Nightwing is a fictional character and superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.  The character has appeared in various incarnations; the identity was adopted when he left his role as Batman's vigilante partner Robin. 

Although Nightwing is commonly associated with Batman, the title and concept have origins in classic Superman stories. The original Nightwing in DC Comics was an identity assumed by alien superhero Superman when stranded on the Kryptonian city of Kandor with his friend Jimmy Olsen. Drawing inspiration from Batman and Robin, the two protect Kandor as the superheroes Nightwing and Flamebird. Nightwing was re-imagined as a legendary vigilante from Krypton whose story inspires Dick Grayson's choice of name when he leaves behind his Robin identity. 

Other stories set among the Batman family of characters have seen acquaintances briefly assume the title, including his fellow Robin. Meanwhile, Superman stories have seen Superman's adopted son Christ Kent and Power Girl take up the name for brief turns as Nightwing. Various other characters have taken the name in stories set outside DC's main continuity as well.

BUMBLEBEE Star Dylan O'Brien Shares Frustrations Over Persistent NIGHTWING Casting Rumors
Maze Runner and Bumblebee star Dylan O'Brien has shared some of his frustrations with constantly being linked to the role of Nightwing despite there never being any truth behind those persistent rumours.
BATGIRL Rumored To Set Up A Future NIGHTWING Movie - Has Dick Grayson Been Cast?
Following the recent Batgirl set photos which appeared to tease a new DCEU take on Robin, a new rumor suggests that the HBO Max feature will set up a future Nightwing project at Warner Bros.
NIGHTWING: Director Chris McKay Reveals New Story Details And Whether The Movie Would Tie Into THE BATMAN
Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War) was once developing a Nightwing movie for Warner Bros., but the project has since fallen by the wayside. Now, the director discusses the plot & whether we'd have seen Batman.
NIGHTWING Movie Still A Reality According To THE TOMORROW WAR Director Chris McKay
Warner Bros.' DC Films Universe has gone through a lot of changes since Chris McKay was announced as director of a Nightwing movie back in 2017, but the filmmaker has now shared a hopeful update...
TITANS Showrunner Teases That Dick's Transition To Nightwing Will Occur In Season 2
Titans season 2 recently premiered, and it certainly raised a lot of interesting possibilities as the show looks to set the tone for an ambitious season 2 that includes Deathstroke, Bruce Wayne and more.
NIGHTWING Director Chris McKay Assures Fans That The Movie Is Still Happening...Eventually
It's been a long time since we've heard anything about Warner Bros.' Nightwing movie but director Chris McKay has promised fans that the DC Comics adaptation isn't dead...yet! Read on for details...
NIGHTWING: DEADPOOL 2 Actor Lewis Tan Confirms That He's Met With DC About Playing Dick Grayson
Lewis Tan (Deadpool 2, Iron Fist) recently teased a meeting with Warner Bros./DC about an upcoming project, and he's now confirmed that Nightwing - among other things - was indeed discussed. Check it out.
Is Ben Affleck's BATMAN Beyond Saving Or Is The Prospect Of Redemption Too Lucrative For WB To Ignore?
A post-Justice League WB has restructured its film division and announced a number of in-development superhero pics but the studio's biggest question is if and where Ben Affleck's Batman will pop up next.
It Doesn't Sound Like NIGHTWING Is A Top Priority For Warner Bros.' DC Films Division
Last night, it was revealed that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay is in talks to direct Dungeons & Dragons and a new report reveals that it may be because Nightwing isn't a priority at DC Films.
NIGHTWING Director Chris McKay In Talks To Helm DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Reboot For Paramount
It looks like Warner Bros.' Nightwing movie has indeed been put on the back-burner, as director Chris Mckay has another project lined up: Paramount Pictures' Dungeons & Dragons reboot. More past the jump.

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