BATGIRL Stars Michael Keaton And Brendan Fraser Express Disappointment Over The Movie's Cancelation

BATGIRL Stars Michael Keaton And Brendan Fraser Express Disappointment Over The Movie's Cancelation BATGIRL Stars Michael Keaton And Brendan Fraser Express Disappointment Over The Movie's Cancelation

Batgirl stars Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser have finally shared their thoughts on Warner Bros. Discovery's decision to scrap the movie, and neither actor seems particularly impressed. Check it out...

By JoshWilding - Sep 13, 2022 09:09 AM EST
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Source: Deadline

Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled Batgirl in an effort to save money, deeming it unworthy of a theatrical release and not a worthwhile investment for HBO Max. The response to the news from fans was overwhelmingly negative, while those involved with the movie have also expressed disappointment with the studio's decision.

Michael Keaton's Batman was set to appear in the movie, though now it's no longer set to be released, we don't know what the plan is. This Caped Crusader is still part of The Flash, but we now wouldn't be surprised if it's a one-and-done appearance (especially as Keaton has already been replaced by Ben Affleck in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom). 

Talking to journalists after his recent win at the SAG Awards (via Deadline), Keaton was asked for his thoughts on the decision to scrap Batgirl

"I think it was a business decision," he responded. "It was a film, it was a good one." It sounds like the actor is definitely disappointed, and when the same reporter wondered when we'll see him as Batman again, Keaton said, "Oh, a little later tonight. No, I’m kidding. I don’t know. I really have no idea."

It turns out he's not the only one upset that Batgirl has been shelved as Brendan Fraser has similarly weighed in on what was clearly a misstep by Warner Bros. Discovery.

"The fans really wanted to see this film made," he says. "Leslie Grace is a dynamo. The movie was shot and conceived for a smaller screen. In this age that we’ve come out of now between streaming service versus theatrical release, it wound up being the canary in the coal mine."

We'd also recommend watching the second video below as the actor manages to have a little fun about the movie's cancellation, clearly taking it in his stride at this point in his career. 

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bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 9:04 AM
It's definitely a massive dissappoinment. I (like to) believe it was merely a business decision, and had very little to do with the quality of the movie.

Even if it was bad, I would like to be the judge of it myself and (in the wise words of a fellow user) make up own mind no movie critic critic get paid.
Origame - 9/13/2022, 9:06 AM
@bkmeijer1 - but it being bad doesn't negate this being a business decision. If they don't think the quality is enough to warrant the film making a profit, it's the right business decision to can it.
bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 9:13 AM
@Origame - true. I don't think it was whether this movie could make a profit or not though, but moreso that they needed that tax cut now.

They obviously won't cut a movie with Dwayne Johnson or Shazam, even if those had the same test scores. I feel that's why they canned Batgirl, and not because of it's quality. I think it was the best decision too
Origame - 9/13/2022, 9:16 AM
@bkmeijer1 - I really don't think so. The movie was almost finished. They did receive a loss from not releasing it. But as stated they're focusing on more of a theatrical release model for the dc movies, and Batgirl was designed for streaming.
bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 9:54 AM
@Origame - as I understand, they can write up that loss as a tax write-off. Otherwise, just canning it because it doesn't fit their model is a really dumb move
Origame - 9/13/2022, 10:06 AM
@bkmeijer1 - I mean, even Frasier admits it's coming down to the streaming vs theatrical releases that's been a debate for years now. But ultimately, theatrical is more profitable, yet also requires a higher standard of quality. The only reason they even considered Batgirl for theatrical was because hbo max didn't want it. Think about it. Streaming services basically require a constant stream of new content, yet they didn't want Batgirl.

It's really not that hard to get here. They felt it'd be better to get a tax write off than to have this film be released as they try a new approach to their dc movies.
bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 10:09 AM
@Origame - HBO Max didn't want Batgirl? I guess it would be moreso just WBD in general.

Whatever underlying reasons there might be though, at the end of the day it's a tax write-off. And given the financial sitation at WBD, I totally understand the decision based on that.
Origame - 9/13/2022, 10:19 AM
@bkmeijer1 - I just think the outrage is overblown. Sure, we wanted a Batgirl movie. And Michael Keaton returning as batman is pretty sweet too. But we got no footage for it, it was a lower budget straight to streaming film, and no matter what the real return of Keaton was always gonna be the flash (it needs to be because that movie explains why this one even has Keaton as batman). It's just ridiculous we're this pissed over this movie getting canned.
bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 10:27 AM
@Origame - my main reason was that it was the only DC movie I was really looking forward to. I just want a Batgirl on the big screen, because I don't count Cassie in Birds of Prey.

I still have Blue Beetle and Shazam to look forward to, but I'm not as excited for that as I was for Batgirl.
Origame - 9/13/2022, 10:36 AM
@bkmeijer1 - but again, it's just based on the general concept of being a Batgirl movie. But now they can work on a big budget Batgirl movie.
bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 11:10 AM
@Origame - if that happens, with (past of) the same cast and crew (because I really like them), then I'd be very happy
Origame - 9/13/2022, 11:36 AM
@bkmeijer1 - not sure if they'd all return. But bare minimum they'd all be considered.
bkmeijer1 - 9/13/2022, 2:31 PM
@Origame - Hope so, WBD said they did want to work together with them in the future again.
Origame - 9/13/2022, 9:05 AM
So, yeah, that anonymous post clearly wasn't from those two. And I still doubt it's jk Simmons. It's almost definitely Leslie grace at this point.

Also, see? Is it that hard to be professional? While both are clearly unhappy over the decision, neither are letting it get to their heads.
ShimmyShimmyYA - 9/13/2022, 9:21 AM
@Origame - who was unprofessional?
thewanderer - 9/13/2022, 9:06 AM
man, Fraser basically calls DC/WB "untrustworthy filmakers".
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