Werewolf By Night

Werewolf By Night

Synopsis: After the death of their commander, a hidden cabal of monster hunters emerge from the shadows and congregate in the ominous Bloodstone Temple on a dark and gloomy night. The guests are forced into a mystery and deadly race for a powerful relic in a strange and gruesome memorial to the leader's life; this search will finally bring them face to face with a frightening creature.

Release Date: October 7, 2022
Director: Michael Giacchino
Cast: Gael García Bernal, Laura Donnelly, Harriet Sansom Harris

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Marvel Studios Rumored To Be Developing More Halloween Specials To Follow WEREWOLF BY NIGHT
It seems the success of Werewolf by Night has led to Marvel Studios putting at least two more Halloween Specials into development, though we have no idea which characters they'll focus on.
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Stills Offer Our Best Look Yet At The MCU's First Monster
Marvel Studios has released another batch of stills from Werewolf by Night, and we now have our best look yet at the title character after he made his MCU debut on Disney+ earlier this month. Check it out!
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Concept Art Reveals A Closer Look At Marvel Studios' Take On Ted/Man-Thing
Following this month's Werewolf by Night Marvel Studios Presentation, it's fair to say everyone loves Ted. Now, a closer look at the MCU's Man-Thing has been revealed courtesy of some new concept art...
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Concept Art Reveals A Transformed Jack Russell In Living Color
Some newly revealed Werewolf by Night concept art offers our best look yet at the Halloween Special's title character, showcasing a design we only glimpsed during that black-and-white introduction...
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: 8 More Monsters We Need To See In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Werewolf by Night set the stage for Marvel Studios to introduce a whole host of monstrous heroes and villains, but who would we like to see join Jack Russell and Man-Thing? Find our top picks here...
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: Check Out The Terrifying Comic Accurate Designs For Jack Russell And Man-Thing
With Werewolf by Night now streaming on Disney+, we're able to take a closer look at both the title character and Man-Thing, seeing how each character compares to their respective comic book counterparts.
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: How The Special Presentation Sets The Stage For The MCU's Monstrous Future - SPOILERS
We're taking a closer look at what happens in Werewolf by Night, explaining how the Marvel Studios Presentation sets the stage for a new era of MCU storytelling as monsters finally enter the fray...
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Is Now Streaming On Disney+ - Check Out A Chilling New Poster
Marvel Studios' first Halloween Special, Werewolf By Night, is now streaming on Disney+, and director Michael Giacchino has debuted an awesome new poster featuring Jack Russell in his lycanthrope form.
WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Star Laura Donnelly On Elsa Bloodstone's Big Debut, Gael García Bernal, & More (Exclusive)
With Werewolf By Night nearly here, we recently sat down with executive producer Brian Gay and spoke with him on the possibility of more specials, upping the violence, Midnight Sons, and more!

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