DOCTOR WHO: Ncuti Gatwa Makes Early Debut As Fifteenth Doctor In AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME Edit

DOCTOR WHO: Ncuti Gatwa Makes Early Debut As Fifteenth Doctor In AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME Edit DOCTOR WHO: Ncuti Gatwa Makes Early Debut As Fifteenth Doctor In AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME Edit

BBC recently re-aired An Adventure in Space and Time, replacing Matt Smith with Ncuti Gatwa, ushering in the Barbie star's Fifteenth Doctor much sooner than expected. Check out the footage right here...

By JoshWilding - Nov 25, 2023 08:11 AM EST
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This past Thursday marked Doctor Who's official 60th anniversary, and while the first of three new specials will air on BBC/Disney+ later today, BBC Four in the UK recently celebrated by re-airing An Adventure in Space and Time

Plenty of fans probably decided not to rewatch it, but those who did were treated by a surprise appearance from the Fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa! 

The 2013 drama detailed the creation and early years of the long-running sci-fi series, ending with actor William Hartnell (played by Game of Thrones' David Bradley) being forced to leave his role behind as the First Doctor due to health issues. That was what opened the door to all those regenerations, of course, and the original cut of An Adventure in Space and Time concluded with Hartnell seeing a vision of a future Doctor who assures him everything will be okay. 

In 2013, that was Matt Smith, but Gatwa has now been edited into the scene and is shown giving Bradley a reassuring wink and smile.  

This comes after recent comments from the actor in which he revealed he'd "shot a scene, somehow, with the first-ever Doctor, William Hartnell." There's a chance he was referring to something else, but we'd bet on it being this surprise cameo. 

The BBC has also released a new video featuring narration by Eighth Doctor Paul McGann which sees him break down what makes Doctor Who unique. Footage of all the previous Doctors plays, as does a new look at Gatwa's iteration and the character's latest companion, Millie Gibson's Ruby Sunday. 

"A handsome young man! Marvellous cheekbones," legendary Doctor Who star Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, recently said of Gatwa. "These things are important as you get near to death. Knowing anything is a bit dangerous when you play [The Doctor]. It's better to know nothing. And to be good-natured."

"The trick is to respond generously to other actors, which halves your task because you don't have to be driving it all the time."

Doctor Who returns this weekend with three special episodes with Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor to coincide with the 60th anniversary. Ncuti Gatwa's first appearance as the Fifteenth Doctor is also expected to air over the festive period. Season 1 doesn't have a confirmed premiere date but is expected to premiere in early 2024. 

We recently spoke to Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman, hearing from him about Gatwa's Doctor and whether he could one day return as Captain Jack Harkness. Check that out in the player below. 

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TheVisionary25 - 11/25/2023, 8:25 AM
That’s pretty cool…

I wish they had done this for Capaldi & Jodie aswell during their tenures but oh well , I’m glad Ncuti got the opportunity regardless.

Also for anyone who hasn’t seen this , it’s a good docudrama into the creation of the show with good performances all around especially David Bradley as William Hartnell.

Anyway can’t wait for the first special tonight , Doctor Who is back!!
DocSpock - 11/25/2023, 8:51 AM

FinnishDude - 11/25/2023, 10:26 AM
While I understood the symbolical meaning behind Matt Smith's cameo in the original version of the movie/special, it always felt little too much like easy ammo for internet weirdos. "Look, even William Hartnell knew that the show would be crap/have no future after the point I became mad at the it."

Would be nice, if they turned this into an ongoing tradition.
Scarilian - 11/25/2023, 10:45 AM
@FinnishDude -
It was always a goofy insertion intended to be replaced by a new version of the Doctor. Unfortunately rather than do it for every Doctor, they have only done it with Ncuti which singles him out as something different that needs the nostalgic approval of the 1st incarnation/William Harntell to be accepted.
Apophis71 - 11/25/2023, 10:55 AM
@FinnishDude - Hartnell as a person was a grump old schooler stage actor who never thought the show would work, or even get the appeal of TV period for that matter, so would work at all that to be fair so... does fit well for memes...

As a die hard Whovian who was watching the classic show before I can even recall through to the cancellation in 89' (the year I went to Uni for my first course there) and watched everything since even during the stuff that doesn't land near as well as the best the show can be...

...I am still gonna watch and still hopefull it returns to the level of quality of the first Tennant era as seen how much they can turn things around and reinvent the series with a regeneration.
Apophis71 - 11/25/2023, 10:59 AM
@Scarilian - He is far, far from the only incarnation to have Hartnell have a role directly or with stock footage and/or another actor in the role turn up.
Apophis71 - 11/25/2023, 11:11 AM
Checkked to refresh memory, the first Doctor appeared played by himself, stock footage or recast for the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and now 15th (if he isn't also in the specials with the 14th).
Apophis71 - 11/25/2023, 11:56 AM
Also to note in many of those appearances he was also alongside the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th or put another way ALL incarnations bar the timeless childs have appeared alongside the first one way or another.
Scarilian - 11/26/2023, 5:17 PM
@Apophis71 -
True, but this is a different context, it's a historically focused special that's trying to retell the origin of the show IRL.

Hartnell does not feel the show should or can go on without him. He's about to depart the role and he's reassured by seeing the show as it is currently (Represented by Matt Smith at the time) which encourages him his concerns about the next actor to take over from him are unfounded.

Given the time period (60's), it takes on a massively different context when he's looking at a gay black actor. In a similar way to how it would have been if the special was edited to show Jodie Whittaker's incarnation.

These are massive changes to the character that Hartnell frankly would have objected to because of how he was and the time period.
Apophis71 - 11/26/2023, 7:31 PM
@Scarilian - Oh that? Figure that's just cos they are likely allowing that to go up on D+ for the new series' and would make little sense to the new audience they will be hoping to gain to still have Matt in it there so...

...whatever, not a huge deal and barely worth worrying about to my mind.
marvel72 - 11/25/2023, 12:13 PM
I just heard about the Davros bullshit.

marvel72 - 11/25/2023, 12:40 PM
Nine comments, this one the tenth and I can see only two, lots of users must have blocked me....

marvel72 - 11/25/2023, 12:41 PM
@marvel72 - Four comments including this one.
marvel72 - 11/25/2023, 1:45 PM
Doctor Who has just started, should be worth a giggle.
marvel72 - 11/25/2023, 2:21 PM
Tonight's episode...

Apophis71 - 11/26/2023, 1:48 PM
@marvel72 - Critics seem to like it thus far and 4/5 for me but to each their own.
marvel72 - 11/25/2023, 6:18 PM
Doctor WTF?
Doctor Woke

The only thing I liked was The Tardis.

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