AVENGERS: TWILIGHT - New Marvel Comics Series Takes Us To A Future Where The Age Of Heroes Has Ended

AVENGERS: TWILIGHT - New Marvel Comics Series Takes Us To A Future Where The Age Of Heroes Has Ended AVENGERS: TWILIGHT - New Marvel Comics Series Takes Us To A Future Where The Age Of Heroes Has Ended

Marvel Comics has announced plans for Avengers: Twilight, a new series which follows Captain America in a world where the age of heroes has ended. You can find more details, and a trailer, after the jump!

By JoshWilding - Oct 16, 2023 08:10 AM EST
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Over the years, Marvel Comics has enjoyed exploring possible futures, whether it's the desolate Days of Future Past or the adventures of Peter Parker and Mary Jane's daughter, Spider-Girl. 

Those are always fun to delve into - and some, like Old Man Logan, have even inspired what we've seen on screen - and Marvel Comics has today announced plans for Avengers: Twilight, a bold and thought-provoking new limited series which is set to arrive in comic book stores in January. 

Announced at Marvel's "Next Big Thing Panel" at this weekend's New York Comic Con, the superstar creative team of Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuña will welcome readers to the world of tomorrow where the age of heroes is over but the future still needs to be avenged.

Today, you can get your first glimpse at this new age in a trailer for Avengers: Twilight featuring never-before-seen artwork, as well as a special promotional image by Acuña.

"In a gleaming new world of prosperity, Captain America is no more," reads the official description. "But Steve Rogers still exists, floating through an America where freedom is an illusion, where the Avengers are strangers and his friends are long dead. But is the Dream? How do you assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them?"

So, Old Man Rogers? Count us in!

It's an intriguing premise, that's for sure, and one which should put a new spin on the Marvel Universe...which we may or may not see inspiring stories told by Marvel Studios in the not-too-distant future.

We should have more to share with you about Avengers: Twilight soon. In the meantime, you can take a first look at what promises to be one of next year's most must-read comic book events below. 

On Sale 1/17

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mountainman - 10/16/2023, 8:08 AM
Why are visions of the future always so cynical? It seems as if so many people already have it predetermined that our future will be one in which you have no privacy and freedom. Almost as if this message is being programmed into us to accept.
Vigor - 10/16/2023, 8:12 AM
@mountainman - or for us to resist
Scarilian - 10/16/2023, 8:21 AM
@mountainman -
That's how our reality is going.

Licensing/Renting/Streaming replacing private ownership. Restrictions on all form of life with financial deterrents. Late stage capitalism destroying the middle classes. Communism rising in response. Authoritarian and Totalitarian methods of control continue to rise.

Sadly, every day is worse than the previous, a gradual decline of society so that nobody has really resisted any of the changes that have occurred.

We won't see a real resistance to this either as demonstrated during the pandemics when 'rules' (not laws) were used to get people to obey.
Vigor - 10/16/2023, 8:28 AM
@Scarilian - I agree with everything. But the good thing about the rules you abhor from pandemic time is that for a brief moment the planet was healing, the shift of power went to workers and not businesses (forced work from home), common cold and flu was less prominent, and qr codes finally became a thing lol

Arguably a society that cared more about taking these breaks to heal the planet with emissions and allowed workers freedom to work how they want to, is one I wouldn't mind living in.
FireandBlood - 10/16/2023, 8:29 AM
@mountainman - Because it’s

Narratively, it just presents writer with some interesting set dressing to get creative with. The flip side of it is Legion of Superheroes, which isn’t nearly as interesting as a futuristic dystopia.
mountainman - 10/16/2023, 8:32 AM
@Scarilian @Vigor -

I get that there are people in power that want this future. And unfortunately a very large portion of humanity allows this type of stuff to creep in.

I do think a part of the human spirit is built to resist oppression, they just need the push of desperation to activate it.

That being said, I refuse to believe the future will be an authoritarian dystopia. The people get to make the future, and I will push for individual rights and freedom. I don’t think a techno-authoritarian future is inevitable.
mountainman - 10/16/2023, 8:33 AM
@FireandBlood - I really want to think about an old school Star Trek future where we solved many problems and have somewhat moved past humanities baser instincts. One of the things I hate about Nu Trek is that it has also become cynical.
VictorAlonzo - 10/16/2023, 9:40 AM
@Vigor -
Origame - 10/16/2023, 8:08 AM
Can we actually get a future for the marvel universe where they actually succeed in giving a bright future to the world?

I actually had one. So it starts off with wolverine and the avengers making a grand stand against their greatest foe yet. In the battle wolverine is damaged so thoroughly it takes him several decades to heal. And when he does he awakens in a world of peace. The world united in the wake of the avengers' sacrifice. The new military is comprised of super soldiers piloting iron man suits keeping the planet safe. New York is protected by a new "spider squad" trained by a long since retired Matt Murdock. And bigotry against mutants is almost entirely nonexistent.

Only real issue in the story is now wolverine doesn't seem to have a place on an earth that doesn't need his protection. So he goes into the stars to see what other worlds might need help.
Vigor - 10/16/2023, 8:14 AM
@Origame - sounds like a fun concept. A cosmic wolverine tale. Would be fun to have him and banner on those adventures
Origame - 10/16/2023, 8:41 AM
@Vigor - it's not really a cosmic wolverine story though. That's just where wolverine as our point of view character leaves the story. It's actually about wolverine exploring the peaceful world the heroes left, and him finding a place there. It's a story of optimism that all the fighting the avengers have been doing will lead to something good (as opposed to all the apocalyptic futures marvel keeps implying will happen), as well as a story of acceptance as wolverine simply can't function in a world like this.

However, since marvel also loves to dive into the multiverse with crossovers and the exiles, I suppose you could have his story continue on as a cosmic wolverine.
Vigor - 10/16/2023, 9:01 AM
@Origame - that sounds fun as a prelude
But without an antagonist, it loses interest quick. Which is why chapter 2 into space is where it needs to go
Origame - 10/16/2023, 9:10 AM
@Vigor - it's not an ongoing story. It's literally just one issue. Not everything needs an antagonist. In this case, inadequacy is the antagonist. Wolverine can't function in this world because it's moved past his kind (which I mean superhero, not mutant).
CorndogBurglar - 10/16/2023, 9:17 AM
@Origame - I remember an issue of Fantastic Four where Reed Richards looked into a bunch of other possible futures and the only one he found where the world was at peace and everyone was happy was one where Dr Doom took over the world.
Origame - 10/16/2023, 9:34 AM
@CorndogBurglar - yeah that's out there. Honestly if I'd reference that it'd probably be that dr doom genuinely reformed post end of heroes and rules the world as a democratically elected leader.
Vigor - 10/16/2023, 8:12 AM
I like it. Has a cyberpunk vibe too
Scarilian - 10/16/2023, 8:13 AM
The description makes it sound like utter garbage. Prosperity implies a successful (Primarily financially), thriving, peaceful world.

Meanwhile the trailer makes it clear they are just doing a generic 'evil government rose to power, killed all the heroes and now rules over everyone with an iron fist and a society built upon lies'

The art sucks also, it's messy.
ager - 10/16/2023, 8:23 AM
I'd like a future Doom book; one where he does defeat (and maybe kills some crucial members of) F4 and Avengers and ends up ruling the entire world. He makes a deal with Galactus to help Galactus devour other worlds while ensuring Galactus never devours Earth. He even brings peace among all mutants and mutants and humans... until it all comes to a crazy, destructive end
Scarilian - 10/16/2023, 8:56 AM
@Vigor -

"planet was healing"

Nope, we still produced an unbalanced level of Carbon dioxide emissions resulting in an increase in temperature. We are still past the point where this can be rectified without extreme loss of life and that's without factoring in the increasing solar activity.

"the shift of power went to workers and not businesses"

Nope. Businesses realized they could hire at home workers from anywhere in the world. Unemployment increased, a lot of businesses never recovered. The highstreet has almost completely collapsed. Workers rights were diminished, pay inequality rose. Those deemed essential were more likely to be exposed to increased levels of stress, higher risk of contracting the virus and extreme levels of abuse.

"common cold and flu was less prominent"

While certain aspects were reduced, the at-home nature of people led to a rise in obesity, anxiety, stress-related problems, vitamin deficiencies and mental health issues. Collectively the issues created vastly dwarfed the amount of lives saved by the reduction of flu and the common cold.

"qr codes finally became a thing"

Primarily a response to China, who uses QR codes to track civilians actions. QR codes are more easily manipulated than barcodes, notably a lot of new crimes associated with QR codes have started happening such as people replacing them with QR codes that will download malware or force a transfer of currency.

"Arguably a society that cared more about taking these breaks to heal the planet with emissions and allowed workers freedom to work how they want to, is one I wouldn't mind living in."

In concept, sure.

In reality, what you are vouching for would be akin to sacrificing about 20-30 years of your life, health, jobs and finances for a temporary reduction in the temperature of the planet.
Vigor - 10/16/2023, 8:58 AM
@Scarilian - lol well ill be damned
Scarilian - 10/16/2023, 10:34 AM
@Vigor -
I also have no idea why it randomly attached my reply to Ager's comment instead as I definitely replied to the other comment chain. Guess the site is derping again.
GhostDog - 10/16/2023, 8:46 AM
Cyberpunk vines are always welcome
TheRationalNerd - 10/16/2023, 8:48 AM
this looks refreshing
TheBlueMorpho - 10/16/2023, 8:52 AM
Not an Acuna art fan but I'm in
marvel72 - 10/16/2023, 11:14 AM
Fantastic creative team but will it be decent.
HistoryofMatt - 10/16/2023, 12:41 PM
Lemme guess, a creative team of Woke zealots will write the future as "right wing fascist" without seeing how everything they believe today (Words are violence, Social credit scoring to cancel people, DEI, ESG, anti-1A, anti-2A, cheering the jailing of political rivals, using Big Tech to force everyone to think exactly as they do, etc.) is how we get to a world like that? Sounds about right.
BuzzKillington - 10/16/2023, 2:21 PM
@HistoryofMatt -

DocSpock - 10/16/2023, 9:56 PM

"Marvel Comics Series Takes Us To A Future Where The Age Of Heroes Has Ended".

Kinda like what is happening in the movie theaters?

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