J.J. Jameson In The SUMC, Jeremy Renner Safe As Hawkeye, AVENGERS: ENDGAME Details, & More Marvel News

In today's round-up of Marvel news, we have a big Spider-Man rumour, an update on Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye's status, more Avengers: Endgame secrets, Eternals set photos, Marvel Legends, and much more...

Welcome to another roundup of Marvel news! There's a lot out there to cover, but rather than writing up every single piece of fresh intel in separate articles, we've collected it for you in one place.

Kicking off with a big J. Jonah Jameson rumour, we move on to everything from updates on Jeremy Renner's MCU future to another response to Martin Scorsese's recent anti-Marvel comments, this time from writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Oh, and Fantastic Four fans will definitely love the latest range of Marvel Legends action figures from Hasbro! 

Throw in some set photos and the Russos in animated form, and there's a lot to delve into. 

As we mentioned earlier in this post, we don't expect you guys to have to click through a tonne of different articles for your Marvel fix as you can instead find everything you need right here. So, to check out this latest batch of news, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button below! 

Could J. Jonah Jameson Link The SUMC And MCU?


J.K. Simmons reprised the role of J. Jonah Jameson at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but a wild claim from @DRMovieNews1 (which has since been "corroborated" by a number of other online scoopers) says that the character will be what links the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters or "SUMC" for short. 

We've already heard that Tom Holland's Spider-Man will leap between these two shared worlds, and the Alex Jones-type JJJ will be what links them as he's reportedly set to appear in Morbius.
This does make sense, as it loosely connects the two worlds through a single character without Sony being too heavy handed about it. Needless to say, this should be taken with a massive grain of salt, but here's hoping more reliable sources weigh in on the matter sooner rather than later!

Jeremy Renner's Future As Hawkeye


Due to Jeremy Renner's messy divorce, there have been rumblings that Marvel Studios considered changing tact with Hawkeye by removing Clint Barton from it altogether. It was hard to believe, but given some of his ex-wife's claims, it also wouldn't have been a massive shocker to fans.

Well, the Independent has now weighed in and say that, "Despite the claims that Disney considered casting someone else, it’s believed bosses have decided against the idea and will permit Renner to appear in future Marvel films." 

Considering the fact that this series is set to delve into Hawkeye's past (and Kate Bishop's future), it would have been hard to write him out, and it seems unfair to punish the actor for what should actually be a very private matter. Unfortunately, the nature of this divorce has made it public!

Reshoots Added A Key Time-Travel Line To Avengers: Endgame


Avengers: Endgame reshoots seemingly added a lot to the movie, including a key line about time-travel. According to co-editor Jeff Ford, War Machine's conversation with The Hulk about going back to kill "Baby Thanos" was a last-minute addition meant to clear things up for moviegoers. 

"Joe [Russo] had this great idea that Rhodey would pitch, 'Why don't we just go back and kill baby Thanos?'," he told Collider. "That was a reshoot that we did very late. The idea was, we can tell audiences that these time travel scenarios they've seen in other movies and on TV, we're doing something slightly different.
"Hulk can say, 'That's not how it works'. We never get to a complete, intense description of how our time travel works, but at least you know the question was asked and Hulk understood it." This was meant to avoid too much exposition as it's a simpler way to address time-travel.

Avengers: Endgame Writers Respond To Martin Scorsese

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion," Avengers: Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus says above. "Clearly, [Endgame] has reached a great number of people and has pleased a great number of people, I have to say, in a way a movie has not in a long time. If that's not cinema, I'm not sure what is. That is a collective, emotional experience that happened worldwide."
Stephen McFeely then agreed, arguing that there's something for everyone these days. "All sorts of movies for all sorts of people. This one seemed like it was for a lot of people." 

Doctor Strange Sequel Returns To A Familiar Location


It won't be long until production begins on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and it probably won't surprise you to learn that the sequel will be returning to a familiar location. 

According to HN Entertainment, the bulk of principal photography on the Doctor Strange follow-up will take place in Pinewood Studios UK, but some filming will also take place in New York City. Needless to say, with the Sanctum Sanctorum located on Bleeker Street, that's not a surprise. 

With any luck, this will also mean we eventually get some revealing set photos!

More New Photos From The Set Of Eternals

Another round of set photos from Eternals have been revealed, and while there's still no sign of the movie's cast, we do see an otherworldly location. With the Marvel Studios movie set to delve into thousands of years of history, this could be what Earth looked like when the Celestials first arrived.

Honestly, it's hard to say for sure as we don't know how cosmic in nature Eternals will be.

More On Captain America's Scrapped Decapitation


As you're no doubt already well aware, Avengers: Endgame once included a scene with Thanos throwing the decapitated head of 2014 Captain America at the feet of the present day Steve Rogers. The scene was never shot, but why not? After all, it sounds pretty cool for the most part! 

In that same interview with Collider, co-editor Jeff Ford elaborated on that decision. "Most of us on the crew are parents and have young kids, and I think that’s part of who we are. We think about that, but more importantly, it’s about the scale of the story. So for instance, is it necessary? And is it narratively significant? And is it warranted?"

"If you can answer those questions and you feel you need something that could be shocking or violent, then what’s the most artful way to handle that so that you don’t alienate the audience?" 

Fantastic Four Marvel Legends "Build-A-Figure" Revealed


We've known for a while that Hasbro is releasing a new batch of Marvel Legends action figures based on the Fantastic Four (as they appear in Dan Slott's current series), but some official hi-res images of both them and the "Build-A-Figure" Super-Skrull have now been revealed. 

Regardless of how you feel about these costumes, the designs here are really cool and the Super-Skrull looks phenomenal (especially with those powered up arms). Check them out below:









The Russo Brothers Come To The Simpsons 

As we told you last week, the Russo Brothers are set to make a cameo appearance in The Simpsons next February as a couple of studio execs attempting to stop Bart from spreading spoilers. 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, meanwhile, will lend his voice to an evil alien supervillain based on Thanos (Chinnos). Now, thanks to TV Line, we have a first look at the animated incarnations of the MCU filmmakers.
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Marvel Studios Reportedly Failed To Notify VFX Artists They'd Moved AVENGERS: ENDGAME's Release Date Up

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