AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Will Delve Into Nebula's Past And It's Going To Be Seriously Dark

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Will Delve Into Nebula's Past And It's Going To Be Seriously Dark

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Karen Gillan has revealed that Avengers: Infinity War will spend some time delving into Nebula's past and promises that it will be darker than we ever imagined...

By JoshWilding - Aug 14, 2017 03:08 AM EST
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We've known since the first Guardians of the Galaxy that Nebula was taken apart by Thanos and rebuilt as his weapon and it sounds like we can expect Avengers: Infinity War to shed even more light on her tragic background. That probably won't surprise fans of the comics as you'll more than likely remember that she uses the Infinity Gauntlet to restore her body to how it used to be before he ruined her. 

Whether or not that's something we'll see play out on the big screen remains to be seen but at a Florida SuperCon panel, the Scottish actress confirmed that some big reveals are on the way. 

"Without giving away any spoilers, we’re definitely going to continue the arc for Nebula and find out more about her past," Gillan teases. "And actually, we’re going to find out that it’s even worse than we know." She could be referring to a flashback or just references to what the Mad Titan did to his "daughter" but it sounds like Nebula's emotional response to this will be a pretty significant one.

"We’re going to see her confront all of it,"Gillan promises. "It’s going to be an emotional explosion."

That sounds intense and it's interesting to think that this movie will delve so far into the character's past when that's an area you would think James Gunn would want to focus on in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. What are you guys hoping to see from Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War next year?
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SimplyAz - 8/14/2017, 3:18 AM
I finally saw GOTG2 after getting the Blu Ray the other day, as I never got to see it in the Cinema.

I loved it and it was hilarious and my son couldn't stop laughing, his favourite character is Drax. My wife loved it as well.

Kumkani - 8/14/2017, 3:35 AM
@SimplyAz - I know he's different from the comics but I love Drax as well
SimplyAz - 8/14/2017, 3:52 AM
@BlindWedjat - Surprised by how well Batista adapted to acting in the role. Always liked him as a wrestler as well and embraces his fans as well
Luminus - 8/14/2017, 4:16 AM
@SimplyAz - Yup, Drax is my favorite, too.
SimplyAz - 8/14/2017, 4:33 AM
@Luminus -

That's cool
Ha1frican - 8/14/2017, 8:21 AM
@SimplyAz - the blu-ray isnt out yet...
SimplyAz - 8/14/2017, 11:28 AM
@Ha1frican As I pre ordered the Blu Ray I got a discount voucher to use on Amamzon Prime or Itunes, which I watched it on. Wasn't being specific..... Got released there on 8th
Ha1frican - 8/14/2017, 12:31 PM
@SimplyAz - ahhh i see bc i just ordered mine and i was like how the hell did he get it lol
Chameleon - 8/14/2017, 3:18 AM
Don't really care for Nebula or Gamora tbh
SimplyAz - 8/14/2017, 3:23 AM
I liked Karen as Nebula as well, and thought she did well in the role. Thought she bought more empathy to the role and was understandable why she was angry.
Really hope she delivers the Killer blow to Thanos or is the one to defeat him.

Also Karen wants to play Duela Dent:

minusman - 8/14/2017, 3:33 AM
I liked her in the first Guardians but in Vol2 I thought the whole sister thing with Gamora was a bit forced and rushed. I also thought that there was too much humor that didnt feel as natural as the humor in the first one did. Instead of the humor flowing from the story, it felt too set up like on a sit-com.
Still, I liked it over all and had a smile on my face for most of the movie.
Kumkani - 8/14/2017, 3:36 AM
I'm guessing we're going to see all those fights she lost to Gamora and Thanos taking away (and replacing) her body parts
SuspectOne - 8/14/2017, 3:40 AM
I think she is a splendid character. She is meant to be depicted as being emotionally tortured, with nothing more than hatred and grief filling her up. Her hugging Gamora at the end of Vol. 2 showed that she is really unfamiliar to any kind of joyful emotions. I'm excited to see this arc, and I hope that either her or Drax are the ones to kill Thanos in Avengers 4 (probably).
minusman - 8/14/2017, 3:40 AM
Am I mistaken that Guardians 2 takes place in 2014?
ElVengador - 8/14/2017, 5:20 AM
@minusman - Maybe, it takes place shortly after the first one. I wouldn't say 2014 though, remember comic book time will inevitably move these movies forward in time. We already saw some of it Homecoming.
FreelancePeacekeeper - 8/14/2017, 4:07 AM
Hope we see her go after the Gauntlet to try and get revenge on Thanos.
ElVengador - 8/14/2017, 5:18 AM
@FreelancePeacekeeper - I'm expecting it to happen, and some variation of this scene.

Faithful to the comics, yes?
FreelancePeacekeeper - 8/14/2017, 6:37 AM
@ElVengador - That's what I was picturing
SecretWarrior - 8/14/2017, 4:08 AM
I liked Nebula more than I thought I would in Guardians part 1. And she only got better in part two. I hope she gets restored to her natural self in IW, at least for a couple of scenes. But she better have the black punk style hair lol.
Darlene1974 - 8/14/2017, 4:20 AM
its going to be so awesome to delve into her past, its all inter-connected anyways, she's Thanos' kid so-to-speak... to see her go ape-shit at Thanos would be epic...hehehe... All in all, i hope A:IW truly delivers, esp after all these non-stop hype about it is not going to stop until the movie comes out...
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