CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Set Photos Give Us Another Look At Giancarlo Esposito's Mysterious Character

CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Set Photos Give Us Another Look At Giancarlo Esposito's Mysterious Character

Some more photos from the set of Captain America: Brave New World have been shared online, giving us another look at the mysterious villain played by The Boys and The Mandalorian actor Giancarlo Esposito.

By MarkCassidy - Jun 04, 2024 10:06 PM EST

As additional photography continues on Marvel Studios' Captain America: Brave New World in Atlanta, some more photos from the set have been shared online.

These black and while shots give us another look at Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) suited-up as Captain America, Rosa Salazar as Serpent Society member Diamondback, and Giancarlo Esposito as... we're still not sure!

Fans have been speculating about the identity of The Boys and The Mandalorian actor's mysterious character ever since we found out that he'd joined the MCU, and despite getting a pretty decent look at Esposito in-costume, we're still non the wiser.

All we know for sure is that he is playing a villain, and based on his array of weapons, we'd say he is more than likely a non-super-powered mercenary of some kind. This does narrow things down, but not by much!

There's been speculation that Esposito's character might be Moon Knight baddie Bushman, but scooper MTTSH doesn't believe that's the case.

Check out the latest photos from the Brave New World set at the links below.

We'll probably be waiting quite a while for a teaser trailer, but the first official stills from the movie were released a couple of weeks back. The images featured Anthony Mackie as the returning Sam Wilson equipped with Steve Rogers' iconic vibranium shield, and our new Sentinel of Liberty meeting Harrison Ford's President Ross, who will task Wilson with reforming The Avengers.

In the footage that screened at CinemaCon last month, Ross welcomes Wilson to the White House to commend him on his past heroism, but chaos soon ensues when music plays and activates some sleeper agent assassins, including Carl Lumbly's Isaiah Bradley, attempt to take out the President.

"It made more sense for it to be more of a grounded espionage action movie as opposed to aliens and airplanes coming through portals and sh*t," Mackie said in a recent interview. "Even though I've been in so many of them and have seen it all now, the opportunity for Sam to really establish himself as a true action star and Avenger comes with this movie."

"This movie is a clear reset," he adds. It really re-establishes the idea of what this universe is and what this universe is going to be. I think with these movies, you're getting a clear, new branding of what Marvel is headed towards the same way they did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Joining Mackie and Ford will be Danny Ramirez as the new Falcon, Shira Haas as Israeli superheroine Sabra, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, and Tim Blake Nelson as The Leader.

Specific plot details are still under wraps, but rumor has it the story will see Samuel Sterns revealed as the "secret benefactor" behind the Serpent Society. What this will entail is not clear, but we assume he'll be funding the group and possibly providing them with tech.

Captain America: Brave New World is set to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2025.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Alternate Trailer Includes New Footage After Removing Assassination Attempt

CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Alternate Trailer Includes New Footage After Removing Assassination Attempt

CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD - Shira Hass' Sabra WILL Be Israeli In The Movie
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CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD - Shira Hass' Sabra WILL Be Israeli In The Movie

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KaptainKhaos - 6/4/2024, 10:05 PM
That's definitely not Dr.Doom, Magneto or Prof X
UniqNo - 6/5/2024, 6:52 AM
@KaptainKhaos - Blade or Von Doom variant? I don't imagine he's a brand new character though if he's somehow getting his own series, gotta be a variant of some kind..
Shivermetimbers - 6/5/2024, 11:02 AM
@KaptainKhaos - Morpheus confirmed. Neo is going to come save the MCU.
KaptainKhaos - 6/5/2024, 11:41 AM
@UniqNo - why would a Blade or Doom Variant be hunting down Sam
UniqNo - 6/5/2024, 1:40 PM
@KaptainKhaos - why would the hull's main rogues be going up against Sam? [frick] knows.
Ha1frican - 6/4/2024, 10:09 PM
Imagine if they just made him Blade lol
TheVisionary25 - 6/4/2024, 10:12 PM
@Ha1frican - lol

He might as well be with that look.
sheisthekey - 6/4/2024, 10:10 PM
He's playing Agent Morpheous
User Comment Image
Itwasme - 6/4/2024, 10:11 PM
My gut is he'll be an amalgamation of a couple characters. He looks kinda like Machete, but that wouldn't be a big enough character, so maybe Machete with a dab of something else.
TheVisionary25 - 6/4/2024, 10:13 PM
@Itwasme - I could see that since Marvel has done that before with some characters.

He would be a hell of a thing if he’s an OC though lol
BraxtonHicks - 6/4/2024, 10:13 PM
@Itwasme - Machete Kang.
bkmeijer1 - 6/5/2024, 3:27 AM
@TheVisionary25 - I'm kinda expecting it to be another original character like Coulson and Hayward
Vigor - 6/5/2024, 5:03 AM
@bkmeijer1 - that's my guess
AnthonyVonGeek - 6/4/2024, 10:15 PM
He’s Blades father Rusty Dagger
RaddRider - 6/4/2024, 10:15 PM
Maybe he’s Cottonmouth and Luke Cage isn’t canon?
Spidey91 - 6/4/2024, 10:19 PM
He looks like he's about to tell Sam to take a red or blue pill
HashTagSwagg - 6/4/2024, 10:21 PM
He's hiding the eyes a lot, Machine man?
User Comment Image
MisterDoctor217 - 6/4/2024, 10:28 PM
What if he’s a variant of Kang ? 🤔🤔

I really have a hard time believing he’s playing a C or D list character from the comics that no one’s ever heard of.

Like he’s a seasoned actor with chops, why would they get him to play just a henchmen or something?
HashTagSwagg - 6/4/2024, 10:36 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Did you see what they did with Stellan Skarsgård, Matt Damon, Sam Neill and Ben kingsley?
MisterDoctor217 - 6/4/2024, 10:42 PM
@HashTagSwagg -


Well then the question is, why are all these renowned actors accepting such roles ? 😩

Don’t the want a good meaty role , or at least a prominent one where they’ll get a hefty check for various movies ?
HashTagSwagg - 6/4/2024, 10:58 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - The usual answer is because their kids/grand kids watch these types of movies.
KennKathleen - 6/4/2024, 11:08 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - User Comment Image

User Comment Image

User Comment Image

User Comment Image

User Comment Image

User Comment Image
MisterDoctor217 - 6/4/2024, 11:21 PM
@KennKathleen -

Yeah that’s crazy :/

They were so forgettable their characters didn’t even come to mind
soberchimera - 6/4/2024, 11:58 PM
@KennKathleen - Who did Brad Pitt play in the MCU?
KennKathleen - 6/5/2024, 1:34 AM
@soberchimera -

User Comment Image

....he was close enough. Get it? 🤨

User Comment Image
xfan320 - 6/4/2024, 10:30 PM
Honestly, the idea that he was the MCU's version of William Stryker sounded pretty cool if we're setting up Adamantium in Brave New World and establishing Sentinels/X-Men
TheFinestSmack - 6/4/2024, 10:52 PM
@xfan320 - I really appreciate you being so honest about this.
xfan320 - 6/4/2024, 11:53 PM
@TheFinestSmack - truly!
soberchimera - 6/4/2024, 11:59 PM
@xfan320 - They should make him Professor Thorton or Abraham Cornelius then.
DocSpock - 6/4/2024, 10:33 PM

Maybe he's an evil drug dealer/fried chicken pusher.

MG0019 - 6/4/2024, 10:47 PM
Gincarlo as Suave And Calm Mastermind Villain!

I’ve never seen that before!

Surely this won’t feel hackneyed, or a decision made by an executive following trends trying to right a sinking ship full of rewrite holes. Surely.
TheVisionary25 - 6/4/2024, 10:47 PM
I actually was liking the Bushman idea which still could be true but we’ll see.

He still could be MCU versions of Paladin or Cutthroat (the latter due to his ties to the Serpent Society in the comics) but I have a different idea..

How about Spymaster?.

User Comment Image
vectorsigma - 6/4/2024, 10:56 PM
Cloverfield paradox director 🫠

With all these reshoots, get ready for another mediocre film from Marvel.
WhateverItTakes - 6/5/2024, 1:14 AM
@vectorsigma - he was picked not because of his credentials
TheVisionary25 - 6/4/2024, 11:02 PM
He’s actually Jacob Fury , Nicks brother in the comics…

User Comment Image

Both have a thing for eyewear and trench coats in this universe lol.
mrbaconsock - 6/4/2024, 11:25 PM
User Comment Image
JustAWaffle - 6/5/2024, 2:17 AM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - That movie was so good. Imma have to go watch it again.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 6/5/2024, 1:52 PM
@JustAWaffle -

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