HAWKEYE: Hailee Steinfeld Dodges Question About Starring In The Disney+ TV Series

We're not entirely sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but during a recent interview, Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld dodged a question about starring in upcoming Disney+ TV series, Hawkeye...

Hailee Steinfeld reportedly remains Marvel Studios' top choice to play Kate Bishop in the upcoming Hawkeye TV series, but her commitments to Apple TV's Dickinson seemingly remain an issue. 

Still, we don't know what's been going on behind the scenes over the past few months, and we're sure Kevin Feige and company will have found a way to make this work. The Bumblebee star seems like a perfect fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new Hawkeye, so it's already difficult to imagine anyone else playing the archer on Disney+.

During a recent interview on Sirius XM, Steinfeld was actually asked about her involvement in Hawkeye, and chose her words carefully, using what some could argue is a pretty bizarre excuse! 

"You know, right now, I will tell you that music is where my head is at," the actress responded, completely dodging the question. "That's what I'm focused on...that is what is occupying my brain at the moment." That's an effective way of neither confirming nor denying her involvement, and while it's too soon to get excited, we can't help but wonder whether a deal has been finalised.

We'll have to wait and see, but with COVID-19 putting Hollywood on hold, it's hard to say when we'll hear anything official. With any luck, some sort of announcement will be made soon, though.

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10. Blade


At the end of Marvel Studios' Comic-Con presentation last July, Kevin Feige announced that Mahershala Ali had been cast as Blade in the MCU. Later, he would confirm that the character wouldn't be part of Phase 4, and we still don't know whether he's getting a movie or TV show. 

Ali has plenty of experience working on the small screen after starring in True Detective and Luke Cage, and the introduction of vampires to this shared world could be well suited to multiple episodes.

After all, that's a big change to the MCU, and the familiarity of the Blade franchise will be a big draw for Disney+. As a result, we're definitely expecting to see the Daywalker on the small screen. 

9. Secret Invasion


There have been rumblings this might be the case, especially after the events of Captain Marvel. So far, we've only been introduced to heroic versions of these shape-shifters, but Kevin Feige has indicated that could change, and a show like this would perfectly set the stage for Captain Marvel 2...or deal with its aftermath by setting the stage for the next big event. 

Assuming characters from S.W.O.R.D. (and perhaps some other big names from the MCU) take centre stage, this is a series with a lot of potential, and making the Skrulls the leads could work too.

After all, just imagine if we're taken through the last decade of this shared world following a character we've come to know and love, only for it to be revealed they were a Skrull all along. We're not sure who could fill that role, but someone like War Machine could fit the bill here. 

8. Young Avengers


With The Vision and the Scarlet Witch's twins likely to be introduced in WandaVision, and Cassie Lang now quite a bit older thanks to that five-year time-jump, the Young Avengers could soon assemble. In fact, it seems highly likely, especially with Hawkeye and America Chavez also set to receive their introductions in the not too distant future. 

This team coming together makes perfect sense, but giving the team their own movie could dilute the main franchise, so a spinoff on Disney+ (where most of them are showing up for the first time) makes way more sense if you stop and think about it.

Hulkling could be added to the MCU via Captain Marvel 2 or the aforementioned Secret Invasion series, and with that, we have 99% of the team. Loki could even throw Iron Lad into the mix, while we're sure The Falcon and The Winter Soldier could somehow introduce Patriot! However, rather than Iron Lad, we'd quite like to see Ironheart join their ranks after her show!

7. Gamora


In Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora died at the hands of her "father" Thanos. However, thanks to time-travel, the 2014 version is now part of the MCU's timeline, and either hiding out on Earth or in outer space somewhere. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is bound to deal with that, but we can't help but feel that a spinoff series for the character might also work. 

On the one hand, a show like this could focus on what she got up to between Avengers: Endgame and Vol. 3, but on the other, viewers following her solo adventures after the latter has potential too.

After all, it's hard to imagine her just falling back in love with Star-Lord when they cross paths again, and we now have a very different Gamora in the MCU who didn't go through the heroic transformation her counterpart did. That's got to be worth exploring through a Disney+ series!

6. Thunderbolts


Common sense says we'll see more of General "Thunderbolt" Ross in She-Hulk, and if he doesn't transform into Red Hulk in that Disney+ series...well, it's probably never going to happen. 

Assuming for a second that transformation does take place (and it really should), then surely the Thunderbolts can't be too far away? Click on the right Reddit thread, and you'll see plenty of theories that Black Widow will set the stage for such a team-up, and while we'll be waiting until November to find out whether that's the case, it would be a good place to lay the groundwork. 

A TV show about the Thunderbolts could head in any number of directions, making them villains posing as heroes or even Marvel's version of the Suicide Squad. Either way, it's a story we would love to see play out on Disney+ with some original and newly introduced characters. 

5. Captain Britain


We've now spent quite a bit of time in the MCU's version of London, but there's been no sign of Captain Britain. However, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness taking us to alternate realities and timelines, the arrival of the Captain Britain Corps (who protect the Multiverse) is surely inevitable. 

On paper, Captain Britain might sound like, well, a British version of Captain America, but that's not the case. In actual fact, his roots are based in English mythology and his powers are magic-based.

Adding him to the MCU could be a game-changer, and a series exploring both the Corps and how he protects the UK would be nothing short of awesome. We could even be introduced to his sister, Betsy Braddock, something that would tie perfectly into Marvel's eventual reboot of the X-Men franchise.

4. Silver Surfer


The Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU sooner rather than later, but it certainly wouldn't hurt for Silver Surfer and Galactus to be introduced before then. It's no secret that Kevin Feige is a big fan of both characters, so fleshing them out in a Disney+ series before they eventually clash with Marvel's First Family is something you have to imagine he would jump at the chance to do. 

Delving into the origin stories of Galactus and his Herald will ensure they're both properly developed by the time they arrive on Earth, and the show could even lead directly into that moment.

In fact, the actions of these two could even be tied to how Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm are granted their powers, and cameos here wouldn't be out of the question!

3. Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds has talked a lot recently about his hopes to reprise the role of Deadpool (in the MCU this time, though), and it's bound to happen given the Merc with the Mouth's popularity. 

An R-Rated movie remains a possibility, but something tells us the hero will ultimately get a PG-13 makeover. As a result, bringing him to Disney+ could be a major draw for Disney+, and a show which retcons him into everything from the Battle of New York to Avengers: Endgame's final battle would be a fun way to deal with any pesky continuity issues.

Failing that, a soft reboot which brings him into this shared world would still be massively appreciated.

2. Wonder Man


Wonder Man is a member of The Avengers, but also a celebrity. While he's by no means an A-List superhero, can you imagine how much fun it would be to follow an A-List celebrity who attempts to balance his life as a crime fighter? That has all the makings of an entertaining TV series. 

Hank McCoy is a close friend of Simon Williams, so he could be introduced here. Plus, the way his origin story is tied to characters like Baron Zemo, The Vision, and Executioner means that he would be a big part of the MCU from the start, and a worthy addition to this shared world. 

Some might have their doubts about this one, but with the right supporting cast, it would work well. 

1. Sentry


The Sentry is a complicated character, and putting Marvel's Superman in a movie of his own just doesn't feel like a smart idea. Instead, a series revolving around the unhinged Robert Reynolds could really do the hero justice, especially by exploring his darker side as The Void. 

The problem with a movie is that the Superman comparisons will be inevitable from the start, but giving this character room to breathe in a series of his own means Marvel Studios can establish him as something completely different (who could bring an awful lot to the MCU moving forward).

He's not overly popular, but The Sentry could make for a memorable new addition to this shared world.

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