THE PENGUIN Star Colin Farrell Lists His Favorite BATMAN Villains...And His Favorite Dark Knight!

THE PENGUIN Star Colin Farrell Lists His Favorite BATMAN Villains...And His Favorite Dark Knight! THE PENGUIN Star Colin Farrell Lists His Favorite BATMAN Villains...And His Favorite Dark Knight!

The Penguin star Colin Farrell has revealed which of the Batman franchise's villains resonate with him and names his favourite Caped Crusader (just don't tell The Batman lead star Robert Pattinson)...

By JoshWilding - Mar 30, 2024 06:03 AM EST
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Source: MovieWeb

When the news broke that Colin Farrell had been cast as The Penguin in The Batman, a lot of fans weren't exactly thrilled. It's not as if the actor looks anything like the comic book version of the iconic villain, but thanks to makeup and a transformative performance, he nailed it. 

The Irish actor will reprise the role in his own streaming spin-off later this year, The Penguin, and recently caught up with MovieWeb to discuss his role in Sugar

During their conversation, Farrell opened up on his favourite characters in the wider Batman franchise. 

"My favorite Batman actors or movie...I mean, Heath. Heath takes it, you know," he said of the late actor who played The Joker in The Dark Knight. Farrell then added, "I mean, I don't want to sit on the fence, but I've enjoyed so many of them. I love Jack [Nicholson] as well as the Joker."

"And these characters of lore are so well-designed initially that they just withstand. It was like, Christian Bale was asked a question, I saw once, about the new Batman that was coming and about Robert [Pattinson] playing Batman, and Christian said something along the lines of, and I paraphrase, that these characters, they survive and they invite multiple interpretations."

"And I love Danny [DeVito] of course, as the Penguin. I grew up watching Tim Burton's films," Farrell noted. "But I go back with the show as well, to Adam West and Burgess Meredith, the first Penguin I ever saw. You know, there are so many of them, who my favorite is, I don't know."

As for the best Batman, he chose his words carefully after sharing the screen with Robert Pattinson, but admitted, "I have a soft spot for Michael Keaton because I was like, maybe 10 or 11 or 12 when I saw that, and I was just obsessed with it, you know?"

Despite continued talk of "superhero fatigue," Farrell would go on to compare superheroes to the Greek Gods of our times and concluded by calling them "aspirational and questionable."

The Penguin stars Colin Farrell, Cristin Milioti, Rhenzy Feliz, Michael Kelly, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Deirdre O'Connell, Clancy Brown, and Michael Zegen.

The eight-episode DC Studios drama series continues The Batman epic crime saga that filmmaker Matt Reeves began with Warner Bros. Pictures’ global blockbuster The Batman, and centres on the character played by Farrell in the film.

The series is executive produced by Matt Reeves, Dylan Clark, Colin Farrell, Lauren LeFranc, who writes and serves as showrunner, Craig Zobel, who directs the first three episodes, and Bill Carraro.

The Penguin premieres on Max this fall, while The Batman II recently moved to October 2, 2026.

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ObserverIO - 3/30/2024, 6:38 AM
Man's got taste. Keaton ftw.
Matchesz - 3/30/2024, 6:58 AM
Would be cool to start having him use bulletproof umbrella shotguns
Th3Batman - 3/30/2024, 7:00 AM
If there's one thing Batman movies always get right, it's their casting. I think we're so used to getting these amazing actors that we sometimes take it for granted how fortunate the Batman franchise is to have them.
Vision85 - 3/30/2024, 5:22 PM
@Th3Batman - Batman and Robin tho 😬
Th3Batman - 3/30/2024, 5:28 PM
@Vision85 - No one could've made that script work, so I don't blame the actors for it.
tylerzero - 3/30/2024, 7:27 AM
Favorite live-action Batman fight scene:

User Comment Image

Doesn't get more right-off-the-comic-book-page than this, IMO.
FireandBlood - 3/30/2024, 8:17 AM
@tylerzero - Less off the page and more from the video game. Batman tactically taking down Joker goons and SWAT with zero casualties is still the most Batman, off the page scene put to film.

User Comment Image
TheVisionary25 - 3/30/2024, 9:15 AM
@tylerzero - even though I’m not really a fan of the DCEU version…

That fight scene is fun.

User Comment Image
marvel72 - 3/30/2024, 12:54 PM
@tylerzero - I actually liked the Batman V.Superman:Dawn Of Justice fight,reminded of the comics and the games.
GeneralZod - 3/30/2024, 3:18 PM
@tylerzero - How many goons were KIA in this sequence? Sorry, I cringed in the theater when I first saw this.
Forthas - 3/31/2024, 3:04 PM
@tylerzero - Batman would not act as reckless and murderous as that scene in BvS. He would have been tactical and would not have killed anyone.
Doomsday8888 - 3/30/2024, 7:42 AM
User Comment Image
Izaizaiza - 3/30/2024, 8:12 AM
It's hard to overstate how powerful nostalgia is, or how big an impression movies can make on someone at that age.
bkmeijer1 - 3/30/2024, 8:13 AM
This guy knows what's up. And so does Bale. Every interpretation of the Joker, The Penguin and Batman on the big screen all have great qualities.

Just realized Farrell also played this guy, and now I can't get it out of my head:

User Comment Image
Unbelievable. Can't forget it now anymore
Th3Batman - 3/30/2024, 8:37 AM
@bkmeijer1 - "Every interpretation of the Joker and Batman on the big screen all have great qualities."

You trained your brain so well that you managed to forget about Jared Leto and George Clooney. I'm here to remind you of them.
TheVisionary25 - 3/30/2024, 9:06 AM
@bkmeijer1 - say whatever you want about the movie but Farrell’s performance is a highlight imo.

Dudes just having so much fun.

User Comment Image
bkmeijer1 - 3/30/2024, 9:50 AM
@Th3Batman - you got me. Could be I trained myself that I refuse to accept Leto's version as a Joker and to accept George Clooney as Batman because he's basically Bruce Wayne in real life
bkmeijer1 - 3/30/2024, 9:50 AM
@TheVisionary25 - same with Penguin. He brings something to those characters that makes them more interesting to watch then they should be
TheVisionary25 - 3/30/2024, 9:09 AM
Favorite live action Bruce Wayne…

User Comment Image

Favorite live action Batman.

User Comment Image

He (Or Bale atleast) is right though in that all these comic book characters invite different interpretations which i welcome…

Everyone that he mentioned has their merits and could easily see being someone’s favorite.
MisterDoctor217 - 3/30/2024, 9:39 AM
Did anyone else feel Bale’s Bruce Wayne was very one note ? Like everytime he wasn’t Batman he was just, like, there, he was reactionary to the story , they didn’t really develop him much, even tho he is supposed to be the focus, along with Batman of course.

And even tho it’s the same with Michael Keaton’s Bruce, he’s secondary to his own story, Michael at least imbued him with more personality and gravitas. Idk why Christian Bale couldn’t do the same when he’s a great actor.
FireandBlood - 3/30/2024, 10:41 AM
@MisterDoctor217 - Bale’s Bruce is a major cut above the rest. The more Batman they shit out, the better Bale’s just keeps on looking.
MisterDoctor217 - 3/30/2024, 11:17 AM
@FireandBlood -
Idk I don’t feel the same way, I really liked Ben Affleck’s Bruce , didn’t care for Pattinson
Se4M4NSt4ine - 3/30/2024, 11:44 AM
@MisterDoctor217 - I kind of agree…

I felt Bale in Begins had his strongest performance and had more material to work with as Bruce.

I feel the attention kind of shifted off his Bruce in TDK with the writing team and Nolan focusing more on Ledgers performance.

Then by the time TDKR came around he kinda got his charm back but his material was cut short again.
MisterDoctor217 - 3/30/2024, 6:43 PM
@Se4M4NSt4ine -

Yeah his material got cut short in his last two movies to focus on the villains.

It’s weird that it kept happening to Batman in his own movie lol
Forthas - 3/31/2024, 3:14 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - "Did anyone else feel Bale’s Bruce Wayne was very one note ?"


I don't understand your point. Half of the first film delved into the motivations of why Bales Bruce Wayne became Batman and half of the last film delved into how he became Batman without having to suit up and finding the inner strength to be a hero.

Affleck went from a murderous psychopath then after hearing someone say his mother's name suddenly became concerned about life. And in future appearances became a comedian for no apparent reason. That is character development????
SummersEssex - 3/30/2024, 10:50 AM
I still can't believe how amazing Farrell is as Penguin, mostly because I can't tell in the slightest that it's Farrell. So much makeup and that voice. It's amazing. I still feel like some day they're going to come out and say "just kidding, this is a completely different actor, never was Farrell. Unreal. So good.
RolandD - 3/30/2024, 1:15 PM
I really wonder what went through Matt Reeves head when he decided to cast Colin Farrell as the Penguin. There’s absolutely nothing about him that screams the Penguin, but he has been excellent in the role. For that matter, I questioned the casting of Heath Ledger and we know we all know how that went.
TheVisionary25 - 3/30/2024, 1:30 PM
@RolandD - I wonder if those Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill Rumors were ever true?.

I could kinda see it with this take on the character but I’m good with Farrell too since he’s done well in the role

I would never have thought of him as The Penguin but I’m not a director haha.
STINGRAY - 3/31/2024, 6:42 PM
Colin Farrell has an excellent perspective on assorted portrayals....

Burgess Meredith may have come across as primarily comedic as The Penguin... but his snarky ad-lib asides are still excellent!
Danny DeVito brought absolute malevolent weirdness to his Penguin.

Now Colin Farrell, with an impressive prosthetics make-up job, is really delivering.

I have a special respect for any actor who will cover up his famous looks and immerse themselves in a role.
Prior to Farrell, I had the most respect for Josh Brolin, who went hideously scarred as Jonah Hex, and Karl Urban as Judge Dredd.
Urban went the entire film with his face covered.
QuietStorm - 4/1/2024, 11:23 AM
In an alternate Universe, WB didnt fck it up with any of their DC properties since Batman 89 and we'd be getting a Batman Beyond with Keaton right now and Colin Farrell would still be involved and get the opportunity to act alongside MK in some capacity.

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