AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Leaked Trailer - 10 Mind-Blowing Moments You Need To See

Did you miss the Avengers: Infinity War trailer when it leaked online last Sunday? Well, whether you caught it or not, we have you covered with this in-depth look at the teaser's most amazing moments...

It was nearly two weeks ago that the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War debuted at D23. Marvel Studios showed it again the following weekend at Comic-Con but didn't release it online for fans to enjoy. As is so often the case, though, that didn't stop at least some of those in attendance from recording it on their phones and a couple of different versions ended up leaking online on Sunday. 

That was obviously quickly removed by Disney and an official version still hasn't been released and probably won't be at this stage. Well, it's a good job we've combed through the footage to provide you with an in-depth recap of all the biggest and best moments then, isn't it? Below are the ten most noteworthy scenes along with a look at what those might mean for this movie and the MCU's future...

10. Hulkbuster Returns

Tony Stark and Bruce created the Hulkbuster armour as a countermeasure against the Jade Giant if he were to lose control. With it, Iron Man successfully managed to take his fellow Avenger down...barely. For that reason, it's something of a surprise to see it return for Avengers: Infinity War but the hero has clearly given it some major upgrades for the battle against Thanos, his children, and their armies.

We only see a single shot of the armour leaping into action in this trailer as if Marvel just wanted to make a point of letting us know it will be used here but that's enough to leave us all wondering just how large a role it will play. Based on how Thanos effortlessly dispatches Iron Man at the end of the trailer in his souped up new armour, I'm not thinking it goes all that well for Tony when he dusts off the Hulkbuster for another round of action! 

9. The Death Of Spider-Man

The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is going to be set after the events of Avengers: Infinity War so we know the wall-crawler survives but what if he's among the heroes killed by Thanos and then resurrected by the Infinity Gauntlet a little later on? That's probably not happening but either way, things look bleak for Peter Parker in this trailer. 

We first see him in a school bus and get what might just be confirmation that he has Spider-Sense in this movie before a later shot shows him leaping into action wearing his new suit. However, the most interesting shot comes when he's unmasked and apologising to Iron Man for something while also seemingly being badly wounded/dying. It's been said that Spidey's role here is equivalent to the one he had in Captain America: Civil War, so I'm betting he's injured fighting Thanos, his suit is destroyed, and he's forced to leave the rest of the fight up to The Avengers. 

8. Asgard In Ruins?

The trailer begins with the Guardians arriving at an unknown point in space and it appears a planet may have been destroyed there. Could this be the remains of Asgard? We know that Thor: Ragnarok is going to feature Hela attempting to bring about Ragnarok, so what if the movie ends with the God of Thunder stopping her but being unable to save his home? T

hanos attacking in the closing moments of the threequel as he looks to get his revenge on Loki - who seems to finally be delivering the Tesseract to him in this trailer -  makes a lot of sense and Asgard being totally wiped out in the process would explain why Thor is left floating in space by himself. We know Asgard essentially exists in space as Volstagg and Sif were able to visit The Collector with an Infinity Stone so things all tying together here with that would really open the door to some very interesting possibilities. 

7. Strange Bedfellows

There are a lot of fun and unexpected team-ups in the trailer but perhaps the most intriguing one comes when we see Star-Lord and Doctor Strange working side by side. The Sorcerer Supreme is creating platforms for Peter Quill to leap across as he attempts to take the fight to Thanos, but based on the way the Guardian falls to the floor shortly after, that doesn't end too well for him!

Another noteworthy reveal here is the fact Strange isn't wearing the yellow/gold gloves he had on in the mid-credits scene from his solo movie which set up the events of Thor: Ragnarok. That's clearly a touch added by director Taika Waititi rather than a sign the hero is about to change his look so that it's closer to his comic book counterpart. Star-Lord, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have changed much since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

6. Wakandans At War

Is there an Infinity Stone in Wakanda? Not that we know of, but Thanos' army has to be attacking T'Challa's home for some reason! In the trailer, we see Black Panther ready for action as he bears his claws with the might of his nation behind him. However, he's not alone as it appears The Winter Soldier will be joining him. Given how dire things are for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, defrosting Bucky (who we can now assume has had his mind healed) makes sense and seeing these two working together should make for fun viewing. 

The creatures attacking Wakanda are definitely alien and it could be that Thanos wants to get his hands on Vibranium or just wipe out a part of our world he knows could be a threat to him for some reason. It's hard to say right now, but considering the fact we see Captain America - who I'll get to soon - catching a spear thrown at him, he too will be visiting Wakanda to help aid in this fight. 

5. Loki Makes Good On His Promise

I mentioned Loki getting his hands on the Tesseract a little earlier in this post but let's take a closer look at what that could mean. In The Avengers, Thanos granted the God of Mischief one of the Stones (contained within a staff) so that he could conquer Earth and give him the Tesseract in return. The fact the Mad Titan would give one of them up is surprising but The Other made it clear at the time that Loki would pay if he failed to make good on his promise.

Now that Thanos is on his way to Earth and incredibly powerful, Thor's brother clearly wants to make things right and it looks like he's delivering the Tesseract in this scene. It's interesting that he's capable of holding it with his bare hands after what happened to the Red Skull, especially as he's a Frost Giant and not actually Asgardian. Either way, we can clearly expect him to once again betray Thor in Avengers: Infinity War

4. Black Widow's New Look

There are a lot of random shots of Avengers scattered throughout this trailer, including both Scarlet Witch and The Vision. Neither of them looks particularly happy so chances are romance isn't on the cards just yet - there is an alien invasion going on after all - but the fact they're shown together does point to Earth's Mightiest Heroes reuniting following the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Most interesting of these, though, is our first look at Black Widow. She's now rocking whitish blonde hair which is quite the departure from her classic red locks. Speculation is running rampant that it probably has something to do with the fact she's been on the run since her actions mentioned in the movie above but how she gets back into the thick of things in this movie isn't revealed. However, it looks like she's still rocking the same sort of costume as normal. 

3. Thor Meets The Guardians Of The Galaxy

After being woken up by Mantis and learning who exactly the Guardians are, it appears Thor will team up with that group and be responsible for bringing Star-Lord and company to Earth. That solves what could have been a very convoluted explanation for why they get involved in this conflict and meet up with The Avengers and should provide us with an interesting dynamic as the God of Thunder hangs out with the likes of Groot and Drax.

It may, however, spoil the ending of Thor: Ragnarok as I speculated a little earlier in this post! Another very interesting shot here relates to Gamora as she looks around what appears to be The Collector's new base. That makes sense if Thor tasks the team with tracking down the Infinity Stone from Thor: The Dark World as the race will be on to get to that before the Mad Titan does. Given the look of fear on Gamora's face, though, it may be a close one! 

2. Nomad

There are only two shots of Captain America in the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and both are very cool. As I mentioned, the first sees Steve Rogers catching a spear thrown at him and then stepping out of the shadows wearing a different sort of uniform and rocking an awesome beard.

That's clearly a result of having been on the run for however much time has passed since this movie and Captain America: Civil War and his suit had been modified to remove any mention of The Avengers or the red, white, and blue which used to adorn it. He can later be seen fighting in Wakanda seemingly alongside Black Panther and Bucky but it's Iron Man who gets the vast majority of screentime in the trailer as he provides a voiceover in which he talks about taking the fight to Thanos. There are also no scenes featuring both Steve and Tony together so who knows how that reunion will go! 

1. Thanos Doesn't Have All The Stones

In the trailer, it doesn't look like Thanos actually has all six of the Infinity Stones. Instead, the scene in which he crushes a distant moon or planet and hurls its remains at The Avengers sees him wielding possibly only three and that obviously leaves the door open to some very frightening possibilities when it comes to just how powerful the Mad Titan will ultimately be. So, where are all the Stones?

Well, there's the Space Stone/Tesseract which is in Asgard, the Mind Stone which is in The Vision's head, the Reality Stone which the Asgardians handed over to The Collector, the Power Stone which is being held on to by the Nova Corps, and the Time Stone which is wielded by Doctor Strange and kept within the Eye of Agamotto. That leaves just one unaccounted for but Thanos will have his hands full - literally - trying to track all those down...

Which part of the leaked Avengers: Infinity War trailer was your favourite? Did you catch it before it was taken down? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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