SPOILERS: THOR: RAGNAROK - 8 Things That Worked And 4 That Definitely Didn't

With Thor: Ragnarok now in theaters all over the world, we take a look at the things which did and didn't work in the Marvel Studios movie, spilling the beans on key moments, big reveals, and much more.

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Thor: Ragnarok is finally starting to hit theaters all over the world and regardless of whether you've seen the movie or are still waiting for it to open where you live, we've put together an in-depth look at all the things that do and don't work in the threequel. While there's no denying that the movie deserves its amazing 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes, that doesn't necessarily mean its perfect. 

The Taika Waititi helmed release does almost everything right but it makes some mistakes too. Some characters aren't handled the way fans might like while a few story decisions don't always hit the mark.

Don't worry, though, there's lots about Thor: Ragnarok which is truly amazing and you'll also find details on all of that here. From cameos to shocking plot twists and the ways it sets the stage for what's to come in Avengers: Infinity War, keep reading to find out what you should expect from the movie...

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Did Work: Thor's New Look

Well, Marvel did a good job of hiding this! Very early on in Thor's final battle with Hela, she slices one of his eyes out and by the time the credits roll, the God of Thunder is wearing an eyepatch with a striking similarity to Odin's! It's an unexpected move and one which was obviously removed somehow from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer shown at Comic-Con.

It's good that Thor has some sort of lasting scar from the events of Ragnarok, though, and it's going to be interesting seeing how he's portrayed in merchandising and the like moving forward. In terms of armour, that mid-credits scene also reveals a new look for the God of Thunder. Gone is the cape and his armour is now far more form-fitting and almost entirely black. It's a very cool update for the new King of Asgard, especially now he's in control of the Odinforce. 


Didn't Work: The Fall Of The Warriors Three

If you're a fan of The Warriors Three and disappointed with how they were used in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, this may not be the movie for you! Both Volstagg and Fandral get all of one line each and are easily dispatched in seconds by Hela when she arrives on Asgard. They don't even get chance to put up a fight because Hela throws knives at them both and they're dead within moments.

It's sad to see the trio treated that way but Hogun does sort of get the chance to shine. He arrives with Asgard's army by his side to stop the Goddess of Death but his men are brutally slaughtered by her in one of the threequel's most inventive action scenes. Hogun later manages to make one final stand but is impaled by Hela in no time at all. On the plus side, Skurge is a fun character and Heimdall finally gets something to do.


Did Work: The Arena Battle

One of the biggest selling points of Thor: Ragnarok has been the arena battle between Thor and The Hulk and it's fair to say that it doesn't disappoint. While Marvel has shown a lot of this off in the trailers, there's much more to the fight than meets the eye and it's given more than enough screentime. Some fans will inevitably walk away hungry for more but we do ultimately get enough and some solid bits of humour are sprinkled between the awesome action as these two Avengers go toe to toe.

We also get a great callback to The Avengers and while Thor very nearly wins after challenging what appears to be the Odinforce (Odin later appears to tell Thor that Mjolnir was only ever a weapon meant to channel his powers), it's The Hulk who ultimately emerges victorious with what is very nearly a killing blow to The Grandmaster's "Lord of Thunder."


Didn't Work: That's A Wrap For Odin

In set photos for Thor: Ragnarok, we saw that Odin would be rocking a very unique appearance in this movie. In case you've forgotten, he was basically going to be portrayed as a raving lunatic wandering around New York telling people about the impending apocalypse. So, Hobo Odin then (what a cool Funko Pop that would have made).

That was changed unfortunately and instead, we get a sequence set in Norway where the former King of Asgard is basically enjoying the view before his sons show up and he decides he's ready to die, turns into sparkly dust, and leaves the door open to Hela arriving on Earth. Taika Waititi recently claimed that he wanted to find a better destination for Mjolnir's destruction than a New York alleyway but it's clear this scene must have changed a lot and that it's possible Odin got a more fitting death in a previous version of the movie. 


Did Work: Doctor Strange's Cameo

The reshoots I mentioned earlier clearly changed Doctor Strange's role to at least some extent and while his cameo is definitely brief, it's also a lot of fun. Rocking the yellow gloves from the comic books, he appears to take great delight in using his magic to p*ss Thor off, teleporting the God of Thunder around the Sanctum Sanctorum and leaving Loki to fall through various dimensions for a good half an hour or more.

It's interesting that Thor has been on the hunt for the Infinity Stones but doesn't appear to recognise the one hanging around the Sorcerer Supreme's neck and while the two heroes do appear to part on good terms, it should be fun seeing how their relationship develops in Avengers: Infinity War as it's hard to imagine them growing all that close given Strange's clearly not great feelings towards Asgardians walking around on Earth. 


Did Work: Avengers: Infinity War Set Up

Thor: Ragnarok does a fantastic job of referencing the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe with nods to the previous Thor films and the Avengers movies. However, the threequel - while also very much a standalone adventure - does a great job of setting up what comes next too. Hela confirms early on that the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's vault is a fake, while Loki later casts a very interesting glace at the Tesseract which is clearly going to come into play in Infinity War.

Bear in mind that he promised to deliver that to Thanos and failed, while the leaked trailer for the movie even showed the God of Mischief getting his hands on it! Throw in the mid-credits scene which sees a massive ship (which more than likely belongs to Thanos) hovering in front of Thor's and it's clear that things are about to get very bad for the hero very quickly. What that means for everyone else onboard remains to be seen. 


Didn't Work: Hela's Demise

Oh, Marvel, why do you have to kill all the great villains? Realising that the only way to stop Hela is to let Surtur destroy Asgard, Thor and Loki set the demon free and he quickly proceeds to make Ragnarok a reality. Hela, furious that her kingdom is about to burn, heads into battle against the villain but finds herself outmatched and is quickly obliterated. So too is Asgard when it literally explodes, seemingly taking Surtur with it.

That's two great bad guys gone in a matter of moments and while it's possible Hela could have found a way to survive and will now seek out Thanos for help, it doesn't seem likely and she winds up being yet another villain with potential killed before their time (see: Malekith, Iron Monger, Red Skull, etc.). On the plus side, Hela is a great baddie throughout the rest of Thor: Ragnarok.


Did Work: Sakaar

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has obviously expanded the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a major way, taking us to a variety of alien planets and showcasing some truly unique and bizarre characters. Thor: Ragnarok further expands on that in a major way, though, with the introduction of some truly bizarre-looking creatures and aliens. 

Everything revolves around The Grandmaster at the end of the day and he's the one who really steals the show. Jeff Goldblum's performance is definitely bizarre but that not bad thing and he makes a real mark here. While it seems unlikely that he'll reprise the role in the near future seeing as the story wraps up with those who call Sakaar home kicking off a revolution, it would be nice to see him again. Talking of this planet, it's where we're introduced to Valkyrie too and I'd be remiss not to point out that she's simply amazing in every way. 


Didn't Work: How Did Thor Escape The Arena?

The battle between Thor and The Hulk may be amazing but it ends in a rather underwhelming fashion. The Grandmaster uses the obedience disk in the God of Thunder's neck to stop him from winning and the Jade Giant then leaps high into the air and smashes down onto his opponent as the screen cuts to black.

Korg makes it clear before this that The Hulk's opponents always die and while it's possible he chose to spare his old friend, we never learn how he gets Thor back to his apartment in The Grandmaster's home and why it would be ok for him to keep Thor alive. It's a minor nitpick in the grand scheme of things but one which proves to be a little distracting and while the threequel quickly moves on to other things, this is one of those plot holes which is likely to stick with you after the credits roll. 


Did Work: The Humour

Ahead of the release of Thor: Ragnarok, there was an awful lot of talk about the threequel being taken in a drastically different direction to its predecessors, something which was clear from the moment Taika Waititi was chosen to take the helm. It's true that this is indeed a comedy but make no mistake about it, the jokes all land and this change in tone definitely benefits the God of Thunder.

The Thor movies, while good, have never really managed to stand out from the crowd but the unique tone of Thor: Ragnarok ensures that this instalment does and Waititi deserves a lot of credit for creating humour which makes you laugh rather than cringe. Between that, though, there are some great moments of heart and action which ensure that this is a release which really does have something for everyone. 


Did Work: The Action Scenes

Thor: Ragnarok may be big on laughs but make no mistake about it, the action here does not disappoint! Whether it's the God of Thunder's initial battle with Surtur and his dragon, the arena battle, or the final act, this is a movie crammed full of incredible action scenes which are stylishly directed by Taika Waititi. He incorporates some amazing visuals here which ensure that the threequel stands out from past efforts and will be hard to replicate.

I have every faith in the Russo Brothers after seeing their work on the two Captain America movies but it's hard to picture them doing anything as cool as this with Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. Even the shots of the hero flying are better than they've ever been and it's clear that Waititi just gets the character and should remain involved with him for a long time to come. 


Did Work: Korg

While the clip Marvel released of a funny exchange between Korg and Thor was definitely amusing, I was a little concerned just how enjoyable the character would be after watching that. He seemed like someone who could easily become grating over time but I sure was glad to be wrong! Voiced by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, the God of Thunder's fellow arena combatant is hilarious from start to finish and a source of laughs throughout.

I'm not sure if it's his unexpected voice, the ridiculous remarks he comes out with, or a combination of both, but it works perfectly and this character is destined to become a fan-favourite. Luckily, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed that both Korg and Miek will return somewhere down the line and there's a very good chance that will be as soon as Avengers: Infinity War.

Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok? If so, what do you think did and didn't work? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section down below.

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