SPIDER-MAN PS4: Everything You Should (Probably) Expect To See In The Eventual Sequel

Spider-Man has been a hit, and while a sequel hasn't been announced, it seems inevitable. Now, we're taking a look at everything you should (hopefully) expect to see in that follow-up when it's released...

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Spider-Man is now available on PlayStation 4 consoles everywhere and while we've now had a couple of weeks to play through the wall-crawler's latest video game adventure, fans are still talking about the title and where things could go next for the wall-crawler. After all, a sequel is inevitable and that's bound to swing our way at some point in the next few years after the success of this first chapter.

The question is, what should we expect to see in that? Looking at the events of this game and some of the rumours and speculation we've been hearing about it in recent weeks, that's what we're attempting to discover here as we break down some of the most likely possibilities, including characters, possible storylines, and more villains for the wall-crawler to square off with down the line.

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Taskmaster's Mysterious Employer

Players clash with Taskmaster throughout the game but by the time we say goodbye to the mysterious villain, we never learn who it was that sent him after the wall-crawler in the first place. While Insomniac probably let him escape so he can return with more challenges in the sequel, it wouldn't actually be a huge surprise if he ends up playing a much larger role in proceedings next time around. 

If that is the case, we can probably expect to learn more about his employer too as someone out there clearly wants to learn more about Spider-Man and I wouldn't be surprised if that ties into whoever was funding Doctor Octavius' research, something we'll actually touch on a little later in this breakdown.


The Rise Of The Green Gobin(s)

Despite Norman Osborn playing a key role in proceedings, there's no sign of the Green Goblin in Spider-Man but the fact he's bathed in green light during that after-credits scene seems like a pretty clear nod to what the future holds in store for him. During his attempts to save his son, it wouldn't be at all shocking to see Norman stumble across a formula which transforms him into this iconic villain.

His actions could be justified by him wanting to save Harry too, while there's a lot Insomniac could do with a fresh take on the villain, something Doctor Octavius' unexpected story arch made clear. As the story progresses, I think we could possibly even expect to see Harry Osborn become a Goblin just like in the Ultimate Universe when he was transformed into the Hobgoblin due to his father's experiments.


Miles Morales Becomes Spider-Man

By the time the game ends, Miles Morales has gained the powers of Spider-Man and there's simply no way that won't factor into a sequel. Too much time was put on Peter Parker for him to not be a playable character in the follow-up but it would definitely make sense for Insomniac to either give players the chance to choose which Spider-Man to play as or for missions to alternate between them.

This would give us the opportunity to play as both an experienced wall-crawler and one coming to terms with his powers, something which would not only alter the basics but would make taking on criminals and villains a much different experience. If they don't offer this, it's a missed opportunity.



Eagle-eyed gamers noticed that Harry Osborn was covered in something which looked an awful lot like the Venom symbiote during that after-credits scene and so it's possible we could meet Venom in the follow-up. While Eddie Brock is mentioned in a "Good Luck" card given to Peter Parker when he left The Daily Bugle, that's it, and we're never even given the chance to unlock Spider-Man's black costume.

As a result, I think it's clear Venom doesn't exist in this world (not yet anyway) and while making Harry Venom would be unexpected, there is a precedent in the comics for the symbiote being man-made.


Meet The Man Without Fear

There are plenty of nods to Daredevil in Spider-Man but we don't get to see the Man Without Fear once in the game, a missed opportunity considering the relationship between the two vigilantes is so beloved by comic book fans. The sequel can set things right, though, giving Spidey a new ally and possibly even making Matt Murdock a playable character in DLC released for the eventual follow-up. 

The Return Of Silver Sable

Despite being heavily featured in marketing materials for the game, Silver Sable's impact on Spider-Man is minor and she's gone pretty much as soon as she appears. Many fans believe that she will be a playable character in an upcoming DLC pack but regardless of whether or not that's the case, she should definitely be reunited with the wall-crawler in the sequel either as friends or once again as foes.

After all, there's a lot of storytelling potential with the leader of the Wild Pack and while I'm not sure she has what to takes to be a big bad in the follow-up, I'd definitely like to see a little more of her there.



We're introduced to a lot of great bad guys in Spider-Man but someone who's noticeable by his absence is Flint Marko, a.k.a. Sandman. He's obviously been part of the wall-crawler's video game adventures in the past but can you imagine how downright spectacular he would look on the current generation of consoles? It would be mind-blowing and he would make for one hell of a boss battle.

The Superior Spider-Man?

By the time the game ends, Otto Octavius' tragic story has concluded with him being placed behind bars and while there's definitely room for him to return in a sequel, what form that could take remains to be seen. One very likely possibility is that he could enact a plan to become the Superior Spider-Man, something which could actually work out in a lot of exciting ways if it's handled correctly by Insomniac.

For example, if Otto takes over Peter's body around the halfway mark, players could then be given the chance to suit up as Miles Morales as he attempts to stop his seemingly unhinged "mentor" or because he knows of a way to bring Peter back. Throw in some levels where we get to play as this more brutal version of Peter Parker and the sequel could adapt the comics in an extremely satisfying manner.


Earth's Mightiest Heroes

It's briefly mentioned in the game that The Avengers are out of town and on the West Coast but that excuse can't last forever and it really would be nice to see Spider-Man interact with at least one or two Avengers next time around. After all, we have no idea what his relationship with them is like and if there's one thing the amazing first game is short on, it's team-ups between Spidey and any heroes!


Mysterio is set to take centre stage in Spider-Man: Far From Home next year in a movie which should help put this villain on the map in a big way. As a result, it's easy to imagine fans chomping at the bit for a chance to take him on in this sequel and given the unique abilities he's gifted with, we'd be in store for some truly insane visuals and battles as Quentin Beck unleashes them on the Big Apple. 

The game confirmed that he exists in this world so an origin story wouldn't be needed and he could easily be one of the big bads we square off with at some point throughout the sequel's storyline. 



After Otto Octavius loses his funding, we learn that A.I.M. has stepped in to help out. Peter Parker points out that they don't have the best reputation and it now feels like the stage is being set for them to return and play a much larger role in proceedings, especially if they're involved with Taskmaster. 

Who could be in charge of the group? M.O.D.O.K. is the most obvious answer but it's not like he's a classic Spider-Man villain so I'm guessing someone else from the comic books would be reimagined and they would more than likely be the sequel's lead bad guy. Right now, there are too many options!


Yuri Watanabe Becomes Wraith

Spider-Man's relationship with Captain Yuri Watanabe is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the first game but it already feels like a relationship which has been played out, so why not have her undergo a transformation into Wraith? In the comics, that was tied into her hatred for Mister Negative and while the moment may have passed for that to play out, it could be achieved in any number of ways. 

Spidey's adventures are always more fun when things get personal and so pitting him against an old ally turned enemy has a lot of dramatic potential even if it's a minor part of a much larger narrative. 


More Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson's role in Spider-Man has been more than a little divisive with many gamers praising the new take on the character but unappreciative of being forced to play through somewhat mundane stealth missions as the reporter. Despite that, I would definitely expect to see more of MJ in the follow-up even if it's just as someone who continues showing up in cutscenes or being a voice on the wall-crawler's ear as she guides him to crimes taking place throughout the city when he goes on patrol. 

Bear in mind that she too is close to Harry Osborn and seeing as he's clearly going to play a large role in proceedings in the sequel, there's no way MJ isn't going to be involved with that to a large extent. 


Exploring Different Boroughs

Insomniac has done a stellar (or should that be spectacular?) job of bringing New York City to life but is it not about time we're given the opportunity to explore a little further? It would be hard to pull off but missions set in Queens or even Brooklyn would result in a change of scenery and give us some new areas to explore outside of the familiar sights. It would just be a very difficult feat for them to pull off.

The X-Men And Fantastic Four

After playing through Spider-Man, it definitely doesn't appear as if the X-Men and Fantastic Four exist in Peter Parker's world. That could be a result of licensing issues or Marvel not wanting to promote characters they don't own the movie rights for but with the Fox/Disney merger set to be completed long before a follow-up to this game comes out, don't be remotely surprised if that suddenly changes.

Even if the heroes don't appear, the mention of mutants and being able to scale the Baxter Building would be tremendous fun and would help make a sequel feel fresh and different, especially if any of these characters did decide to show up to help Spider-Man with whatever his next adventure may be...

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