EDITORIAL: In Defense Of Ben Affleck As Bruce Wayne/Batman In SUPERMAN/BATMAN

As usually with a casting going on in a comic book movie, fans are outraged and mad with it. Recently Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman. Fans hate it but LEVITIKUZ loves it. Since fanboys are angry, LEVITIKUZ defends Ben Affleck as Batman. Click to check it out.

Do any of you know what the definition of insanity is? It’s when you do something over and over and over expecting different results. If I had to describe this site in one word, it would be insanity. If this site was a bar and I was the owner, cipher would be the bartender, and then I would literally kick most of you out for starting fights and insulting people. By the end of it with all the fighting that went on it the bar, I would have to shut down to the amount of damages y’all caused. Seriously fanboys don’t change or evolve. We are at the same place like what 6-8 months ago with the set photos of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ben Affleck has been cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman for Superman/Batman and like with every casting in a comic book movie, fanboys and fangirls are PMSing over the news. Fanboys are petitioning to the [frick]ing White House to have Warner Brothers drop Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Seriously? Y’all need to do stuff with your life. Of course my reaction is: I love it. I really never hated on a casting ever. When Woodley was cast as Mary Jane for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 I didn’t love or hate it, I was more interested to see what she does as MJ and of course fanboys hated this casting because they didn’t think Woodley looked like MJ from the comics that they jerk off to daily. When Jamie Foxx was cast as Electro, I loved it mostly because Django Unchained is one of my favorite movies and I loved Jamie in that and of course fanboys were outraged because Electro is white in the comics and not black even though I’ve never heard anyone say “Yea Electro is my favorite Spider-Man villain”. When Tom Hardy was cast as Bane for The Dark Knight Rises I didn’t really have an opinion because I didn’t know him but when I saw the first photo of Bane, I thought he looked badass and of course fanboys complained about Hardy as Bane. My point is you guys need to learn to wait before you start going off. So Affleck is Batman/Bruce Wayne, I love it, fanboys hate it, so once again I’m going against the fanboys and defending and stating why Ben Affleck is a great pick for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Ben Affleck Wasn’t Bad As Daredevil…

I didn’t start liking or even knowing Marvel Comics until 2003. That year 3 films came out that interested me: Daredevil, X-Men 2, and Hulk. Now if you’re why I didn’t see or know Marvel in 2002 with Spider-Man, it was because I was a big Star Wars fan and kid growing up and I didn’t care about any other film besides Star Wars: Episode 2. Now back on topic. My favorite movie was probably Hulk. I was hyped for that movie the most out of the 3. I will say it’s not the right movie for a 10 year old kid to watch if he wants to just see Hulk smash but I enjoyed and do now. Now I did like Daredevil. Looking back I still like it. Sure for me Elektra and Bullseye seemed weird in the film but for me I loved Ben Affeck’s Matt Murdock and Michael Clarke Duncan’s Kingpin (RIP big guy). Now am I a huge Daredevil fan? No. Am I the type of person you should ask Daredevil related questions to? No. I am a Daredevil fan. Read some of his comics and currently read Waid’s run but I’m not the type of guy to be asked Daredevil questions. I would fit more into Batman & Hellboy. So how do I defend this point? I called up a friend, so to speak. An old member who used to come on this site and knows his shit. BattlinMurdock. For those of you that don’t know, BattlinMurdock was one of the smartest members of the site. He wrote editorials and I will say his editorials were better than mine. Now BattlinMurdock is a big film buff and he’s a big Daredevil fan. He even wrote his own Daredevil Trilogy screenplays which you can view here view here. The thing about him is he’s honest. He wouldn’t lie because he has no reason to. Now BattlinMurdock was not a huge fan of Man of Steel. He saw it, didn’t like it. So I asked BattlinMurdock for a quote. What does a film expert who is a big Daredevil fan think about Ben Affleck as Daredevil back in 03 and Ben Affleck as Batman in Superman/Batman:

"There are things the Daredevil movie gets wrong. Lots of things. But there are also lots it gets right, in correlation to the character. The issue with the movie is that it has to sell toys. Which means lots of Daredevil. Lots of Daredevil being quiet and fighting mute. Lots of Daredevil being Batman-esque, really, with more intimidation and less stealth. That's a 'body' character; and it's a character Affleck fits very appropriately. The best parts of Daredevil come from the Murdock side. Affleck is a terrific Murdock. He never misses a beat. His delivery is always on point. He's charming, handsome, not overly-brooding... He's 100% what Matt Murdock is in the Bendis/Brubaker/Waid runs.

I'm on the Affleck for Batman train because he's a thinking actor; he knows what separates layers from characters, which makes him a strong director. So, if you're trying to hamper anticipations with Batman vs. Superman just because of Affleck's performance in Daredevil, you're incredibly off-base. With better writing (which I doubt we'll get with Goyer), Affleck could end up being the best Bats of all."

So if a film expert who is a big Daredevil fan thinks Ben Affleck was a good Matt Murdock/Daredevil, why should I listen to your opinion or care for it? Special thanks to BattlinMurdock for the quote.

...And Ben Affleck Shouldn’t Be Hated On For Films From 10 Years Ago…

Most people have referenced Jersey Girl, Pearl Harbor, Gigli and other of Ben Affleck’s less successful films as to why he can’t be Batman. To that I say, really? Referencing films he did 10 years ago? 10 years ago Robert Downey Jr was a crackhead. Let’s look at some shitty films by great actors. Let’s start off with Marvel’s poster boy, Robert Downey Jr, since I’m talking about him. RDJ was in The Shaggy Dog, Air America, Gothika, Friends & Lovers, the list goes on.

I don’t want to list all these actors with crappy movies so let’s go to my main point. Al Pacino, Al mutha[frick]ing Pacino, the actor who played Michael Corleone in Godfather& Tony Montana in Scarface, was in the Adam Sandler comedy Jack & Jill. Al Pacino. If Al Pacino could be in a film that terrible then can’t I say he’s a bad actor now? I don’t personally believe that but the way some of you guys go, you focus on the bad and not the good. Speaking of the good…

…Ben Affleck Has Been Killing It Lately

Ben Affleck may have had some crappy movies, but he’s been killing it lately. Affleck starred in Hollywoodland, State of Play and others. He directed Gone Baby Gone. He also directed and starred in Argo & The Town. Affleck has 2 Oscars: one Oscar for best screenplay in Good Will Hunting, which is from a while ago, and one Oscar for best film of the year in Argo. Ben Affleck was nominated for awards with his performance as George Reeves in Hollywoodland also for his performance as Doug MacRay in The Town and for Tony Mendez in Argo. Why do we doubt a man who has been doing some of the best work of his life recently? Most of you prefer some Teen Wolf actor or a Stuntman over this? Get out of here.

Ben Affleck Will Likely Write & Direct The Batman Reboot…

This is what I love about this casting. One of the issues I had with whoever is Batman in Superman/Batman is when he is in a Batman spinoff, will he and the director of the Batman reboot be good friends in a way. One problem I have with Marvel Studios is they drop the director after a film. I’m not a fan of that. Let’s be honest here, Jon Favreau should have directed Iron Man 3. The man did Iron Man, Iron Man 2, let him finish up the series he started on. Truthfully I would have preferred Joe Johnston back to direct Captain America: The Winter Solider. I like who they got and how it’s looking but I would have liked to see Joe at it again. So like how Marvel humps and dumps their directors during a series, DC usually sticks with one. Its likely Snyder will continue to direct all the Superman films with Cavill starring in them. So with this new Batman I was wondering since Snyder is picking him, will he get along with the Batman Reboot director since he never really picked him for Batman and is stuck with him? Now I don’t have to worry about that because the actor who is playing Batman is a director and will likely director the Batman Reboot.

So having Affleck direct a Batman Reboot is great. He was my pick for a Daredevil reboot to star and direct but I’m good with him as Batman. Affleck can do crime dramas if you look at The Town which is a great film. I have full confidence in Affleck doing a Batman film. All I ask is that you do Riddler in a film because Riddler needs some movie love. Batman Forever does not count. That was Jim Carrey in a one piece spandex suit, acting like the Joker. It also means Goyer likely won’t be writing the Batman Reboot. Affleck and his team will. I am pleased with that.

…And Likely Write And Be Involved In JUSTICE LEAGUE

This is what gives confidence in Justice League. Let’s be honest, Snyder will direct it. I don’t mind that. He’s a good director when he has a good script. What my problem is the script. Will Beall wrote a Justice League script. It was hated on at WB, leaked, and it sucked. Rumor has it, David S Goyer will write Justice League and that’s a problem. Goyer isn’t a great writer. More importantly, he can’t write women. Considering how Wonder Woman is DC’s third biggest superhero, we need someone who can write women. Now I’m not saying Affleck’s a pro at writing women or anything like that but he can write women better than Goyer and is a better writer than him. Listen Affleck is WB’s golden boy, he will be in that writing room when they are writing Justice League and I’m happy with this. Affleck is a comic book fan and a great film writer so yea this is great news.

He’s A Comic Book Fan

Ben Affleck has said he’s a big comic book fan. He said that as a kid he was a big fan of comic books. He said his favorite superhero was Daredevil which is a reason he played Daredevil in the film. He said his favorite Daredevil run was the Frank Miller run. That’s really all I have to say. I don’t dive into this point to much because well it’s a fact. Affleck is a big comic book fan.

Comic Book Fans Opinions Do Suck And Are Wrong Most Of The Time

Yes this is true. Comic book fans are wrong most of the time when it comes to casting. Now don’t come in saying “Well we all knew Nic Cage would suck as Ghost Rider and Ryan Reynolds would suck as Green Lantern”. No, no, no, no, no. You and America too both knew they would suck dummy. No one thought they would be great. There’s a difference. If a good actor is being cast for a role and you hate it, is different than if a bad actor (Nic Cage what happened man?) is cast for a role and you hate it. I mean how many times must you fans be proven wrong? Fans hated on Michael Keaton being cast as Batman and petitioned against it. What happened? Keaton shut up fans up and now you praise his Batman. Fans hated on Robert Downey Jr being cast as Iron Man. Now you all praise Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. Fans hated on Hugh Jackman being cast as Wolverine but now you all praise it. Fans hated on Ian being cast as Magneto but now you all praise it. Fans hated on Anne Hathaway being cast as Catwoman and now you praise it. Fans hated on Hardy being Bane but now you praise it. Fans hated on Michael Clarke Duncan being cast as Kingpin but now you praise it. Fans hated on Chris Evans being cast as Captain America but now you all love it. Fans hated on Mark as Bruce Banner but now you love it. In fact when Thor came out at first, most fans weren’t in love with Tom’s Loki but now after The Avengers fans love Tom’s Loki. Fans hated on Chris as Thor but now love it. Fans hated Christian Bale as Batman, now you love him. I can go one but I’m going to drop the 2 big ones we all know is coming.

Fans hated on Joss Whedon announced as the director for The Avengers. The film which many call “the best comic book movie of all time”, you didn’t even like the director for it when he was announced. I mean come on. Everyone is on Joss’s nuts saying he’s one of the best comic book movie directors and yet you didn’t believe in him. Personally I don’t think Joss is one of the best. I say this because I need to see Joss strike lighting twice. What I mean is, anyone can make one good comic book movie. Can you make 2 good ones? Here is a link for that hate Joss received.

Fans hated on Heath Ledger cast as Joker in The Dark Knight. Hated it. Out of every casting in comic book movie history, that was the most hated and what happened? It ended up being the best damn performance in a comic book movie ever. EVER!!! It won an Oscar. Don’t come at me with any other performance you thought was better. Heath had to do a better performance than Jack [frick]ing Nicholson. He had to upstage Jack. Nobody upstages Jack and yet he did. Boy oh boy were you fans proven so wrong. Here are some of the few photos that showed it:

Now I already did this editorial defending Shailene Woodley for Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I hated The Amazing Spider-Man. I mean hell I know some of you members that are on this site are on the Superhero Hype forums and have been talking crap about me talking crap about The Amazing Spider-Man. I say this because Woodley is no longer in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Whatever the case is if you fans think you can do that with Affleck, to quote Bradley Cooper: Yea that’s not gonna happen. Affleck is Batman/Bruce Wayne. Affleck will likely direct and star in the Batman Reboot. Affleck will be in Justice League. So all you fans complaining about how Affleck will suck and then say he might be ok come the first photo shot we see of him in the film and then say he will be good when the trailer hits and then say he’s the best Batman after you see the film, deal with it because what I just said will likely happen as it does with every time an actor gets cast and fans did not like them. You will love Affleck. That’s a fact. Now you don’t but by the time the film hits, you will. History repeats itself way too much and too often with comic book movies. So what are your thoughts about Affleck as Batman? Comment below. Peace and remember…

(Photo cred to JayJayCAW)
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