VERY divisive film. Judging by social media comments there are a lot of people that liked it, but also a lot of people that didn't.
ObserverIO - 9/26/2022, 6:13 AM
@AmazingFILMporg - *Britney.
ObserverIO - 9/26/2022, 6:14 AM
@CorndogBurglar - Why did some not like it? Too long?
CorndogBurglar - 9/26/2022, 6:33 AM
@ObserverIO - No. There's a lot of criticism about Pattinson right out of the box. A lot of people I've seen hated the idea of him being Batman before it even came out, so they are basically just hating. A lot of it is because of his history with the Twilight series, and others say he was too small. Both silly arguments and unfair.

Some people didn't like that Batman didn't really solve anything on his own, and that Gordon, and even that random police officer in the one scene basically had to point Batman in the right direction for everything.

Some people say the more detective route was boring.

The overall art direction of the costumes.

I've seen a lot. Any time a Facebook article is posted its full of comments from people talking trash about it. They have people defending it too, but that's why I say it's divisive. There always seems to be a lot of people that liked it and a lot that didn't.

And I consider Facebook a decent look into the general audience's opinion. It's not like here where most people liked it. On Facebook you get all kinds of people, and while most probably haven't ever read a comic in their lives, the general audience is what these movies make their money off of.
ObserverIO - 9/26/2022, 7:17 AM
@CorndogBurglar - A lot of that does sound nitpicky, but it also gives a general sense of how people are responding to the material. Whether their criticisms are fair or not they're basically communicating that they didn't like it.

Most of those things don't really matter when going forward with the franchise (except for those who don't like the casting of Pattinson), so maybe they'll be more responsive (in a positive way) if DC builds an entire universe out of it.
I remember Man of Steel was really divisive for a lot of things that were important to the character, but audiences were still willing to give BvS a chance, hoping that some of these things would be course-corrected.

There doesn't seem to be much that needs course correcting in terms of world-building and character in The Batman (again with the exception of those who didn't like Pattinson as Batman), so if a universe were to be built out of it maybe those who didn't like it would get on board for a sequel.

I think one of the biggest failings of DC in general is that they're all over the place, so if they did focus on one universe and Pattinson's Batman was included, I think those who didn't like him and those who were critical of The Batman as a film might overlook their concerns.
SethBullock - 9/25/2022, 7:45 PM
Looks like cosplayers in a cheap fanfilm, too CWish, not surprised it was cancelled.
marvel72 - 9/25/2022, 7:55 PM
This movie must have been shit to be canned.
Origame - 9/25/2022, 9:12 PM
@marvel72 - really shows the quality of this film that they'd rather stick with Ezra Miller.
MyCoolYoung - 9/25/2022, 10:13 PM
@Origame - or it shows they have a horrible ownership that they stuck with Ezra and has never condemned his behavior. Has nothing to do with Batgirl
Origame - 9/26/2022, 4:21 AM
@MyCoolYoung - mean like how they made him go to rehab as a condition for just being part of the press tour?
LilJimmy - 9/25/2022, 8:14 PM
This movie would have been awful.

I have zero faith in WB superhero movies.
TheVengeance - 9/25/2022, 10:16 PM
@LilJimmy - why? TDK Trilogy is best in the genre. Aquaman was MCU quality. Wonder Woman was MCU quality. Joker was amazing. The Batman is TDK Trilogy quality. Oh TDK Trilogy quality equates to better than Marvel.
Slotherin - 9/25/2022, 11:03 PM
@LilJimmy - I'm sure you hated em but honestly I liked both Suicide Squad films and Birds of Prey (yes, seriously and I can list why) and I thought Shazam, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were solid enough entries along with BvS (flaws all considered) to warrant continuing. I feel it's a shame that WB couldn't have more faith in themselves however and seem to shoot for the foot on certain things.
Urubrodi - 9/26/2022, 7:38 AM
@TheVengeance - "TDK Trilogy quality equates to better than Marvel" let's agree to disagree. Batman Begins is a good movie, nothing more nothing less. Dark Night Rises is disappointing in many levels. The Dark Knight is indeed above average, but I personally would rank it below a few MCU movies, but just my opinion. Aquaman is equivalent to Thor 1 level for me, so yeah it is on MCU lvl, but doesn't mean is anywhere near the top. Wonder Woman is also not that special, Captain America 1 is a better movie for example. But these 2 although not bad are exceptions, their interconnected universe is all over the place.
TheVengeance - 9/26/2022, 12:29 PM
@Urubrodi - you’re a hilarious marvel stooge. Batman begins is the best superhero origin movie of all time, along with superman 1978. Basically everything there after kind of copied it. Iron Man takes so much from Batman begins. Including the time jump narrative device. The dark Knight is just a good movie? Lol it’s widely considered one of the best blockbusters of all time, if not movies of all time, hugely influential. From plotting, scripting, score, acting leaps and bounds better than anything in most of these marvel movies. You can make the case the dark Knight rises it’s disappointing given that it had to follow one of the greatest movies of all time, but it’s the best third movie in the trilogy of all time about one character. Captain America won his average at best, at best. At times ridiculously cheesy and cartoony. Captain America winter soldier is better but it to apes so much from the dark Knight it’s not even funny, and then Civil War, not even really a captain America movie. It’s basically avengers 2.5. The first avengers movie while entertaining, ridiculously overrated. Has the quality of a made for TV movie. Avengers two is an absolute dog shit. Avengers endgame is ridiculous cheese, chock-full of the most gaping plot holes, and really is just fan service fellatio to their previous movies. The Spider-Man movies are pretty good. The rest? Overrated dog shit
Urubrodi - 9/26/2022, 1:05 PM
@TheVengeance - I did say that I consider The Dark Knight above average, I do not disagree that is among the best but I wouldn't put at the top. I completely disagree on Batman Begins, it's good but best origin of all time? And then to insinuate that is better than Iron Man? Lol. The first Avengers movie has the quality of a made to TV movie? Look it's clear that we have completely different views on CBMs and I could go on on how I disagree with almost all your other points, but it's not gonna get us anywhere.
Vigor - 9/25/2022, 8:23 PM
I've not been following this much closely. But after watching that video-- wow she is a beautiful actress
grif - 9/25/2022, 8:24 PM
Knightrider - 9/25/2022, 8:37 PM
Must suck to have a movie cancelled, but the more of this movie I see the less it appears to be of any quality.
The suit, granted not how it would look it movie, looks cheap. The training looks amateurish and looks like person in the role wasn’t adding muscle for the role and tone seems like it was leaning toward Batman and Robin territory.
Of course, we will never know for sure.
Slotherin - 9/25/2022, 11:08 PM
@Knightrider - Barbara's typically been drawn or animated as fairly lithe and that's what I see.
Not sure why she should need to add much muscle
Drewwright816 - 9/25/2022, 8:39 PM
I’d rather wash my eyes with onions
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