FX President Offers Update On Brian Bendis' POWERS Adaptation

A while back, we heard that the possible television adaptation to Brian Michael Bendis' Powers graphic novel may be dead, but now FX President John Landgraf has revealed that may not actually be the case...check out the details after the jump.

A few months ago, we heard that Brian Michael Bendis' Powers may never reach the air with FX, however while speaking to IGNTV, FX President John Landgraf has revealed that the show may actually happen if the vision is correct, and the show turns out absolutely great saying "I’m not going to put anything less than an absolutely great version of Powers on the air." Check out the full responses below.

On whether or not Powers is really dead
No, still alive. We’ve been through so many incarnations. After we made the pilot, we actually developed three more [episode] scripts. So then we had a pilot plus three scripts, and we decided between the pilot and the scripts that it wasn’t quite the series that we needed it to be. When I say we, by the way, Brian Bendis is involved in every phase of this conversation and discussion. But one of the scripts was written by this guy named Charlie Huston, and he was a novelist. Both I and Brian and others thought, “Wow, there is actually something in the tone of this.” So Charlie was approached, I think by Brian, and said, “Look, would you be interested in taking on Powers?” And Charlie said, “Well, I’ve never actually adapted anything before in my life. I have only written novels and stuff of my own, but Powers is my favorite graphic novel, and yes!”

So what ended up happening was we reconstituted the whole thing around Charlie as the creator, with Brian. Charlie went up to Seattle, and they sat down and they talked, and read through all the books, and they came back with a new vision, basically. Essentially, a new pilot to begin with, which is a new, different story than the pilot that we shot. So that pilot is officially gone and dead, and the actors are all gone, but we’re developing a whole new pilot from scratch.

Will FX think about shooting another pilot?
Yeah. What it’s always come down to for me is I know the underlying material is absolutely great. I know Brian has a vision, and Michael [Avon Oeming], but I feel like there have been so many great adaptations of graphic novels done that we have to add something. I would argue that what [Robert] Kirkman and his collaborators have done at Walking Dead has brought something to the table that didn’t exist before and that movies weren’t doing. I feel like we have to bring something to the table that doesn’t exist. Television adaptations of graphic novels, for the most part, have been the pretty good food you’ll take when really good food isn’t available, you know what I mean? For me, I’m not going to take second fiddle to Marvel or anybody. I’m not going to be able to make a $200 million negative, and I think that Marvel has done a great job at what they do, and they’ve created a template that really works, so I’m not going to imitate that. I want to make something else with Brian and Charlie and others that’s just as good but different, and trades on the particular strengths that television has in terms of what it can do. And if we can get Powers to that level, I’ll make another pilot, and I’ll put it on the air. But I’m not going to put anything less than an absolutely great version of Powers on the air. That’s like remaking a great film into a good film, and I don’t want to do that.

New Clip From POWERS Season 2 Episode 2

New Clip From POWERS Season 2 Episode 2

First Trailer For POWERS Season 2
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First Trailer For POWERS Season 2

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New Clip From POWERS Season 2 Episode 2
Sharlto Copley stars as Christian Walker and Susan Heyward is Deena Pilgrim in the second season of the PlayStation Network's adaptation of the Michael Avon Oeming and Brian Michael Bendis comic book.
First Trailer For POWERS Season 2
After the shocking events that occurred in the debut season finale for PlayStation's first ever TV show. Powers, the world is left in chaos. There are no more rules, not enough heroes, and it's open season on anyone that is a Power. Check out the first teaser trailer for season 2 after the jump...
PlayStation Network's first foray into original scripted drama has been received with mixed critical response since it debuted two months ago. Despite this, Sony have still officially renewed Powers for a second season. Read on for more details!
The fourth episode of Playstation Network's Powers series sees Wolfe (Eddie Izzard) attempt to escape from "The Shaft", as Walker and Pilgrim try put an end to the carnage he unleashes. Sony has released several stills from the ep, which you can check out after the jump.
The first 3 instalments of Powers launch today for Playstation Network subscribers, but episode 1 is available to watch online for free. We also have a trailer highlighting some of the crazy stuff we can expect from future episodes. This is NSFW because of language and gruesome violence.

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