UPDATE: DEADPOOL Casting Call Hints At The Characters That'll Appear

A casting call has gone out for "WHAM!", which as we know is the working title of Fox's Deadpool movie. Unfortunately the characters have also been given codenames, but we might be able to hazard a guess as to who'll feature in the film based on the descriptions.

This casting call obscures the identities of the real characters with codenames, but a healthy dose of speculation and assumption might allow us to decipher who's being described. "Ridge" definitely sounds like a villain and is therefore probably Ajax, who is Wade Wilson's main adversary in the leaked screenplay. "Lindsay" is looking like the female lead, and could be the character the likes of Morena Baccarin, Taylor Schilling, Crystal Reed, and Rebecca Rittenhouse are in the running for. It's been speculated that this might be either Domino or Vanessa Carlyle.

Next up is "Simon", who based on the description could well be Wade's sidekick, Weasel -- depending on how old this casting call is, the character T.J. Miller will most likely be playing. Based on "Shirlie's" age, this is almost certainly Blind Al, who lives with Wade (not by choice, initially) and serves as an "Aunt May" figure for the unhinged mercenary. "Kathy"? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm willing to bet "Keren" is -- again, depending on when this casting call originally went out -- Angel Dust, who'll be played by Gina Carano. "Albert" sounds like a henchman type, so I'm gonna guess either Garrison Kane, Sluggo or Wyre, who also appear in the version of the script that leaked a few years ago.

[RIDGE] Any ethnicity, early 30s to early 50s. Big, muscular, dangerous, violent, vain, insecure and more than a bit of a dick…. but with a sense of humor. He is not a psychopath, he’s practical but morally neutral—he doesn’t enjoy torturing people, he just doesn’t care. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

[LINDSAY] Any ethnicity, 20s, attractive and worldly. Smart, tough, beautiful but a little bit broken. Nothing has ever been easy for her and she’s developed a thick skin and cynical outlook. But she’s not a victim—she may not have a great life but she’s holding it together and does what she needs to get by. She’s got a great sense of humor but it leans heavily towards irony and sarcasm. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

[SIMON] Any ethnicity, late 20s to early 40s. Quirky, great sense of humor. Smart, funny, but more than a little bit slippery. Fast talker, always looking to make a buck. He looks out for himself first and foremost, but reveals loyalty at the end of the day. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

[SHIRLIE] African American, late 60s to early 80s. Worldly, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, dry, funny. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.

[KATHY] Any ethnicity, early to mid teens. World weary, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, droll sense of humor. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.

[KEREN] Any ethnicity, early 20s to late 30s. Serious, big, tough. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS

[ALBERT] Any ethnicity, early 30s to early 50s. Big, muscular, dangerous. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS

These are just educated guesses of course, so be sure to make your own in the comments section. If you're wondering why one of these descriptions doesn't seem to fit the character of Colossus, well that's probably because they already have Daniel Cudmore in mind to reprise the role! Again, just a guess, but it makes sense. Thanks to Film Divider for the heads up
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