AVATAR VFX Artist Claims Director James Cameron Exploited Those Working On The Movie With Unpaid Overtime
A VFX artist who worked on 2009's Avatar has lashed out at filmmaker James Cameron, claiming the director took advantage of his team by making them work unpaid extra hours in order to finish the movie...
AVATAR Cements Its Lead Over AVENGERS: ENDGAME At Global Box Office With $30.5 Million Return To Theaters
Moviegoers returned to Pandora this weekend as a remastered version of Avatar arrived in theaters, and it's now nigh on impossible for Avengers: Endgame to ever retake that #1 spot from the 3D blockbuster.
AVATAR Re-Release Features A Post-Credits Scene With An Added Surprise Ahead Of AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER
The Avatar re-release has started arriving in theaters, and rumour has it that you'll want to stick around after the credits for a little bonus teasing December's Avatar: The Way of Water. Check it out!
AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER Director James Cameron Wonders If He Waited Too Long To Make The Upcoming Sequel
Nearly 13 years have passed since Avatar arrived in theaters, and filmmaker James Cameron has now confessed that he's concerned he may have waited too long between that and Avatar: The Way of Water...
AVATAR Director James Cameron Pulled The Ultimate Power Move When Studio Wanted To Trim Movie's Run-Time
In a new interview, legendary director James Cameron reveals that he clashed with 20th Century Fox execs over Avatar's run-time, reminding them where their bread was buttered when they asked for cuts.
AVATAR Star Stephen Lang Talks Strange Fan Interactions And Why Moviegoers Responded To His Villain
Avatar star Stephen Lang has shared his take on why the villainous Colonel Miles Quaritch resonated with fans, while also reflecting on some bizarre fan interactions he's had since playing the character.
AVATAR Director James Cameron On Why 3D Isn't Dead And What Technical Changes To Expect From Re-Release
Avatar director James Cameron opens up on exactly what he's done to remaster the 2009 movie for the big screen again and shares his take on why 3D is still a format moviegoers are willing to embrace...
AVATAR Tickets Now On Sale; Check Out Some Awesome New Posters Along With An Impressive TV Spot
With the Avatar re-release a little over a week away, Disney and 20th Century Studios have confirmed that tickets are on sale and shared a couple of cool new posters along with a jaw-dropping TV spot...
AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER D23 Concept Art Takes Us Into The Depths Of Pandora's Magnificent Oceans
20th Century Studios has released a stunning piece of concept art for Avatar: The Way of Water following Saturday's D23 presentation, and it takes us into the depths of Pandora's magnificent oceans...
This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill! Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are about to take the stage to reveal major updates regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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