Russo Brothers Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Deleted Scenes And More

In another interview with Anthony and Joe Russo, the duo reveal whether there are any more deleted scenes than just the ones on the disc, their thoughts on the "Honest Trailer", how Captain America retrieved his shield out of the Potomac, plans for Captain America 3 and much more...

The Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD and Blu-ray was pretty light on special features, with only three or four minues of deleted scenes at most. It led to many fans wondering whether or not there were plans for a Director's Cut or if they were holding them back for a future "Marvel Phase 2" box set. Well, talking to Collider recently, Anthony Russo had this to say about why there just wasn't that much footage left on the cutting room floor. "We come from sort of do-it-yourself independent filmmaking so we’re very smart on a producing level about where we spend our money and how we spend our money, and we just wanted to make sure everything we did was gonna end up onscreen so we worked very hard to have a tight script.  So by the time we got to shooting—our shooting script is remarkably similar to the final edit of the movie." Are they holding anything back at all though? Joe adds: "That’s all we got.  And we feel bad about those scenes because you can make the argument that those four minutes of footage should have stayed in the movie.   But we’re hard on our material.  We’re really hard on it.  We like propulsive pacing.  We just want to make sure it’s as tight as possible."

Talk then turned to the recently released "Honest Trailer" for the movie (you can see that by clicking here) which pointed out - for the first time ever - that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is actually a really good movie and that they had to nitpick to find anything wrong with it! So, how did they feel to see this? "Flattered and amused," Joe revealed. "What’s so funny is that I’m an avid honest trailer watcher.  I love it, it cracks me up.  So I think we talked about it in the commentary we used to sit in the room and go, “this is not going to end up in an honest trailer.  This logic isn’t sound enough yet.”  We literally tried to Honest Trailer proof the movie.  Because what Honest Trailers really is, and I’ll say litmus test again, is “how sound is the logic in your film?  How ridiculous are the buys that you’re asking the audience to make?”  So we would just comb through the script over and over again and go, “how do we shore up this logic? How do we shore up this logic?”  So it was a very helpful exercise for us." There was of course on point that the "Honest Trailer" didn't pick up on, but many fans have been wondering how Cap reteived his shield after falling from the Helicarrier at the end of the movie. "Out of the Potomac?  He’s got a homing beacon on it, it’s very small (laughs).  Clearly he’s had issues with losing it in the past."

Finally, they once again teased plans for Captain America 3, and after being quizzed about past comments that they have a couple of Captain America Omnibus Compendium's full of post it notes with plans for the future, the duo confirmed this with Joe adding, "If you go in my office on the floor, there’s quite a few books in there.  And in fact one of them, which would be a huge spoiler for Cap 3,  I just was the other day and I was like, “why did I leave this out?”  You could walk in there and blow the whole thing.  We review the compendiums and go back over books, there’s stuff you haven’t read for years.  As we kind of comb through the books you go, “I remember when I was a kid I loved this.”  And then you put a Post-It note in there to remind yourself of cool lines, cool frames, cool tone, you know.  I’m sure I have a big Post-It on the famous France line from The Ultimates.  It’s all that.  It’s all of the iconic moments." So, will we see Cap saying, "You think this letter on my head stands for France?" We'll have to wait and see!
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