DAREDEVIL: The Man Without Fear (storyline)

DAREDEVIL: The Man Without Fear (storyline)

The following is my suggested story line for the Daredevil sequel that I have suggested in my review. It is loosely based on the Daredevil Born Again comic series with some variation. Read on! Sorry but I am not good at fancasts.

By bronzetiger01 - May 21, 2013 12:05 AM EST
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The following is an attempt at a storyline/sequel for the movie Daredevil. It is set two years following the events of the said movie.

Hell’s Kitchen has turned into a worse state than ever. Daredevil (Matt Murdock) continues to prowl over the rooftops, stopping criminals, yet the influence of Wilson Fisk ,a.k.a. The Kingpin continues to be prevalent in the city, even as the man himself, together with Wesley Owen Welch, his assistant, are still behind bars.

The story begins with a phone call. On one end of the line is an upcoming crime boss, known only as Mr. Essex, and on the other end, from a penitentiary. Mr. Essex then calls another, until the word was spread: Bring down the Daredevil.

Through his henchmen the new crime lord begins to cast his influence on the neighbourhood. Several known citizens are slowly being abducted, including close friends and associates of Matt Murdock. When they were found, they were all in a catatonic state. Murdock learns of this, and intensified his vigilante duties, seeking information in the alleyways to learn about the new crime mogul. The witnesses refusal to testify to this confuses the police force, and since his identity remains unknown, Mr. Essex remained scot-free, running the big businesses used to be run by Fisk. After finally getting the information he needs, Mr.Essex then prepares his scheme: unmasking and exposing the Man without Fear.

Matt was slowly picking up the pieces of his life, letting go of his feelings for Elektra, who everyone but him presumes dead. He has learned to accept his role, becoming both the effective lawyer and efficient vigilante. His focus now is to find Mr. Essex. But despite his relentless pursuit he still has time to pursue a new relationship. He has been dating Karen Page, his secretary who is also adorned by his partner Franklin “Foggy” Nelson.

Unwilling to make commitments to either men, Page resigns instead and in her depression she was convinced to enter the world of mainstream pornography. Her venture was not successful so she became more depressed and she started doing drugs. It was in this state that Mr. Essex approached her, pretended to be a porn producer and hires Page. Using his charm, Essex was able to extract vital information from Page about Murdock, including his house, office address and usual routines. With the information he received from Page, and from torturing his other victims, Mr. Essex methodically uses his influence to make his plan work. He placed his henchmen in influential positions in key areas in the finance and in the public service sectors,including the Supreme Court, aiming to slowly bankrupt and eventually disbar Daredevil’s public persona, Matt Murdock, who was busy in both his day and night jobs

Matt was troubled at the sudden reversal of his fortune. He does not understand his decline until his house caught fire, and his office ransacked. At once he realizes that his archenemy the Kingpin is responsible. But when he checks, he was surprised to find out that the big guy is still in jail. Now homeless, Murdock plots to get his life back, but he no longer knows whom he can trust. He seeks help from his law partner, but Nelson wasn’t himself since Page resigned, blaming Murdock for letting Page go. He decided to find out the truth directly from the source. He goes to the Kingpin’s cell and confronts the man, only to be stopped by the guards. He is thrown out of the cell. He then gets beaten by Essex' henchmen. The new crime lord locks him in a truck and the truck was steered to the river in an attempt to drown him, but he escapes, wounding himself in the process. in his weakened state, Murdock still managed to find his way way to the old gym and theater where his father trained as a fighter and passed out.

Next, Murdock finds himself in a convent attended by nuns. He learns that he was taken there by the nuns with the help of a blind man. Murdock realizes that the blind man was no other than Stick, his mentor. His injuries take some time to heal, but his resolve to find out the perpetrators became firmer. Stick helped Matt recover.

Meanwhile, Page, realizing the folly she has done, decides to travel back to New York in the hope of saving Murdock. She too was surprised to find Murdock's house in ashes and the law office was in disarray. She began to contact his law partner Nelson and learns that Murdock is missing.

The abduction has already been reported and reporter Ben Urich decides to investigate a little further. He found out that another crime lord is taking over Wilson Fisk's territories and goes by the name Nathaniel Essex, a former geneticist who enriched himself illegally with his gene manipulation program (similar to the super soldier serum). He gathered the testimonies and was about to make public that Murdock was framed when Essex’s mob goes after Urich. A recovered Murdoch sensed that Urich was in trouble and Murdock saves him.

With no Murdock nor Nelson to indict him, all charges leveled against Fisk were dropped and Fisk was freed from prison. Fisk immediately assumed his businesses and conceived a plot to kill Daredevil. The Kingpin knows that Murdock is in hiding and tries to flush him out by having one of his men pose as Daredevil. Murdock defeats the imposter and finds Page, who she rescued when a drug dealer attempted to kill her in one of the alleyways. The two rekindle their relationship.

Back again in his tower, Kingpin receives Mr. Essex as his guest. They then decide once and for all to divide Hell’s Kitchen between them, literally. They used an earthquake-devise of Mr. Essex's design to be placed in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. To divert Daredevil's attention from trying to find the devise, Essex and The Kingpin sends a genetically enhanced super soldier named Nuke into the area whose goals were to first to destroy Murdock so the devise would work and second, to wreck havoc among the citizens, run them away from the city. However, when Nuke goes on a rampage, Daredevil emerges fully costumed to face him, and the two battled furiously. Eventually, Daredevil takes him down. At this time, Daredevil finally learned that the plot to expose him was not done by the Kingpin, but by another crime lord known as Mr. Essex. He also learns of the devise, asks Urich's help and two raced against time to disarm and disable the device.

Daredevil and Urich takes the beaten Nuke to police custody (Daredevil had to hide) and after interrogating him, they found out the whereabouts of Essex. The testimony of Nuke led to the manhunt for both Wilson Fix and Nathaniel Essex. They, however, remained at-large.

In the aftermath of the near earth-shattering events in Hell's Kitchen, the police were unable to find Essex in the Fisk Tower, as his laboratory has been to the burned and leveled to the ground. Urich, who was wounded in their disarming of the earthquake devise, recuperates in a hospital. Page returns to work at the law firm, and this brought the Nelson and Murdock law office alive and kicking. Murdock and Nelson became friends again. Matt knows that his enemies are still out there and he vows to continue his pursuit of justice, to face them without fear. But he admits he can't do this alone. Nuke has been taken into custody by the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The story concludes with Murdock, Page and Nelson deciding to remain in Hell’s Kitchen, their lives having been transformed.

During end credits, camera zooms in at the hospital cell to find an empty bed and two guards lying dead on the floor, with a pencil on each throat. And up on the rooftops, a female figure clad in red prowls through the night. She is carrying two sais.

The End?

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bronzetiger01 - 5/20/2013, 8:58 PM
Mr. Essex will eventually become the villainous Mr. Sinister. But his story could be properly told in an X-men film, as genetics and mutation are best described there.
bronzetiger01 - 5/21/2013, 2:15 PM
Thank you for the comment.

The general idea for this storyline sequel is to bring more character development in the franchise, sort of correcting the flaw of the first film. I agree that there are missing details or subplots that could invoke strong feeling of hate towards the villains or sympathy for the protagonist, but it is very much open and left to the imaginings of the readers or viewers. If you have read the Born Again comic, it also leaves the readers with a lot of questions on the characters. A properly done screenplay should patch things up.

Here is hoping that Marvel Studios is really working on the Daredevil movie and hoping that they find the right source material to work on.

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