We know many of you are eager for news about Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, and we may now have details to share about the plots of both Multiverse Saga movies. Read on for details!

By JoshWilding - Oct 02, 2023 10:10 AM EST

When the news broke that Jeff Loveness would write Avengers: The Kang Dynasty for Marvel Studios, it made all the sense in the world. Despite having never worked on a project of that size before, he was well-versed in the Multiverse thanks to Rick and Morty and had already penned Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

As for Avengers: Secret Wars, Michael Waldron, another Rick and Morty scribe, had delivered two hits for Marvel Studios with Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness before being hired.

While there have been rumblings Loveness is off The Kang Dynasty, it was recently reported that Waldron is also no longer attached to his Avengers movie. It seems Marvel Studios has gone back to the drawing board, though a new leak suggests the plots of both future blockbusters have remained largely the same. 

According to one reliable (or perhaps semi-reliable) scooper, the current idea is for The Kang Dynasty to feature the "616 Avengers team fight the Council of Kangs and lose" in what sounds like a somewhat similar premise to Avengers: Infinity War

However, Secret Wars sounds like exactly the movie we know many of you have been hoping for. "The TVA send a team of Multiversal Avengers they have secretly recruited led by Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool to save the 616 Avengers and defeat the Kangs once and for all."

Those certainly aren't the leads we expected to take centre stage in this conclusion to the Multiverse Saga, though it lines up with what we've heard about Secret Wars featuring a whole host of characters from the past who assemble in an effort to stop Kang and create a new Sacred Timeline. 

When that happens, we'll likely meet the MCU's X-Men and perhaps even see the return of some familiar characters, albeit with new actors playing them (after all, we can't imagine Marvel Studios really wants to leave Iron Man on the shelf for too much longer given the Armoured Avenger's continue popularity). 

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty was recently pushed back to May 1, 2026, with Avengers: Secret Wars set to follow on May 7, 2027. 



Marvel Studios Reportedly Still Committed To KANG Storyline, But Jonathan Majors May Be Replaced
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Marvel Studios Reportedly "Still Committed" To KANG Storyline, But Jonathan Majors May Be Replaced

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bobevanz - 10/2/2023, 10:06 AM
I literally JUST said this on the previous article. Now it shows clowns like other clowns. Stop giving clout chasers a platform WHEN THEY'RE ALL RUMORS ffs
bobevanz - 10/2/2023, 10:06 AM
MosquitoFarmer - 10/2/2023, 10:12 AM
Do you know how many times in the MCU people were certain something was going to happen based off of rumors and speculation, and then it didn't happen at all?
Razorface1 - 10/2/2023, 3:01 PM
@MosquitoFarmer - Small reminder that Agent Coulson was 100% for real you guys going to be revived as Vision.
IShitYourPants - 10/2/2023, 10:17 AM
Earth 19999*
Origame - 10/2/2023, 10:20 AM
@Bumpleforeskin - even feige won't admit he was wrong there. 🤣
CorndogBurglar - 10/2/2023, 6:04 PM
@Bumpleforeskin - Yeah man. When they called the MCU 616 it added all kinds of confusion.
IShitYourPants - 10/2/2023, 10:18 AM
This all sounds horribly lame. Let's hope it's bogus.
tmp3 - 10/2/2023, 10:22 AM
This sounds [frick]ing awful, like a kid smashing some action figures together, but considering MTTSH makes up most of her “scoops”, I don’t think it has much bearing on anything.
Orphix - 10/2/2023, 11:23 AM
@tmp3 - To be fair - one of the reasons the original Secret Wars Comic run came into existence was to sell action figures.

I even had some back in the day!
RolandD - 10/2/2023, 1:58 PM
@Orphix - Crisis on Infinite Earths from around the same time was so much better IMHO. It existed to tell a story/sell comics as opposed to selling toys. The team ofWolfman and Perez is another reason.
CerealKiller1 - 10/2/2023, 10:23 AM
Wasn’t there an article the other day claiming Tom Holland was the lead of Secret Wars and Tobey specifically wasn’t? And within a few days we’ve got another rumour hedging their bets of the opposite? Oh dear….
CerealKiller1 - 10/2/2023, 10:25 AM
@CerealKiller1 - https://comicbookmovie.com/avengers/avengers-secret-wars/tom-hollands-spider-man-may-have-a-much-bigger-role-in-avengers-secret-wars-than-we-realized-a205858#gs.6g02a6

Knew I wasn’t imagining it. Says Tobey won’t be a lead. Which wouldn’t make much sense if he’s one of the members of the team the movie is about…
RolandD - 10/2/2023, 1:58 PM
@CerealKiller1 - Why yes, yes there was. 😂
Origame - 10/2/2023, 10:25 AM
It's probably because of the trash we've been exposed to recently, but this actually sounds pretty good.

Hey, beats whatever secret invasion is.
Origame - 10/2/2023, 10:53 AM
But nothing they do can beat this brilliance.

StSteven - 10/2/2023, 5:23 PM
@Origame - You know what? I was in a pretty pissy mood (my ML model was misbehaving and I couldn't figure out why, my wife was telling me a whole lot of crap I didn't want to hear, etc.). But then I watched that video and now I feel a lot better (the beer I'm having is probably helping as well). So thank you for that. Thank you. Here, let me share some of my beer with you. Go grab a cup while I pour some in the speaker on my laptop. That's how the Internet works, right? A series of tubes? Here we go... cheers! 🍻
Origame - 10/2/2023, 5:46 PM
@StSteven - no problem. Spooderman truly is the hero we get
StSteven - 10/2/2023, 9:03 PM
@Origame - And you know what? Some days he's the hero we deserve (hope that beer wasn't flat and full of donkey porn by the time it got to you (probably should have recommended using a strainer)).
TheVandalore - 10/2/2023, 10:25 AM
Lol yeah... man, you know what, man?

Let me know when this shits good again.
TheOtherOn - 10/2/2023, 12:08 PM
@TheVandalore - Plot Twist!

This shit was never really that "good". It was mostly first time enjoyment of seeing all those Superheroes come to life in front of green screen and lots of fans praising it to no end ignoring all the flaws in storytelling. Most of those fans are grown up now and can't sit through cheesy BS filled with plot holes like they did when there were kids.

One simple example, it took weeks/months of practice for Tony Stark to "master" how to use Iron-Man suit and probably even longer to build it when not counting the "proto-type" he did in the cave.

Meanwhile Obadiah steals the "Arc Reactor", that powers Tony Stark's specifically designed suit, is SOMEHOW able to perfectly fit in his much larger suit with obviously different design and specs, and then is able to use the suit like a pro in secs.... Only then to fail at that little "plot armor" condition of freezer temperature outside the Earth's atmosphere.

How else could've Tony Stark defeated the brilliance of that man if it wasn't for freezing cold? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And that's just one of MANY plot holes in almost every movie that's very conveniently ignored because it's a popcorn movie and making millions of dollars at box office so it MUST be good!
SethBullock - 10/2/2023, 12:13 PM
@TheOtherOn - Yeah, there were things that didn't make much sense in the first MCU movies, but they were much better than the current ones anyway.

The Dark Knight Trilogy movies also had a billion things that made zero sense but still were much better than sh*t like WW84 or The Flash.
SpiderParker - 10/2/2023, 12:45 PM
@TheOtherOn - Tony needed practice with flying, War Monger wasn't flying much and his downfall was boosting himself up to space so I don't think your point stands.
TheOtherOn - 10/2/2023, 8:07 PM
@SpiderParker - Oh so what War Monger was doing, that was NOT "flying"? If that's how you think those machines worked then you are obviously the PERFECT audience for them! 👌👍

And you also conveniently skipped the "plot armor" parts of the post since those were clearly the major plot holes that even the dumbest of dumbs can't defend.
SpiderParker - 10/2/2023, 9:14 PM
@TheOtherOn - What plot armor? Are you telling me they introduced X so when Y happens they can say our hero knows X cause it already happened to him and the villain doesn't so hero wins? I mean, isn't that how stories or life work? Are you actually telling me, other stories shape themselves by divine powers? Or would you rather have Iron Man, known for his quick wit and intelligence, fight it out to the death against a hulkbuster type armor in his first big fight rather than use his MAIN WEAPON?
TheOtherOn - 10/2/2023, 10:25 PM
@SpiderParker - Once again you totally ignored my plot hole details and wrote a wall of text mumbling jumbling, PERFECT audience for them! 👌👍

I am not gonna bother answering to you unless you actually read my post again and use whatever little brain power you have to come up with a logical answer rather than some gibberish.

PERFECT audience for MCU! 👋
tvor03 - 10/2/2023, 11:51 PM
@TheOtherOn - that’s it. You’re getting blocked. I don’t need some elitist snob sucking the joy out of life.
SpiderParker - 10/3/2023, 9:31 AM
@TheOtherOn - What plot hole? Do you understand the meaning of the term "plot hole"? Using the freezing space temperature to give Tony an edge cause he figured out earlier it can be a problem and has solved it for his own suit, is a plot point.

All I see is a guy trying to create issues out of nothing while having very low grasp or understanding about the basics of story writing and plot. Plot points and plot devices are used to move the plot forward hopefully in a seamless way. Plot hole is when something is impossible to happen or inconsistent to something else.

War monger had the better MARK 2 arc reactor, Tony was on his older arc reactor with extremely low power. War monger was technically advanced in most grounds except for the ice problem. Tony needed practice to fly and maneuver, War Monger never really maneuvers. Tony in his first suit thrusts himself up without AI computer's help to escape the cave, War Monger did the same but also had AI to lower the error limits. Also, most people would agree, driving is pretty easy, what's hard is not hitting people while driving. Which is why, Tony flew pretty easily in his first tries but had trouble "parking".
SATW42 - 10/2/2023, 10:25 AM
I just don't see Marvel having the three stars of the movie be characters that weren't established in the MCU (wolverine, tobey and deadpool)

That doesn't make any sense. Also, isn't this essentially the rumored plot of Deadpool 3, but with tobey thrown in?
WakandanQueen - 10/2/2023, 10:28 AM
Hmmmm sounds pretty fake.
SATW42 - 10/2/2023, 10:31 AM
I just don't see a world where Secret Wars isn't an insane cameo fest with Tom Holland's Spider-Man essentially playing the emotional center audience surrogate flanked by Thor, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man and Captain Marvel as the Avenger team, and every other character basically playing backup.
FireandBlood - 10/2/2023, 10:33 AM
Sounds boring and predictable 🥱
mountainman - 10/2/2023, 10:40 AM
Whether these movies follow this template or not, I think we all know that a few things are going to happen:

- The heroes will lose in Kang Dynasty just like they did in Infinity War
- There are going to be a ridiculous number of cameos and variants involved
- The end of Secret Wars is going to result in some kind of reset for the MCU

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