10 Romantic Superhero Movies You Can Watch With Your Significant Other This Valentine's Day

10 Romantic Superhero Movies You Can Watch With Your Significant Other This Valentine's Day

DEADPOOL Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Announces Retirement From Wade Wilson; Teases His DEADPOOL 3 Set Visit
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DEADPOOL Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Announces Retirement From Wade Wilson; Teases His DEADPOOL 3 Set Visit

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mountainman - 11/22/2023, 11:55 AM
Wish they would have just kept it as a hound mutt vs this weird looking dog. It’s just being used for cheap and unfunny jokes during the movie.
EgoEgor - 11/22/2023, 12:11 PM
@mountainman - But it's true to the character and tone, imo. Having a regular hound mutt just doesn't seem very Deadpool. This does. I like it, but as long as they don't over use it, which I don't think they well.
Fogs - 11/22/2023, 2:39 PM
@EgoEgor - Yeap. Not overusing it is key.
garu - 11/22/2023, 12:00 PM
That dog has a superior life expectancy than most deranged users here.
Origame - 11/22/2023, 12:01 PM
That dog has one more nipple than Deadpool.

...and a bigger di...
HammerLegFoot - 11/22/2023, 12:09 PM
@Origame - dick
Origame - 11/22/2023, 12:48 PM
@HammerLegFoot - no, Robin isn't in this. He's with dc.
HammerLegFoot - 11/22/2023, 1:04 PM
@Origame - no, not Robin, Nova. Dick Ryder.
Origame - 11/22/2023, 1:09 PM
@HammerLegFoot - listen, you may want to ride nova's dick, but this isn't the time or place.
rychlec - 11/22/2023, 12:08 PM
With all the backlash and exhaustion from the over-use of comedy and silliness in the MCU... how is Deadpool 3 supposed to navigate?
LiteraryJoe - 11/22/2023, 12:29 PM
@rychlec - By being allowed to be silly. Half of Deadpool’s success stems from the fact that people don’t hold it to some Christopher Nolan standard of seriousness. It will succeed because people aren’t getting in its way before it’s out
mountainman - 11/22/2023, 1:34 PM
@rychlec - Deadpool using humor is true to the character. Thor being a slapstick comedy is not.
JonC - 11/22/2023, 4:06 PM
@rychlec - because those that hate 'too much humor' are ok with deadpool having humor... lots of humor.
DudeGuy - 11/22/2023, 12:08 PM
People on here ridiculing a dog are proving their worth.
garu - 11/22/2023, 12:11 PM
@DudeGuy - they're attacking their physical competition
DudeGuy - 11/22/2023, 12:14 PM
@garu - this pooch is still going to get the attention of more women than they ever will 🤣
mountainman - 11/22/2023, 1:35 PM
@DudeGuy - People white knighting for dogs is incredibly lame.
DudeGuy - 11/22/2023, 1:52 PM
@mountainman - not as bad as people ridiculing creatures who can’t speak for or defend themselves. Grow a heart.
mountainman - 11/22/2023, 1:55 PM
@DudeGuy - Whatever floats your boat. Doubt this dog cares what anybody says about it. Just seems like an odd thing to take a strong stance to defend.
DudeGuy - 11/22/2023, 3:26 PM
@mountainman - some people actually care about things outside of comic books.
mountainman - 11/22/2023, 3:35 PM
@DudeGuy - I care about many things. My wife, my child, my two dogs that I love very much. So many other things. Comics are one of the many sources of entertainment I occasionally enjoy.

One thing I never care about though, is words other people say that I disagree with. I used to have a bulldog. Sometimes people said some real mean things about him. Much more horrible things than anybody I have seen someone say in this thread about this dog. I just thought to myself how ignorant they were and moved on with my day. More time for all those things I enjoy 😉
McMurdo - 11/22/2023, 9:41 PM
@DudeGuy - I support trans dogs.
AmazingFILMporg - 11/22/2023, 12:09 PM
What an adorable little devil🔥💪💯
WaffeX - 11/22/2023, 12:20 PM
bobevanz - 11/22/2023, 12:25 PM
Scarilian - 11/22/2023, 12:50 PM
'QUICK intern! Our movies are collapsing, tons of Cats in The Marvels did not work... what do we do so that Deadpool 3 does not fail at the box office'


'Brilliant, lets add Dogpool to Deadpool 3, I'm sure that will make it a success'
SonOfAGif - 11/22/2023, 1:03 PM
They really need to link these Animal Marvel variants together in the same universe. Alligator Loki, Dogpool, and so on.
mountainman - 11/22/2023, 1:36 PM
@SonOfAGif - That could be a fun special presentation if done well. Marvel’s deviant Super Friends.
SonOfAGif - 11/22/2023, 1:57 PM
@mountainman - It could be a fun one indeed. Maybe make the villain Bulltron.
MarvelousMarty - 11/22/2023, 1:20 PM
Hehehe, People on here thinking its a boy dog. Classic comic book needs. Hehehe!!!
StSteven - 11/22/2023, 5:07 PM
I have a feeling that Dogpool will end up being the Baby Yoda of this movie. Depends on how much personality they give her beyond that of just a "normal" dog, but this has marketing and merchandising written all over. I'll bet one that there are warehouses just filling up as we speak with Dogpool Halloween costumes for next year. Hasbro is probably hard at work on the voice-command Dogpool just in time for the Holiday season. Then, of course, there's the furries market and, well, I'll just leave it there...

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