Was That Daniel Radcliffe In The Trailer For DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE? The Internet Thinks So

Was That Daniel Radcliffe In The Trailer For DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE? The Internet Thinks So Was That Daniel Radcliffe In The Trailer For DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE? The Internet Thinks So

Previous rumors and a brief moment in the recent Deadpool & Wolverine have fans convinced that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is playing a variant of Wolverine in the movie.

By MattIsForReal - Feb 16, 2024 07:02 AM EST
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Late last year, it was rumored that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe had been cast in Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3, which we now know is officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine. At the time, it was only reported that he'd been cast in a "secret role," though there were rumors that he'd be playing a variant of Wolverine. These rumors were accentuated by the fact that the 34-year-old actor was getting unusually buff.

Radcliffe repeatedly denied these reports, claiming that he only got buff because "I am obsessed." But the rumors persisted and now that we have an official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, the internet is certain that Radcliffe was shown at least once.

The renewed fervor stems from a single scene — a blink and you'll miss it moment — that occurs at 1:20 (watch below). As Deadpool walks through a casino he sees what looks like Wolverine from the back sitting at one of the tables. You'll notice he's wearing a white suit, the signature outfit worn by "Patch," Wolverine's alter ego.

This outfit coupled with the fact we only get a glimpse from behind has the internet abuzz that this isn't Hugh Jackman, but instead Daniel Radcliff.

In Marvel Comics, Patch is the identity that Wolverine takes on when entering the criminal underworld in Madripoor. He not only dons a white suit but also an eye patch.Madripoor, a diplomatic safe haven for criminals, was featured in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and also mentioned in Moon Knight and Echo

If that does indeed turn out to be Radcliffe as a variant of the adamantium-clawed mutant, then it remains to be seen how large of an impact he'll have on the film and the MCU as a whole. Will it merely be a cameo or could he be the MCU's version of Wolverine moving forward beyond Wolverine & Deadpool?

Radcliffe was asked about the possibility of playing Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2022, but shut down the idea, telling GQ, "I just don't ever want to get locked into something that I am not sure I will be able to love the same amount the whole time."

So what do you think? Is that Daniel Radcliffe as Patch in the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, and if so, is it something you are excited about?

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Trailer Arrives Tomorrow! Check Out A New Teaser And Poster

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Trailer Arrives Tomorrow! Check Out A New Teaser And Poster

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Moriakum - 2/16/2024, 7:53 AM
I say it´s Danny DeVitto.

It´s Jackman. Just stop with nonsense Twitter rumors.
MattIsForReal - 2/16/2024, 7:55 AM
@Moriakum - After the cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness anything is possible!
Goldboink - 2/16/2024, 7:59 AM
@Moriakum -


The1st - 2/16/2024, 1:33 PM
@Goldboink - Missed opportunity.
Goldboink - 2/16/2024, 4:03 PM
@The1st -

Humby - 2/16/2024, 8:10 PM
@Moriakum - It really does not look like Jackman's build to me, but that could easily just be a combo of suit/sitting down/posture thing. I'll throw my crazy theory into the pot... it's a Wade Wilson as Wolverine combo variant.
Origame - 2/16/2024, 7:57 AM
In fairness, a wolverine variant in a Deadpool movie is the perfect place for Radcliffe to play the role.

I still don't get why people are so convinced he'd be good for the role. All he has is being short.
MattIsForReal - 2/16/2024, 7:59 AM
@Origame - He's also hairy and muscular lol
Origame - 2/16/2024, 8:03 AM
@MattIsForReal - hairy? Yes. Muscular? Not really. He's more shredded than buff.

But even then, it's the acting part I'm talking about.
xfan320 - 2/16/2024, 8:06 AM
@Origame - AND he's a good age to take on the role for more than a few appearances, and he's a really good actor who likes to keep his audience guessing as to where his performances will go next.
Origame - 2/16/2024, 8:14 AM
@xfan320 - plenty of actors are young. In fact, the actor playing superman now is younger than him. And is honestly a better fit for wolverine in my opinion.

Also, being a good actor isn't enough if the roles don't match. Meryl Streep is a good actor, but you're not gonna recommend her for the role.

Plus, if he likes to keep people guessing on his next role, isn't that more reason he probably won't play wolverine? Everyone's wanting him for the role.
Kurne - 2/16/2024, 11:19 AM
@Origame - man, you can't say Daniel Radcliffe has nothing going for him as Wolverine except height, and then turn around and say 6'4 David Corenswet would be a better choice.

I agree in that acting-wise, Radcliffe hasn't given me any Logan vibes. But Corenswet is no different either. Obvious height/build discrepancy aside, just in his past roles in general, characters, his voice, etc.
Origame - 2/16/2024, 11:23 AM
@Kurne - it's almost as if I don't value height as a qualifier or something.
Kurne - 2/16/2024, 11:34 AM
@Origame - I clearly layed out that height/build aside (even though it absolutely is a huge discrepancy), acting-wise Corenswet does not fit the role any more than you claim Radcliffe does/doesn't.

Also, tell me you'd be OK with Superman being cast with a 5'3 guy instead of 6'3, Thor being cast with a 5'6 guy instead of 6'6, Batman with a 5'2 guy instead of 6'2, etc.

People flipped to no end about Jack Reacher's height to the point they rebooted over Tom Cruise's word/control. And afterwards people had no problem celebrating that.

Wolverine deserves the same courtesy/consideration in casting no differently, is all.
Origame - 2/16/2024, 11:41 AM
@Kurne - id say he does because he genuinely comes across more as a wolverine type character than Radcliffe. Anytime Radcliffe speaks you get the impression he's fairly nervous, and that leans into his roles. And that doesn't fit wolverine at all.

Also, no. I wouldn't care if they cast someone short to be superman or someone tall to play wolverine. Hugh Jackman became the iconic actor in that role while being way too tall. Not to mention if they wanted proper sizing, there are techniques they can employ to make them appear taller or shorter on screen. People constantly forget how much taller Gwyneth Paltrow is than RDJ because they believably made him appear just as tall, if not slightly taller than her in the iron man films.
lazlodaytona - 2/16/2024, 11:55 AM
@Origame - @Kurne - @xfan320 - @MattIsForReal

Hey. If that sparkly vampire can play The Batman fairly convincingly, then Radcliffe deserves a shot. He'll probably do well with the role.
DocSpock - 2/16/2024, 8:05 AM

At this point, who cares?

I am in Deadpool rumors overload dementia.

But I will be there getting wasted on day one for this expected insanity.
Thing94 - 2/16/2024, 8:40 AM
@DocSpock - haha
lazlodaytona - 2/16/2024, 11:57 AM
@DocSpock - I'm working towards that right now! ... gonna be a great (or horribly hung over) 3-day weekend.

See you all on the flip-side...
DocSpock - 2/16/2024, 12:41 PM
@lazlodaytona -

Right on man! There's nothing a few tequila Fanny Bangers can't fix.
Goldboink - 2/16/2024, 4:05 PM
@DocSpock -

xfan320 - 2/16/2024, 8:08 AM
It could be a body double, but it definitely doesn't appear to be Jackman's build or hair...

MattIsForReal - 2/16/2024, 8:35 AM
@xfan320 - I agree. The shoulders don’t look as broad. Maybe it’s the jacket but idk. Definitely doesn’t look like his build
Goldboink - 2/16/2024, 4:06 PM
@xfan320 -
It's totally not Jackman. My money is on Radcliffe. It's the set of the shoulders and the different build. Slimmer at the waist.
harryba11zack - 2/16/2024, 8:12 AM
Michael cera maybe? the dude got completely ripped last year.
Weekenddad - 2/16/2024, 8:18 AM
@harryba11zack -
JakeDaSnakkke - 2/16/2024, 9:22 AM
@Weekenddad - Yes please
Gabimaru - 2/16/2024, 8:13 AM
Wow a whole article for a back shot.
lazlodaytona - 2/16/2024, 11:58 AM
@Gabimaru - welcome to the site
WeaponXCII - 2/16/2024, 8:32 AM
Something that I’ve been thinking about: whoever it is (and it doesn’t seem like Jackman to me), it’s going to be such a surreal experience seeing another actor in the role for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century. The first time at all, to put it in simpler terms.
RedFury - 2/16/2024, 12:26 PM
@WeaponXCII - so true, its going to be pretty wild! And this makes me think it'd be a good idea if they gave as a few different Wolverine variants in the movie. It would certainly help the audience imagine someone new in the role for the eventual MCU Wolverine casting.
WeaponXCII - 2/17/2024, 5:15 PM
@RedFury - That does sound like a good idea. I guess we only have a few months to find out their plan.
mountainman - 2/16/2024, 8:41 AM
The rumor mill for this movie is going to be incredibly annoying isn’t it?
Jackraow21 - 2/16/2024, 8:54 AM
If it is Radcliffe, should be funny watching Deadpool poke fun of him and then him dying in some gruesome way.
RedFury - 2/16/2024, 8:54 AM
It would be really fun if it was Radcliffe playing Patch as a cameo. But I'd rather someone else as the mainstay Wolverine in the MCU. Radcliffe is great, he just doesn't have the gruffness that Wolverine needs.
TheVisionary25 - 2/16/2024, 9:02 AM
That could be him if he’s cast in the movie as rumored , we’ll see…

However I don’t understand this obsession by some to have Radcliffe as Logan , is it just because he’s short & hairy?.

I think Logan needs to have a gruffness to him that I just don’t see in Daniel personally , plus he’s got a young face too.

I feel he would make a better Nightcrawler honestly.
Goldboink - 2/16/2024, 4:08 PM
@TheVisionary25 - He's short and famous. There is also the added juxtaposition of Harry Potter playing Wolverine and cutting people in half and shit.
bobevanz - 2/16/2024, 9:03 AM
This whole movie will be just cameos with a lazy story to attach it. Whatever lol
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