Fancast: X-Men: Genosha (pt 1) .

Inspired by the recent deal between Disney & Fox - as well as by Tom Servo's recent MCU X-Men fancasts - I decided to try my hands at pitching the Children of the Atom in the MCU.

Editorial Opinion

While establishing a research institute to help them study genetic mutations and a group of young individuals with unique and powerful abilities, friends Charles Xavier, Moira MacTaggert and Max Eisenhardt unexpectedly meet a young woman with an unnerving conspiracy about the thriving island nation of Genosha - one involving frightening medical procedures, brutalizing forced labor, and murder.


Dr. Charles Xavier  (Professor X)

Actor - Greg Wise (age- 51)
Previous work- "Sense & Sensiblity", "The Crown", "Galavant", "Three Days In Havana"

Personality - An inspiring educator and leader with a strong sense of duty and a tireless drive to help others. Intuitive, supportive, and reserved.

Enhanced Abilities - Mind Reading. Telepathic Communication. Emotion Manipulation. Memory Manipulation. Knowledge Projection. Mental Hallucination & Illusion Casting. Mind Control. Mind Linking. Psionic Force Bolts. Neurocognitive Deficit Inducement. Psychic Shielding. Mental Overload. Nervous System Overload. Pain Inducement. 

Character History - Charles Xavier was born in North Salem, New York in 1967 ​(age 50), but was raised in New Castle, England. He lived a normal and happy life up until his father died in a work related accident while he was still a young child. Nearly two years after his father's death, his mother married Dr. Kurt Marko - a colleague of her husband and longtime friend of the family. Shortly after Kurt and his son Cain moved into the Xavier family home, Charles' telepathic abilities began to surface. His new powers allowed him to see just how manipulative and neglectful his step-father had become towards him and his mother, and how Kurt had been physically and verbally abusing Cain for most of his young life. During one of Kurt's violent rampages towards his son, Cain struck back against his father - leaving the older Marko in a coma from a traumatic brain injury - which would prove lethal six days later. With his stepfather dead, his step brother locked away, and his mother in a fragile mental state, young Charles dedicated himself to helping his mother and step-brother recover from the damage done by his step-father, becoming world renowned for his work in the fields of behavioral and cognitive psychology, behavioral genetics, and bio-psychology. While working with the Doctors Without Border program in The West Bank, Charles would meet two people who would change the course of his life forever: Dr Moira MacTaggert and a clinic aide simply named "Erik". The three would work together for several years after their initial meeting to further their understanding of genetic mutations and help Charles and Erik master their unusual abilities.


Max "Erik" Eisenhardt  (Magneto; Erik Lehnsherr)

Actor - Vincent Cassel (age- 51)
Previous work- "Jason Bourne", "Black Swan", "Eastern Promises", "Ocean's Thirteen"

Personality - A driven, strong-willed, and fierce defender who is just as idealistic as his friend Charles...even if he isn't nearly as forgiving. Decisive, charismatic, and fearless.


Enhanced Abilities - Electromagnetic Energy Beam Projection.  Magnetic Vortex Creation. Electromagnetic Pulse Creation. Electromagnetic Force-Field Generation. Magnetokinesis. Magnetic Field Manipulation. Manipulation of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. Magnetokinetic Flight. Magnetic-Gravitational Manipulation. Geomagnetic Field Manipulation. Lightning Bolt Generation. 

Character History - Erik Lensherr was born in Gdynia, Poland in 1966 (age 51). He lost both of his parents and his older sister during a series of violent protests and riots against the oppressive Soviet regime controlling Poland after World War II. His formative years were especially harsh as he struggled to survive Poland and East Germany's massive food shortages, discrimination against his Jewish heritage, and living in barbaric orphanages and forced-labor camps, or "gulags". During a stint in a youth reformatory, a 15 year old Max's mutant abilities began to manifest, with him lashing out and nearly killing a pair of workers who were in the midst of beating him mercilessly. After being caught by surprise and knocked unconscious, the Director of the facility contacted his superiors in an effort to trade Max for personal gain. When Max finally awoke from his sedative-induced haze, he found himself in a remote Leviathan facility and in the custody of a cruel researcher named Alexi Bruskin. After nearly four years of living under the fist of Bruskin, Erik was unceremoniously freed from his cell at the facility in 1985 when SHIELD scientist Hank Pym covertly infiltrated the site and disabled all of it's holding cells. Afterwards, the young man lived a low key life in the Eastern European country of Sokovia for a while. He reluctantly decided to abandon his new life, however, when a pair of Leviathan operatives tried - and failed - to recapture him and he was forced to go on the run in order draw any and all danger away from a woman that he had recently fallen in love with. By the time the Soviet Union dissolved in the 1990's, Erik had found himself living in The West Bank and working as an aide at a health clinic under the alias of "Erik Lehnsherr". After spending time working alongside, and becoming friends with, Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert, Max revealed his still barely controlled abilities to his friends and decided to help them in their new undertaking of establishing an institute to understand and help people born with genetic mutations that gifted them with supernatural abilities.


Dr. Moira MacTaggert  (Moira MacTaggert)

Actor - Naomi Watts (age- 49)
Previous work- "Mulholland Drive", "King Kong", "Birdman", "Twin Peaks (2017)"

Personality - An extremely focused, hard working, and driven doctor who does not believe in biting her tongue or suffering fools gladly. Honest, practical, and extremely creative.


Enhanced Abilities - None.

Character History - Moira MacTaggert was born in Kinross, Scotland in 1968 (age 49). Although she was born into a powerful family, Moira's independent nature drove her to pursue a career in medicine and research and shy away from the life of ease and leisure that her family's name and wealth afforded her. She has spent most her life working in emergency and trauma medicine and began a career in genetics research after meeting a young girl with a unique genetic disorder in her hometown. Her work with the organization Doctors Without Borders provided her an opportunity to get to know and work with one of the leading minds in the field of genetics, Dr. Charles Xavier, and eventually partner with him and Max Eisenhardt/Erik Lehnsherr in their research of humans with unique and often powerful genetic mutations.


Nathaniel Essex  (Mister Sinister; Dr. Robert Windsor)

Actor - Johnathan Rhys Meyers (age- 40)
Previous work- "Vikings", "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones", "The Tudors", "Mission:Impossible III"

Personality - A ruthless, sadistic and fanatical overseer that is obsessed with manipulating the human and mutant genome towards his own twisted view of "Social Darwinism". Cruel, extremely intelligent, and sociopathic.


Enhanced Abilities - Telekinesis. Superhuman Strength. Concussive Blast Generation. Biological Manipulation. Regenerative Healing Factor. Enhanced Durability. Cellular Manipulation. Superhuman Reflexes. Mental Paralysis Inducement. Limited Mind Control. Density Manipulation.

Character History - Little is publicly known about Genosha's chief geneticist, Dr. Robert Windsor, outside of the fact that he holds advanced degrees in Surgical Science, Biology, Genetics, and Human Evolutionary Studies. The truth of his history is that Robert Windsor is actually Dr. Nathaniel Essex - a man born in London, England in 1831 who was an avid adherent of both Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin. After the loss of his young son due to birth defects and the death of his wife, an emotionally unstable Essex became obsessed with advancing humanity beyond death and disease through the use of scientific advancements. At some point in his history, he was able to gain possession of a book that gave him immeasurable insights into human genetics, cellular anatomy, and other areas of science. Nathaniel began using these new insights to conduct horrific experiments on the homeless and neglected population of London until he was forced to flee the country after narrowly escaping capture by British law enforcement. He would reappear in the 1940's as a part of Benito Mussolini and Nazi Germany's North African Campaign and continued his research on kidnaped citizens of the region and prisoners of war. While working in Egypt, Essex and his team were defeated by a group of African-American soldiers and Essex was believed to have been killed by one of the Allied soldiers. Essex' severely injured body was recovered, however, by a man known only as Ozymandias. Essex remained hidden from the world up until 2008 when he restarted his inhuman experiments on the island nation of Genosha under the alias "Dr Robert Windsor".


Jean Grey  (Marvel Girl)

Actor - Hermoione Corfield (age- 24)
Previous work- "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", "xXx: Return of Xander Cage", "Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation"

Personality - A sensitive and compassionate young woman who suffers bravely under the weight of her burgeoning abilities and newfound responsibilities. Kind, protective, and brave.


Enhanced Abilities - Telepathic Manipulation. Mind Reading. Mind Control. Emotion Manipulation. Telepathic Illusions. Psychic Shielding. Mental and/or Physical Paralysis Inducement. Telepathic Communication. Memory Manipulation. Mental Trauma Healing. Psycho-Pyrokinetic Manifestation. Psionic Force Bolt Generation. Force Field Generation. Concussive Force Blast Generation. Energy Absorption. Astral Projection. Pain Inducement. Telepathic Perception. Psychokinetic Force-Field Generation.

Character History - Jean Grey was born in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York in 1998 (age 19). From an early age, Jean Grey suffered from what her parents believed to be a number of emotional disorders that caused the young girl to withdraw from the outside world. Wanting their child to have every opportunity at a happy childhood, they enlisted the help of a child psychologist to help Jean cope with her condition. In time, Jean became more outgoing and began to reconnect with her family and make friends with other kids her own own age. Unfortunately, all of her advances receded when one of Jean's closest childhood friends died in her arms after a hit-and-run accident. Mistaking an unintentional side-effect of Jean's mutant abilities (i.e. creating an enduring mental link with her terrified and dying friend) as a severe mental breakdown, Jean's parents had her fully committed to a mental health institution for intensive therapy. One of Mister Sinister's U.S. operatives recognized Jean's supposed mental breakdown as her trying to cope with uncontrolled superhuman abilities and enacted a plan to have the young mutant sent to Genosha after convincing Jean's family that the 18 year old had tragically taken her own life. Once at Genosha, Mister Sinister took a special interest in Jean for reasons known only to him. Once Sinister was able to teach Jean how to gain a moderate level of control over her overwhelming abilities, she almost immediately recognized the dangerous and horrific conditions lying just beneath the surface of Genosha's supposedly idyllic society. Taking advantage of the more lenient security surrounding her at all times, Jean managed to escape Genosha and instinctively traveled toward Charles Xavier - who had unknowingly created a mental link with Jean while helping his friend Max tap into the energy of Earth's massive magnetic field.


Scott Summers (Cyclops)

Actor - Cayden Boyd (age- 23)
Previous work- "The Mick", "Awkward", "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Mystic River

Personality - A dutiful, responsible, and introverted young man who seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Strong-willed, rigid, and remarkably tactical.


Enhanced Abilities - Optic Blast Energy Beams. Limited Energy Absorption. Limited Radiant Energy Resistance. Enhanced Spatial Awareness.

Character History - Scott Summers was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1997 (age 20). In 2008, while traveling home with his family in their single-engine plane, a still-undetermined accident caused the plane's systems to fail mid-flight. Scott and his brother were thrown from the plane on Scott's parachute and their parents died in the crash shortly thereafter. Scott suffered a serious head injury upon landing in the Alaskan wilderness, but his younger brother Alex was able to run and get help shortly after determining that his older brother was still alive. Soon afterwards, the brothers were taken in and raised by a woman who was a friend of their parents and a member of the U.S. Air Force like their father. As their foster mother's career advanced, the boys were able to see the world as she traveled to various military bases. Tragedy struck the two brothers again, however, when their foster mother was murdered by a co-worker during the HYDRA Uprising of 2014. Finding his young life in upheaval once again, a 17 year old Scott convinced his brother to run away from the only home they had at the time before authorities could place them in the foster system or separate them. After a few months of living on the streets of London, the boys were brought to Moira MacTaggert's attention when a young runaway that trusted the doctor brought Scott to see her for the strange changes occurring with his eyes and his crippling migraines. Suspecting that Scott might be developing genetically derived superhuman abilities like her friends Charles and Erik, she quickly introduced the boys to Xavier to see if he might be able to help. Today, at age 20, Scott has been working with Charles and his team for three years and has become a model student at their newly established institute.


Henry "Hank" McCoy (Beast)

Actor - Brodie Henson (age- 22)
Previous work- "San Andreas", "Unbroken"

Personality - An imaginative, open-minded, and extremely intelligent young man whose mind seems to constantly buzz with new ideas. Inventive and enthusiastic, but also self-conscious about his appearance.


Enhanced Abilities - Simian-like physiology. Superhuman intelligence. Superhuman Strength. Superhuman Speed. Superhuman Stamina. Superhuman Durability. Superhuman Agility. Superhuman Reflexes. Superhuman Dexterity. Prehensile Feet. Superhuman Senses.

Character History - Hank McCoy was born in Dunfee, Illinois in 1997 (age 20). Due to the nature of his genetic mutation, Hank's parents knew that their child was different from a very early age. His genetic mutation manifested itself in Hank's moderately simian-like physiology and his unbelievably advanced intellect. While these traits could have lead to him becoming an outcast from society, his family, teachers, and neighbors treated Hank with welcoming arms, loving support, and celebrated his many accomplishments in sports as well as academics. As a child prodigy, Hank graduated high school relatively early and enrolled in college on a full football scholarship while just barely in his teens. Unfortunately, the students and faculty of the college were not nearly as open-minded as the people of Dunfee, and often made Hank feel like a oddity whenever he wasn't excelling on the football field. After graduating early - with honors - Hank decided to pursue a career in the sciences and obtained several post-graduate degrees related to biophysics and consulted on many groundbreaking cases in the growing field of humans developing enhanced abilities from medical procedures, advanced technology, and genetic mutations. After attending one of Charles Xavier's lectures on human evolution, young Hank introduced himself to the professor, who almost immediately offered the young man a position with his developing institute.


Robert "Bobby" Drake (Iceman)

Actor - Gavin Casalegno (age- 18)
Previous work- "The Vampire Diaries", "When The Game Stands Tall", "Noah"

Personality - A funny, fun-loving, and energetic young man whose enthusiasm is contagious...but also occasionally annoying. Spontaneous, optimistic, and something of an showman.

Enhanced Abilities - Cryogenic Energy Beam Emission. Molecular Moisture Inverson. Ice Wave Emission. Cyrokinesis. Ice Formation. Ice Manipulation. Cryokinetic Construct Generation. Flash Freezing. Atmospheric Freezing.

Character History - Bobby Drake was born in Long Island, New York in 1999 (age 18). Prior to his arrival at Xavier's institute in England, Bobby had lived a relatively normal life as a teenager. His mutant abilities began to manifest themselves in 2015 while he and his father were attending a LAN event for the First Annual Halo Championship Series in London. Local authorities evacuated the facility as television news crews covered the situation as a possible superhuman related event - which drew Charles, Erik, and Moira's attention because Hank had dragged Scott to the same event just a few hours earlier. Once the three adults arrived, they found Scott and Hank in the crowd outside the building - which was slowly being covered in ice and frost. After calmly dispersing the crowd with his telepathic abilities (to the shock of Bobby's father), Charles introduced himself and his team and offered his help. After a few moments of telepathically sedating an overwhelmed Bobby, Erik went into the near subzero building and recovered a telepathically stunned and unconscious Bobby. Recognizing that his son needed help in a way that he didn't fully understand, Robert's father asked the group if they could help insure that something like this didn't happen again.


Warren Worthington III (Angel)

Actor - Patrick Schwarzenegger (age- 24)
Previous work- "Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse ", "The Long Road Home", "Grown Ups 2"

Personality - A sociable young man motivated to use his means and newfound abilities to change the world for the better. Clever, goal-oriented, and unafraid to get his hands dirty...dispite his saintly appearance and wealth.

Enhanced Abilities - High Speed Flight. Aerial Adaptation. Limited Atmospheric Adaptation. Superhuman Strength. Superhuman Agility. Superhuman Sight. Super Dense, Injury Resistant Skin & Wings. Enhanced Lung Capacity. Limited Regenerative Healing Factor. Poison/Toxin Resistance.

Character History - Warren Worthington was born in Melrose Park, New York in 1998 (age 19). Not much is known about the young man besides the fact that he is a member of one of New York's oldest and wealthiest families and that his father is very well connected. When the younger Warren began to display abilities related to his genetic mutation and a set of wings began to form on his back, Warren Worthing II quickly found out that Charles Xavier and his team were performing cutting edge research that could possibly help his son. After having his security team perform extremely thorough background checks on every member of Xavier's institute, the Worthington's show up unannounced at the door of the newly established (and little known) institute seeking the team's help.




David Moreau (Genegineer/Sugar Man)

Actor - Robert Knepper (age- 58)
Previous work- "Transporter 3", "Homeland", "Jack Reacher: Never Go Baack"

Who is he... A cold and tightly wound scientist working with Robert Windsor/Nathaniel Essex to create and maintain the subservient slave-class of mutants serving the citizens of Genosha and its government. He has also subjected himself to a number of genetic and surgical alterations that allow him to transform into a grotesque creature calling itself "The Sugar Man".


Luchino Nefaria (Count Nefaria)

Actor - Cosimo Fusco (age- 55)
Previous work- "Angels & Demons", "Rome", "The Man Who Invented Christmas"

Who is he... One of the world's richest and most notorious people who has spent the last couple of years helping the nation of Genosha grow and expand. In return for his support and resources, Nefaria has been given a number of extraordinary abilities due to some of the procedures that Essex and Moreau have been able to perfect on the island of Genosha. Nefaria has no problem using his resources and influence to make sure that Essex and his team are able to continue their work uninterrupted.


Guilieta Nefaria (Madame Masque)

Actor - Jessica Szohr (age- 32)
Previous work- "Gossip Girl", "Twin Peaks", "Shameless"

Who is she... The prodigal daughter of Luchino Nefaria who has accompanied her father in his move Genosha in search of a cure for a rare genetic disorder that has severely disfigured her body. While not especially loyal to her father or the members of the Genoshan conspiracy, she is committed to making sure that she find a cure for her condition. While Essex hasn't been able to cure her yet, he and Moreau have giving her number enhanced abilities.


Alexander "Alex" Summers (Havok)

Actor - Sage Northcutt (age- 21)
Previous work- "Moises Rules", "UFC on Fox", "Inside MMA"

Who is he... The younger brother of Scott Summers who shares his tragic history, but not his sense of restraint and self-discipline. While he respects and even cares for Xavier, Moira, and Erik in his own way, his independent and sometimes abrasive attitude has created a growing rift between himself and his brother. While he has shown signs of developing mutant abilities, Alex has been reluctant to find out more about it...wanting instead to have a normal life.



Anna Marie Rankin (Rogue)
Young captured mutant/mutate enslaved on Genosha

Jonas Graymalkin [Graymalkin]
Young captured mutant/mutate enslaved on Genosha

Ruth Aldine [Blindfold]
Young captured mutant/mutate enslaved on Genosha

Maria Callasantos [Feral]
Young captured mutant/mutate enslaved on Genosha

Jenilyn Ramos [Azimuth]
Young captured mutant/mutate enslaved on Genosha

Ororo Munroe (Storm)
Young mutant enrolled at Xavier's Institute

John Proudstar (Thunderbird)
Young mutant enrolled at Xavier's Institute

Theresa Cassidy (Siryn)
Young mutant enrolled at Xavier's Institute

Sean Cassidy (Banshee)
Staff member/Pilot at Xavier's Institute

WEDNESDAY Star Jenna Ortega Transformed Into X-MEN's Rogue For Memorable SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Sketch

WEDNESDAY Star Jenna Ortega Transformed Into X-MEN's Rogue For Memorable SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Sketch

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