THE BATMAN: 7 Predictions For Where Matt Reeves Can Take The Franchise In Those Rumored Sequels

The Batman is less than a month away from arriving in theaters, but even without having seen the movie yet, we have some bold idea about where director Matt Reeves could be taking this new franchise...

The Batman promises to redefine the Caped Crusader when it's released in theaters early next month, particularly with director Matt Reeves planning to explore why Bruce Wayne is the World's Greatest Detective. Pitting the Dark Knight against The Riddler in a Se7en-like thriller has us very excited to see this opening chapter, but what might come next in this rumoured trilogy?

We've been giving that some thought, and have come up with some compelling, unexpected places we could see this standalone franchise go after The Batman takes us to "Year Two."

From potential subplots to character introductions and even the type of stories Reeves might be planning to tell (along with when they're set), we have a lot of bold, potentially crazy ideas. Some are completely out there, while others line up with some of the clues and hints already dropped by the trailers - not to mention a few of the bigger rumours and leaks that have done the rounds lately. 

To take a look through these predictions, all you need to do is click the "Next" button below! 

7. Trapped In Arkham Asylum


We've visited Arkham Asylum in previous Batman movies, but this iconic Gotham City location has never really been depicted in a comic-accurate way. Instead, filmmakers have only really scratched the surface, treating it as little more than the cool-sounding name of the place the villains the Caped Crusader defeats are sent. Moving forward, that's something Reeves can change. 

The Riddler will no doubt be sent to Arkham following his defeat, and once it does start filling up with the Caped Crusader's foes, the filmmaker has the opportunity to explore a story where Batman is trapped at the mercy of his greatest enemies. Reeves is skipping past the hero's origin story, and time jumps like that mean Bruce Wayne can take down all manner of foes off screen.

It's hard to believe a Batman movie set almost entirely in Arkham Asylum hasn't happened yet, especially when it's a premise that everyone knows has serious potential. Heading deeper into this trilogy, however, we expect Reeves to spend more time exploring the place Batman sends his enemies.

6. The Court Of Owls


Many fans are convinced they've already spotted clues suggesting the Court of Owls are pulling the strings in Gotham City, and there's no getting around the fact that Batman's gauntlets look a lot like what the Talons wear. That along with an owl on the card The Riddler sent to the hero in that first trailer makes us think the clandestine group will be referenced in some way in this movie. 

An historic cult made up of Gotham City's elite in the comic books, Batman had to root them out in order to save his home from their corrupt influence. That could quite easily be Reeves' overarching plan for the world he's creating for his Caped Crusader.

One popular fan theory is that The Riddler is actually targetting The Court of Owls, with Bruce Wayne's family somehow involved. If so, the World's Greatest Detective pursuing them throughout the trilogy in order to finally eliminate the corruption that's taken hold of his home makes perfect sense. 

5. The Penguin Makes His Move


Colin Farrell is only expected to play a supporting role in The Batman, while director Reeves has confirmed that "Oz" hates being referred to as "The Penguin" and has yet to become the crimelord we know from the comic books when we meet him here.

It seems likely he's working for Carmine Falcone in this movie, and once Batman takes that crook down, a void in Gotham City will have been created the vigilante is unlikely to have anticipated. After all, this is a rookie Dark Knight who might naively believe taking down Falcone will go some way towards stamping out crime for good.

In The Penguin series coming to HBO Max, Oswald Cobblepot can step up and finally make a name for himself. From there, Reeves can create a new dynamic between Batman and the villain, exploring that relationship in the comics where the Caped Crusader frequently visits his foe for intel on what's happening in his city.

4. A New Joker


The Joker was a key part of 2016's Suicide Squad, while a different, grounded version of the Clown Prince of Crime would later receive the spotlight in 2019's standalone Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. There continue to be rumours of a sequel, and with Leto clearly done with the role, it's hard to fathom Joker not returning to plague Batman again at some point.

Speculation continues to run rampant about Barry Keoghan potentially playing a new Joker, with a cameo supposedly planned for a scene set in Arkham Asylum somewhere near the end of the movie.

We'd have liked to see the Red Hood gang in order to better explore the iconic villain's origin story, but we're now assuming that clash happened sometime during "Year One." Still, while Reeves seems to be taking a grounded approach to the DC Universe, a new, twisted version of Joker in this Batman's world could very well prove to be the one fans have been patiently waiting for.

3. A New Robin


Titans has followed Dick Grayson's transformation into Nightwing, but the only big screen Batman adventures to feature the Boy Wonder are Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Neither movie handled the Dynamic Duo particularly well, and we'll admit that, on the surface, it's hard to picture how Robin could fit into the grounded, dark world Reeves is creating with The Batman

Well, why not just reinvent Robin? There's a lot of ground to be explored when it comes to the moral implications that come with Batman taking a child into battle with him. If the filmmaker skips Dick Grayson and goes with Jason Todd, then the groundwork could be laid for his eventual transformation into Red Hood and a three-way battle between him, Batman, and The Joker.

There's a right way to do Robin on the big screen, and we trust Reeves to crack the formula. Heck, perhaps the best idea would be to skip ahead and introduce the Dark Knight's son, Damian Wayne?

2. Time Jumps


Reeves is looking to do something different with The Batman by having this story take place in "Year Two" of Bruce Wayne's tenure as a vigilante in Gotham City. We've alluded to possible time jumps a couple of times throughout this feature, so why not continue that trend moving forward? 

There's absolutely no reason for a sequel to take place immediately after the events of this movie, and it could instead skip forward to a completely different time period. "Year Five" or "Year Eight," for example, might find a vastly more experienced Batman who has been hardened by years of fighting some of his most dangerous foes (and filling the horrific halls of Arkham Asylum).

This would be a clever way of advancing the stories of other characters, too, exploring what it means for Bruce to become an established crime-fighter in Gotham City. Reeves basically did this with his Planet of the Apes movies, and it would result in a series of Batman films unlike any other.

1. The Riddler Returns


The Batman's Riddler is vastly different to the version from the comic books, and we're not expecting him to eventually transform into the bowler hat-wearing, cane-wielding goof seen on the page.

However, it's hard to imagine him being a one and done villain who is forgotten about after this initial conflict, and you don't need to be a master of riddles to figure out what a great big bad The Riddler would make across this trilogy. Pulling the strings from Arkham Asylum in a quest to get the ultimate revenge on Bruce, the stage could be set for an epic rematch that truly tests Batman's mettle.

In Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's seminal "Hush," it was The Riddler who sent all of Batman's greatest foes after him, ultimately revealing that he'd learned his secret identity. That sounds like it has all the makings of an epic event movie, particularly if Hush himself factors into proceedings (and seeing as this Edward Nashton looks a lot like the villain, the stage is already set for them to be connected).

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