HBO Max Trolls Henry Cavill's JUSTICE LEAGUE Mustache, First Look At TITANS' Starfire, & More DC News

Zack Snyder also shares an early Man of Steel costume test for Henry Cavill, Lynda Carter recreates Wonder Woman's iconic twirl, and some new Wonder Woman 1984 behind the scenes stills are revealed...

By JoshWilding - Nov 04, 2020 04:11 AM EST
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Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every upcoming DC Extended Universe release has been pushed down the calendar, and that means we'll be waiting just a little bit longer to return to this shared world. There's still a lot of news to delve into both on the big and small screens, though, and we've rounded up some great stories for you here today. 

Kicking off with some Wonder Woman 1984 behind the scenes stills, we then have a fun video to share with you showing original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, striking a familiar pose. 

There's also a first look at Starfire in season three of Titans, HBO Max trolling Henry Cavill's Superman for "Movember," and a Man of Steel screen test featuring the British actor as Clark Kent.

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5. Wonder Woman 1984 Behind The Scenes Photos

We still don't know whether Wonder Woman 1984 will be released as planned on Christmas Day, but director Patty Jenkins recently took to Twitter to share some new behind the scenes stills. 

Celebrating Lilly Aspell's birthday, the filmmaker shared some cool shots of the young Diana Prince on the set of the sequel. They don't reveal much, but it's nice to see something new from the sequel! After all, if it is delayed again, chances are we won't get any fresh content this side of the New Year.

4. Lynda Carter Recreates An Iconic Pose

In a video shared to her Twitter account addressing yesterday's U.S. election, Wonder Woman TV series star Lynda Carter recreated her character's famous twirl (which, in the show, transformed her from mild-mannered Diana Prince into the powerful Amazon superhero). 

It's a cool video, and one that's amassed over 1 million views on the website thus far. 

Carter has obviously returned to the DC Universe in recent years thanks to The CW, but this is probably the closest thing we'll ever see to her reprising the role of Wonder Woman herself. 

3. Starfire Gets A New Look For Season 3 Of Titans

Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has been sharing a lot of cool behind the scenes photos from the set of the HBO max series recently, but his latest shows off Anna Diop's new look as Starfire.  

As you can see above, she's sporting a darker look than in the first two seasons, a sign perhaps that the character will be heading down a different path when this show returns. We'll have to wait and see on that front, but the hope is the show could improve when it moves to its new home.

2. HBO Max Trolls Henry Cavill For "Movember"


Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues. It's a great cause, and one the HBO Max streaming service recently decided to an admittedly unorthadox fashion. 

As you can see, they've curated a list of recommended movies for subscribers to get "mustache ideas for the month," and as well as movies like Sherlock Holmes and An America Pickle, Justice League is mentioned as well! Something tells us that's not a reference to Jim Gordon! 

Due to his commitments to Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Henry Cavill was forced to shoot the movie's reshoots with his mustache, with CGI removing it after the fact...with terrible results! 

1. An Early Man Of Steel Costume Test

The days of Zack Snyder sharing "Snyder Cut" teases for Justice League may be over, but he does still post a lot of great content on his Vero account. As you can see, his latest photo shows Henry Cavill wearing that fisherman getup from a Man of Steel costume test before shooting started. 

It's pretty cool, and getting a behind the scenes look at the 2013 movie is never a bad thing. 

Whether Cavill will get the chance to return as Superman remains to be seen, but a recent Instagram post indicated that he'll be too busy working on The Witcher to take part in Snyder's reshoots.

JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Responds To BARBIE's Shot At The Snyder Cut

JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Responds To BARBIE's Shot At The Snyder Cut

JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Makes It Official: The Snyderverse Is Over!
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JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Makes It Official: The Snyderverse Is Over!

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InfinitePunches - 11/4/2020, 4:13 AM
You ever just sit and think about how good the first half of Man of Steel is..? It's too bad about that second half. And those other movies.
KWilly - 11/4/2020, 4:42 AM
@InfinitePunches - I try not to think of Man of Steel, honestly
Kyos - 11/4/2020, 5:08 AM
@InfinitePunches - It's amazing to me that the best things Cavill's Superman was in are still a trailer for MoS and a burger commercial.
KWilly - 11/4/2020, 5:30 AM
@Kyos -

And the last 10 minutes of Justice League.

GhostDog - 11/4/2020, 5:54 AM
@Kyos - the trailer was so exhilarating and did such an incredible job of selling something that the movie TURNED OUT NOT TO BE.
dracula - 11/4/2020, 11:23 AM
@InfinitePunches - man of tomorrow is better
dragon316 - 11/4/2020, 4:26 AM
I never notice still can’t notice bad cgi on Superman face but then again it’s different for me I see movies have good time not to nit pick look for bad things in them probably reason I never noticed still can’t see it
Whaley87 - 11/4/2020, 5:30 AM
@dragon316 - You nitpick everyfockinthing! If this was an MCU article, you'd have mentioned Nick Fury's eye and the Mandarin somehow.
Origame - 11/4/2020, 6:00 AM
@dragon316 - Look, to each his own. If it isn't something you notice then fine. But, REALLY?! even if his lip didn't look like he was becoming a toon from Roger Rabbit, it's still something that's like noticeably bigger in between shots. If you really find this to be a good effect that isn't noticeable or worth pointing out, then I got to wonder what you'd consider a bad effect. Like, where is that line drawn for you?
Kumkani - 11/4/2020, 4:50 AM
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